Is yesterday’s view wrong in today’s world?

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Article by: Scott Hall
            Imagine being on an island, palm trees swaying, oceans breezes and good times everywhere you look, children playing in the distance building sandcastles and then suddenly a flash of light, an explosion and chaos.  That paints a gruesome picture at the end but a beautiful one at the start and given a moment of thought, could very well have been a setting when Pearl Harbor was being bombed.  The lessons that we learned from that day did more than cause war to break out abroad, but brought about change in thoughts here at home as well as abroad and many of those thoughts are lost in time and accepted as every day practice, if you doubt it, ask the baby boomers what is wrong with our country, they will tell you pretty much the same story, but from so many different points of view.  I wanted to set aside our truth glasses for an occasion as really at this point in the news there is nothing that surprises me as to the state of our developing world. Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Injustices as well as other items all being brought to our forefront with the help of media outlets. 
            Apparently, in our world a question of “morals” and “what is right” is at the majority of focus and those who don’t have or have been oppressed in achieving it are the ones in the camera’s eyes, all getting their “15 mins of fame” in to a world of viewers who feed off of the hype and sensationalization of the broadcast.  I won’t mention the specific outlets in this article, but I happened to encounter something that struck my attention and if our readers are sharp (which we know you are) it will catch yours as well the next time you turn on your televisions or check your latest feeds.  Politics is always a hot bed issue, in or out of an election year and most of us have grown tired already of the political race that will decide who runs against the incumbent.  As I was flipping through the vast array of mind numbing broadcasts, I stopped on a news outlet who was discussing the latest election happenings. I sat back and decided to keep on with this channel as what they were discussing was the electoral votes needed to be the candidate. 
            This discussion was going on while the votes were still rolling in and continued for 5 full minutes of repetitive talking about scenarios of who and when or what would happen if said candidates would take or could take a region.  I am sure that is a bit to absorb, so please pause for a moment and breathe. The discussions continued from several analysts and several persons, who all have several opinions and when the night was done, we have definite victories for candidates that brought about an entire wave of new “reports” that were “breaking” or “just in” and yes the outlet covering it as well as others, all beefing up the rhetoric over the whole hot mess.  One of the many things our society deserves is simplicity, especially in a world where complex technologies exist and we tweet and face book or get linked in to groups, pages and people who are all striving for simple explanations or reasoning’s. We all need less hype and more focus in our world (truth glasses will help with that) but at the least, please citizens, stop a moment and examine the needs of 25 to 40 minute spews of opinions (that are claimed as unbiased) and just focus on relaying correct information.
            The sensationalized media feeds a monster in our world, a monster of “that’s not right” and “that never happened in my generation” but this author says, maybe it did and because it happened so long ago we have forgotten it as it doesn’t apply now under those circumstances, however it does with new applications of thought.  Take for example, the “million man march” not only did it bring about a new way of thinking, but there were many who suffered beatings, oppression and harsh treatment by officials and then as well as now, we find ourselves stuck to the television in disbelief as the ratings soar due to the hyped headlines and pointing out only the most heinous so as to agitate and aggravate rather than educate and postulate. After the unrest the peace was made by establishing standards and creating laws most of which are still in debate in many regions today and those are only 50 years old, imagine the debates of 200 year old thought, it happens all the time, 4th amendment rights, the constitution, the interpretation of the preamble and how many of our founding fathers would roll over in their graves and most of it fed by opinions from the media. We won’t mention the goings on of “Occupy” and all that government and police harshness that is unfolding before our TV soaked eyes.
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            A recent news story over a film being approved for kids to see about bullying and the film being rated “R” and the uproar over it also has this author’s attention and it fits into this scenario so well.  In our children’s lives we have bullies and bullying and terrible actions by other kids. In order to prevent these things from happening to an extreme degree; education, research, implementation and adjustment must occur.  If we as parents allowed our children to hear words such as the “F-Bomb” depending on their age and context used, we may or may not allow it to be heard.  For instance, the movie “Transformers” was given an R rating but many parents discarded the no
tion of the warning. Saving Private Ryan, yep, R rating, no one up roared over our kids seeing the graphic violence and cursing going on but when a movie about bullying comes out and drops the “F-Bomb” 7 times, we get upset when they put an R rating on it, restricting who sees it, regardless of the author’s intent.  This, in turn, hyped up as some sort of world travesty in the news and once again, tons and tons of opinions from people who are non influential in its outcome.  Pay attention readers, what I just said is the sensationalized media is feeding your need for “dirty laundry” so to speak, but I am sure that is no surprise to you.
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            To assist in clearing up some of what may not be clear, I have taken the liberty to express what it means to receive an “R” rating and a few others and I know how much our readers like symbols (just kidding).  G = Good enough for anyone to see, good movies, no vulgarities and all are happy. PG13 = Pretty Good, some strong suggestive things, but nothing to worry over that isn’t commonly accepted to see, in some cases we may need to explain to junior what something is referencing. NC17 = If you are not an adult, don’t go to see it without one, will have some things in it that younger audiences may not accept or without a doubt will misinterpret. R=Restricted Parents should know that the stuff in this movie will raise the eyebrows and other curiosities of their younger children all who are under 17, sex, F bombs, nudity, violence, explosions of a violent nature or scenarios and graphics that could cause dreams to be invaded by nightmares, so basically, use good judgment. What is so cool about all these ratings, they have been around for a very long time and depending on what we see as far as programming or what we think we will see influences us as to how or who goes to see it.
            This news story could have been much simpler in relation to the bully movie, if only people would have stopped to think in the making of it, “is the F Bomb necessary to be said or shown?” if that particular series (7 in total) were omitted, then the intended audience (middle school and high school) would be able to screen it and its intended purpose would be debated.   Instead of this scenario, we now have people debating whether or not it is even worth it to have the rating that parents and citizens from generations of movies have established. Is this a new way of thinking or a media hype up that should have never been? This author says, stop the hype, report the news and its supporting facts focus on the issue and stop wasting air time with long tirades of rants or opinions that do not matter to most citizens who have their own opinions anyway.  This author wonders how many critical decisions, life changing events or ways of thinking would be influenced if the news reported what they saw, much like on September 11, 2001 when many news cameras were focused on a tragic day and most reporters who were filming and narrating could only say, “oh my god” and this doesn’t cover the changes to laws that reflect our current technology that we all approved then and argue about freedoms now (patriot act).  All we can ask of our “Free Press” is to please report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.
P.S. If anyone thinks, sensationalized media doesn’t influence what happens in our lives and in issues of justice, please review first O.J. Simpson trial.

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