Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XVII

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By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking.  There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught”                 J.C. Watts

In a war, there are no winners there are those who find casualties are the end result. Children today are in a war against being sexually assaulted by those who the child knows. Studies have demonstrated that the child victim knew the individual who sexually and/or physically assaulted them. It is common sense for anyone evaluating, examining and analyzing most situations where a man touches a young child for sexual gratification that the sexual act is wrong and criminal.
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Is the sexual assault a casualty in a war where “Predators” are embattled with society where society says the sexual act is criminal and the “Predator” believes it is his/her right to sexually touch anyone they want. Can this opposition or stand be considered a war, because “Predators” do injure and kill children during some of their sexual attacks? Haven’t criminal laws been passed which outlaw someone thinking they have the right to sexually and physically assault anyone?

Law enforcement doesn’t prevent sexual assaults on children, they respond to the sexual acts of a “Predator”. The strategy isn’t to educate and train those who are responsible for children, those in the public service do their job, they do it the best way they know how to. There are no mission or vision statements by any public agencies which states they are at war with “Predators” of any and all kinds. Further, that they are not responsible to train and educate children, parents, teachers, ministers and so forth as well.

The dilemma facing law enforcement is they can only respond to allegations of sexual assaults of children. Can you imagine law enforcement having a division of prevention to train and educate everyone in how to stop child abuse? There are organizations which advocate for children, but they either have a specific budget or raise money to stay in business. There is no way they could accept this burden financially.

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The responsibility falls on the shoulders of those who are responsible for the child and that would be the child’s parent, guardian, relative and/or caretaker. There must be a willingness on the part of these individuals to devise methods and techniques which are conducive to educate innocent and vulnerable children.

Defeating the enemy before they come out of the fox hole is the responsibility of everyone who lives in this complex and demanding world. No one should turn their back on a child who needs their protection. The maneuvering of the enemy i.e. “Predators” are always looking for the opportunity to take advantage of a child who can barely talk and understand what is happening to them.

Too often the common theme by those who live next door to you is if you have a problem it is your problem, keep me out of it. There are many television shows to watch which depict the many individuals who commit crimes against children. Law enforcement is always made out to be the bad guys. It is difficult to understand why exactly the television directors and producers feel it necessary to make the men/women in blue look like they just put on the uniform, lacking experience and common sense.

Still the criminal justice system works with many people playing a role for society. Without those who work to protect and serve, this world would be disorganized and everyone would live in chaos. Protection would be something people would have to purchase. There always seems to be a price attached to accomplishing things that others cannot afford. Children sometimes are left behind and in a war where children are sexually and physically victimized and thrown to the side like someone’s garbage.

California Coalition Against Sexual AssaultImage via WikipediaIt isn’t enough to arrest this individual and then that individual. There has to be more to a system which is balanced, where everyone has the Constitutional rights to have their day in court. This balance is sometimes accomplished when a jury decides that the prosecutor got it right but sometimes wrong. However, is this what the jury was saying, that this individual went to prison or walked free today because they were guilty or innocent and law enforcement had it right or wrong.

When dealing with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement officials and so forth, there will be a multitude of belief systems of who has the strongest argument. These belief systems generally are established at an early age. The strength of their character and personalities was based upon someone who cared and protected these people. Sure there are those who slip through the cracks and have to make their way back into the life where victimization is not associated with the work they do for what is right and wrong.

The “Predator” stands at the corner waiting his opportunity to turn someone’s life into a mess. There is no way of turning back the clock and when someone fails to hold the line and steps over the barrier into a dark world, they generally take someone with them. This someone that we are talking about is a child.

Questions about where were the child’s parents are at the tip of the tongue of the law enforcement official who is now responsible to make sure the child is safe and apprehend the individual who violated the child’s space. A comfort zone that no one has the right to enter. The “Predator” is not much different than most criminals except that he finds his pleasure in sexually assaulting children. In the real world he is weak and cannot stand up to those who are stronger and bigger and someone down the road there is a man or woman with a badge who will find him, apprehend him and incarcerate him. The “Predator” is not above the law. There are those whose job it is to make them accountable and responsible for what they do.

Tomorrow, the many statements in today’s article come from research and taking the time to analyze and critically interpret why “Predators” exists and why they commit acts that hurt and destroy lives before they have the chance to begin. The war continues on, it won’t be easy, but at some point it will be winnable. The decision of who can prove who is right and wrong depends upon you.

Are you the neighbor next door who believes the problems which you face are your problem? Is there someone knocking at your door? Will you answer the door or will you ignore it? In the end I would hope you would become involved and help others who have been victimized by the hidden enemy who selects the weak and vulnerable and finds their sexual gratification. Enough is enough, it is time for society to stand up and take a stand.

Lawrence W. Daly
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