Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XXI

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict”
William Ellery Channing

The Associated Press printed the following headlines this week, “Report: US teacher’s aide sent love letters to boy.” An article written by Christina Hoag states, “Officials at a Los Angeles school rocked by teacher sex abuse claims are investigating yet another allegation of misconduct, this one involving a teacher’s aide in her 50’s accused of sending love letters to an 11-year old boy.”

Only in America can this type of criminal conduct be a true story. The many details which are unknown should concern those who have children about America’s education system. This article should remind all of you that it doesn’t matter who the individual is, where he/she works, the age of the sexual offender, and so much more.

The city of Los Angeles has been plagued with one teacher sexual allegation after another. Most recently, the entire staff at Miramonte Elementary was replaced while the Los Angeles Unified School District is investigating two teachers who were arrested a couple weeks ago.

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The question about just how many child sexual assault cases are not being reported to the authorities could bring about changes in how things are conducted in the educational system. The problems in the past dealt with Child Protective Services (CPS) being contacted before law enforcement. Law enforcement is trained in how to perform child sexual assault allegations. CPS is responsible for making sure the child victim is in a safe environment and any family services are provided to the family. They are not to investigate child sexual assault allegations.

Too often the community becomes confused about who should be contacted and the reporting of a child being sexually assaulted may take days to reach law enforcement if CPS doesn’t immediately notify law enforcement that a crime has been committed. Potential biological, medical and physical evidence can be lost if the child victim does not have contact with an investigator from the Special Assault Unit (SAU).

In the meantime the “Predator” will be made aware through a family member i.e. his spouse that the police have been contacted and he needs to either leave town or contact an attorney. For the most part, most sexual offenders stick around and face the law enforcement investigator.  The sexual offender believes they can convince the investigator that he didn’t do what he has been accused of.

If the investigator understands the make-up of the “Predator” then the investigator will properly prepare to interrogate him. The investigator has to make several decisions prior to contacting the sexual offender.  One, does the investigator call the sexual offender and ask him to come to the station to talk about the allegations; Two, they travel to the sexual offender’s residence and arrest him there; and/or Three; they travel to the sexual offender’s place of work and arrest him there.

The decision on the type of confinement law enforcement will pursue is determined on many issues dealing with the type of “Predator” they are faced with. An aggressive and violent sexual offender has the right to reasonable bail, but the judge has to make the determination if the sexual offender is going to be a risk to the community. Additionally, the child victim must feel safe in her community. If the sex offender is a relative the possibilities of the sexual offender becoming violent after being released or bailed out is greater.

In stranger child sexual assaults, the “Predator” has additional factors which may cause a judge not to allow the sexual offender to be released. Generally, the stranger child sexual assault cases are dealing with a ‘serial child “Predator”’ where it is highly likely he has a list of child victims in the community.

Once the “Predator” is taken into custody the law enforcement officials need to use the media to their benefit. Providing information to the media about the details of the sexual attack should get the community talking about the sexual assaults. Law enforcement should contact local, county and state jurisdiction which are near where the sexual assault occurred and ascertain if there has been any similar types of sexual assaults in their jurisdictions.

It is more than likely that if the “Predator” sexually assaulted a child and the child didn’t know the assailant, then the “Predator” probably committed similar sexual assaults in the same or adjacent communities. The investigator must get the information out to the public anyway he can.

The prosecutor must attempt to convince the judge that they need time to identify the individual they have in custody. Stating that he is likely to have several different names and probably is wanted by law enforcement in other jurisdictions.

The investigator needs to request assistance from his supervisor asking for additional manpower to assist in conducting a thorough and complete background on this individual. It is necessary that all stops are considered and the proper time is put into locating additional victims and witnesses. Further, it is important to locate any biological, medical and/or physical evidence which can be linked to the child victim(s).

When putting together what the prosecutor considers a ‘rush filing’ the investigator cannot expend any time on any other case. The community must believe and feel that they are safe from a potential evil and potentially violent individual.

Tomorrow, the necessary investigative methods and techniques must be utilized when the criminal acts conducted by a “Predator” has the community in an uproar, not to mention the concerns that if he is released the child victim maybe in danger. The “Predator” selected the child victim for a reason and it doesn’t mean he will stop at one sexual assault. As the series comes to a conclusion, there are several other articles still needing to be written. Standby as the rest to come is worth the wait.

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