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Looking for a Detroit Criminal Lawyer can be a daunting experience. The truth is, there are a lot of Detroit Criminal lawyers out there. While one would think that this would make it easier to find the right Metro Detroit Criminal lawyer, it actually makes it much more difficult. Michigan ethical rules make it so that unsolicited realtime contact between lawyers and potential clients are strictly prohibited unless there is a previous relationship. This means that criminal lawyers are prohibited to contact you unless you contact them first. This means once you initially contact a Detroit Criminal lawyer, you should be prepared to get phone calls back from them. If a lawyer calls you without you first soliciting them, you should be weary. If they are willing to break that ethical rule, you can only wonder what other ethical rules they are willing to break. Remember the more Detroit Criminal Lawyers you call, the more phone calls you will receive afterwords.

1. Should you use court appointed counsel or public defender for your case.

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. First, this may only be an option if you meet certain financial criteria. If you don't meet this criteria, you must find a private Detroit Criminal Lawyer. In some instances Public Defenders often have the most experience out of all Criminal Defense Lawyers because they get more cases then anyone. They also know the judges in the area. That being said, since the Public Defenders have more cases then anyone, they also tend to be overworked and underpaid. They may not be able to help you with questions, or give your Criminal Case the extra attention it needs. Regardless of whether the Criminal Lawyer is appointed or a public defender, you wont get to pick which lawyer you receive. Often times that means who you get is simply luck of the draw. That is a big risk to take when it comes to something that can affect the rest of your life.

2. How experienced should your attorney be?

Many people question whether or not experience is important. Experience is important, however there are other things equally important. Often times experienced Detroit Criminal Lawyers might have a full schedule and be less available to meet with you or take your calls. As a Detroit Criminal lawyer often times I see many clients who want their law firm to be the same law firm or Criminal Lawyer who handles a famous case they read in the newspaper or TV, even if the clients case is minor. The clients theory is simple, if he can handle a murder case, he can handle my smaller case without a problem. While this may be true, often times the Detroit Criminal Lawyer simply wont care about your small case to the same extent he cared about that high profile murder case you saw on tv. If he has other lawyers in his firm, there is a possibility, he might not even be the one doing your case anyways. There is also a possibility that he is using his publicity to charge you with a higher fee for his services.

Be weary of the criminal lawyer whose majority of cases are not in criminal law. You wouldn't want a pediatrist practicing internal medicine or a Dermitologist acting as your Nuro Surgeon even if they were the best Dermitologist around. The same rules apply to Detroit Criminal Lawyers.

Ultimately, you need a Detroit Criminal Lawyer that handles the types of criminal cases that you are charged with. If the Detroit Criminal Lawyer does not handle the type of criminal cases that you are charged with, he should come with you partnering with Criminal Lawyer that does. Often times in this situation, both attorneys share the fees even though the client is not charged more for the extra lawyer. This is better for you as you now have one more Detroit criminal lawyer on the case and another Detroit Criminal Lawyer to Contact should you have questions.

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