The Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience Call for Papers

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I was looking on Linked In, and found this.  I thought our readers would be interested to know this information. This is copied in it's entirety!
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General Information

The Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience
Call for Papers

The Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience is a semestrial open-access journal, published online by the Romanian „Sic cogito” Institute, starting June 2011.
The goal of such a scientific material is that of stimulating the Romanian scientific research segment in particular and inter-disciplinary and international collaborations between specialists from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and neurosciences.
Such innitiative is directly related to the general goal of the Romanian „Sic cogito” Institute, that of actively participating in the promotion and development of psychology, psychotherapy and mental health in particular and that of the cultural space, in general.
Specialists from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and neurosciences are invited to participate in the elaboration of the Journal by sending their own articles, regardless their native country.
Types of accepted papers:
Scientific research
Theoretical studies
Case studies
Book review
Analysis of personal development process (with theoretical basis and following the rules of an academic paper)
Articles presenting instruments for psychodiagnosis or neurologic/psychiatric assessment (not developing a review for the instrument’s manual, but rather displaying  the practitioner’s own experience with the test/instrument, conditions and benefits)
Main domains for article subjects:
General Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Educational Psychology
Organizational and Work Psychology
Age and Developmental Psychology
Social Psychology
Forensic and Judicial Psychology
Military Psychology
Couple and Family Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Specialists licensed in any branch of psychotherapy that is accepted by the international scientific community can submit their papers. Among these branches, we name the following: Psychoanalysis, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Gestalt-Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Techniques, Couple and Family Therapy etc.
Behavioral Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience
Systems Neuroscience
Author’s Guide
Papers must follow the format proposed by the American Psychological Association (according to The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition) regarding editing,  citations, bibliographical references and display of tables, graphs and images.
Documents will have one of the following formats: .doc, .docx.
If your paper includes images, please attach them to your e-mail, in a .jpg, .bmp or .png format.
Articles from Romanian authors or from the Republic of Moldova will be written both in Romanian and English. Articles submited by authors from other countries will be written in English.
The Journal will be published in both Romanian and English.
Articles will be send to the following e-mail address: contact@irscpublishing.com.
Deadline for papers to be included in the next Issue of the Journal: 15.05.2012
We charge no analysis or publication fee and the translation into Romanian for the articles to be published is done free of charge by the IRSC team.
The author of the article is entirely responsible for the scientific content of the paper, the fidelity and validity  of the cited sources.
The papers sent to the editorial board must satisfy the condition of never have been published before in journals, books, brochures, bulletins etc.
Once the papers have been accepted to be included in The Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience, the publication rights are owned exclusively by I.R.S.C. and any future citation/publication/republication will cite the innitial source, RJPPN. The intellectual rights for the materials will still be owned by the specialists, they do not transfer to I.R.S.C (each time the article will be mentioned, the author will be mentioned too).
* By submitting the materials to the RJPPN address, you agree to the terms and conditions previously stated.
Selection System
Once we receive the papers, they will be redirected to those members of the scientific board whose professional activity and interests best match the subject of the article.
The preliminary phase is exclusively conducted by the coordinators of the Journal and refers to the subject of the paper and its compatibility with the policy of both the Journal and I.R.S.C.
If the feedback from the preliminary phase is positive, each paper will be analyzed by three specialists that will rate the paper according to the criteria accepted by the board. The final sum of points for each paper will be the selection criterion for the final content structure of the Journal. If the score is the same for two papers, they will be evaluated by two other members of the board.
On request, authors can receive feedback regarding the scores for their own paper. The final response regarding the admission of the paper will be conveyed to the authors on June 1st, 2011, together with the mention of whether the article has chances to be included in a further Issue of the Journal, if that’s the case.
Throughout the assessment period, the RJPPN representatives can require the authors to change part of the content of the paper, so that the article would have better chances to be included in the Journal.

Editorial and Scientific Board
Lucia Grosaru (Romania)
Adina Preda (Romania)
Valentin Dinu (Romania)
Marco Guadalupi (Italy)
Jevon Dangeli (South Africa)
Wray Herbert (U.S.A)
Sabina Strugariu (Romania)
Shibley Rahman (United Kingdom)
To be updated
Representatives of companies, publishing houses, services and product providers whose economic or charity activities relate to the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, pharmacology, medical equipment and devices or affiliated domains, that desire to become a part of the RJPPN project, please contact us at contact@irscpublishing.com in order to set the terms of the partnership.
Final Considerations
The estimated apparition date for the next Issue of the Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience is June 15, 2012.
This being a new project, the previous material may be changed in time so please come back to the website and check its latest version before submitting your papers.
Best regards,
Lucia Grosaru                                                              Adina Preda
President, I.R.S.C.                                                   Vice-President, I.R.S.C.

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