Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XIX

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil”

It is complicated when a law enforcement official is given the responsibility to investigate a potential crime where a child may have been sexual assaulted. The law enforcement first-responder who is responsible for driving to the location of the complainant and taking the written report probably has one of the most difficult tasks an officer will be exposed to.  

The emotion and mix-feelings the first-responder will begin to feel as he is traveling to the address where the complainant is difficult to describe. In being a law enforcement official there are several experiences in which a first-responder has to deal with upon arrival to the complainants address.  There will be many individuals who will be present upon his arrival at the address.

There generally are the parents, the child victim, potential witnesses and miscellaneous individuals who are present to provide support to the family. Emotions will be running high and many will have tears in their eyes. Crushed by the sexual assault allegations, the entire party of people will be making derogatory remarks about the alleged “Predator”, “Anywhere I see him I am going to kill the bastard; he hurt my niece and no one does that to my family.”

These types of idle threats generally do not mean anything, as it is the supportive family and friends who want the child victim and the parent to feel like they are loved. Unfortunately, idle threats sometimes become a reality and statements made by interested parties can come back and haunt them. Everyone says things they really don’t mean, but in child sexual assault cases, the anger an individual feels towards the “Predator” is difficult to describe. It is known from the many years of investigating child sexual assault cases that the “Predator” safest place may be for him to be in jail in his own cell.

The law enforcement investigator should take steps to protect the “Predator” from anything happening to him, as having a live “Predator” is better than having a dead one. These types of baby-sitting jobs are part of the investigators roles and responsibilities. The need to be creative and innovative when dealing with individuals who want to be violent or begin to physically act out is necessary.

Once the investigator has this individual in custody he has to begin to ask questions such as, does this individual fit the mold or the type of personality the investigator has dealt with in the past? If he is not similar with “Predators” of the past what are the differences which make him a likely “Predator?” These are the types of questions the investigator must ask when evaluating how to deal with this individual.

Prior to interrogating this individual the investigator will want to know everything there is about him so he can decide to use or not use the information. The non-offending adult would seem to be the person that the investigator would go to obtain information but as the investigator has found the “Predator” sometimes hides behind a false front. The non-offending adult will be as surprised as everyone else. She will stand by her man. She won’t believe what people are saying about him.

The investigator is wise to take the time to thoroughly interview her, in order to obtain autobiographical information about him. She will have some historical information which is true and some which is not true. His relationship with women may be a list of made up names. Where he worked prior to her meeting him may also be false. The “Predator” is not going to provide any information which would identify who he is.

Then there is the other type “Predator” who has never been around children before and finds that he is sexually aroused when he sees the child naked. This is his first encounter with being around children and he finds that he is sexually aroused. He doesn’t know how to deal with the thoughts he is having. He knows he can’t talk to his wife about these thoughts as the topic is taboo and disclosing his true feelings would end his relationship with her.

This type of individual is generally the naïve and ignorant individual who rarely acts upon his feelings. The introduction of the child into his environment is shocking to him as he has never dealt with the nuances and subtleties which comes with having a child. He thinks about seeing his wife naked and thinks about how he is sexually aroused as well. The distinction between how he feels about his wife and his child is similar in nature and he doesn’t understand what is transpiring and why he is having these feelings.

The individual who is ignited by his sexual feelings for children is something he has never dealt with before. He has never sought out a child to touch or even to be around. He has never thought about what it would be like to touch a child sexually. These new sexual feelings have him confused and he doesn’t know how to act. He definitely knows whatever he is thinking it is wrong or he wouldn’t be feeling so afraid of his thoughts.

Studies have demonstrated that the above individual discussed above may not be a “Predator” at all. Just because he becomes sexually aroused at seeing his naked child does not mean he will ever do anything sexual towards his child.

In an article in The Skeptic’s Dictionary (2006) it states, “From a scientific, moral, and legal point of view, what should matter is whether a person gives in to perverse desires and commits sex crimes. It is neither immoral nor a crime to get aroused.”

Is being sexually aroused a normal process which most men and women go through but never discuss with anyone due to the label of being a sexual offender is attached to it? This needs further research.

In an article in Psychologist it states, “Chronophilias such as Infantophilia: the sexual attraction to infants; Pedophilia: the sexual attraction to prepubescent children; Gerontophilia: the sexual attraction to the elderly; and sadism: the recurrent urge or behavior involving acts in which the pain or humiliation of the victim is sexually exciting.” These types of attractions may explain why some men and women become sexually aroused when seeing a child or adult or other reasons.

Tomorrow, who is this “Predator” who sexually assaults children? As seen today, some men and women become sexually aroused at the sight of seeing their child naked, but does this make them a “Predator?” Some individuals have paraphilias which convolutes the normalcy of sex between a man and a woman. A law enforcement investigator must have the ability to understand all of these sexual preferences to prove the case against the “Predator.” Any and all information the investigator can receive may determine if the individual is guilty or not guilty of the crimes alleged against him.

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