Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XX

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy”
                                                                                          Norman Schwarzkopf

The “Predator” is an individual who is like a chameleon in he is always changing who he is. This allows him to pursue children under the radar, hiding from all of those who seek him. He is a danger to everyone he meets, because his personality consists of lies, misleading information, false historical data, deception and manipulative in order to obtain access to children.

English: WASHINGTON (March 26, 2010) A poster ...Image via WikipediaThe reason “Predators” exists in your communities is law enforcement rarely deals with them. Law enforcement becomes aware of the sexual offender when a child discloses that he sexually assaults a child.

Too often the sexual offender will manipulate the child into hiding the sexual assault(s) using the child victim’s love for her family as a weapon to keep her silent. The sexual offender in order to receive conformity will tell the child victim that if her mother found out, she, the child victim would be in seriously trouble or alternatively the sexual offender may threaten to bring harm to the child victim’s family.

This manipulation is how the sexual offender is capable of continually sexually assaulting the child victim. If he threatens or physically harms the child victim he realizes the child will be afraid to report what he is doing to her. The child victims greatest fear is being physically assaulted by the sexual offender or having one of her family members harmed.

At some point the child victim can no longer continue with being sexually assaulted, so she tells someone may it be another sibling, peer, parent, guardian, and/or an authoritative figure.

When disclosing the sexual assaults the child victim will be afraid that the sexual offender will retaliate and harm her. However, the criminal justice system is now structured where child sexual assault victims receive the finest support system. Once reported the fear of retaliation for the most part is eliminated.

If the “Predator” has been doing this for years, the law enforcement investigator will have more than the child victim’s case to investigate. The possibility that other victim’s exists is an 
astronomical chance. In a recent study the average number of victims a “Predator” has sexually assaulted children averages at the number 123 child victims.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - JANUARY 07:  A police of...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIn some cities this would take years to investigate and would deplete the investigative resources a specialized unit would have available to them. The need for handling multiple victims and multiple witnesses would need to be addressed. Too often the victims of the past receive little attention because the mentality is the sexual offender is going to prison for life so there is no need to pursue any of the past sexual assaults.

This attitude can be problematic especially if the victim who created the case decides she doesn’t want to be a part of the criminal justice system. Further, what if a key piece of biological, medical or physical evidence is lost prior to trial? The need to be thorough and complete has never been so significant and important when dealing with multiple victims.

There are no guarantees and the need to ‘overdo’ is something that needs to be considered by the prosecutor who is assigned to prosecuting the sexual offender. The prosecutor is the individual who will be responsible for making sure that the pieces of the puzzle fit and come together. The necessary nuances and subtleties need to be dealt with prior to trial so there are no loose ends.

When the prosecutor states they are ready for trial, then law enforcement can justify allowing the other victims to be considered for another day. The investigator may not agree with minimizing all of the victims who were victimized by the “Predator” but it does become a financial and man power consideration.

The possibilities of locating 123 victims are simply not reasonable or logical. If the “Predator” confesses to the sexual assaults of multiple children and the confession is found by the court to be voluntary then there is no need to look any further.

Some law enforcement agencies have the resources to put together a task force and deal with the complex cases. Generally, the need for a task force is generally seen in serial rapists or murders. It is rare that law enforcement would expend the man power for a “Predator”.

The community must feel safe and believe the “Predator” will not see the light of day. To assure the community that this individual will no longer be free in the community is the best assurance the prosecutor and law enforcement can provide. Communication to the citizens in the community is the key to receiving the support that the criminal justice system needs from them.

Tomorrow, as this series is winding down, there is so much to discuss and consider about this monster, the “Predator.” I can call him/her all the names in the book, but you as an audience must remember these individuals are very intelligent and they utilize every tool possible to commit their crimes against children. Do not consider for a moment that they are not a worthy opponent. They are worthy of a good fight and if all of us aren’t careful we will be the one’s victimized. Keep your guard up and protect and keep your children safe.

Lawrence W. Daly
253-852-6702 B/P
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Kent, WA

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