What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction That Should Concern You About Your Child’s Safety? Part XII

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

"Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way."


Statue of Sigmund Freud in London, with the Ta...Image via WikipediaThe introduction of who a sexual addict is came about when Sigmund Freud wrote about how someone becomes neurotic when they masturbate. This of course was later proven to be an incorrect hypothesis.

Later in the late 1970’s, Dr. Patrick Carnes in his book, “Sexual Addiction” which was later changed to “Out of the Shadows” detailed the criteria of all about the sexual addiction and the addict. Once Carnes changed the name of the book, the book sold millions of copies worldwide and made a major impact on getting those who were addicted to sex some assistance and help with the addiction.

The historical information is basically non-existent. However, Christians do point to the Bible dealing with Onan, who was killed by God because he allegedly masturbated. Onanism, once used as a synonym for masturbation has brought about much controversy between Theologians. The argument was specifically what was God’s intent and meaning when the passages about Onan were written into the first book of the Bible i.e. Genesis 38:6-9.

What happened between the Onan of the Bible and Dr. Carnes reference a timeline on sexual addiction? Wikipedia lays out a timeline of individuals who may have had some impact on sexology, masturbation, and eventually sexual addiction. Still it seems to be a mystery on who influenced the sexual addiction theories and philosophies.

At the same time sexual offenders have been around since the beginning of time. Initially the focus was on the incest which occurred in families. Fathers and mothers having sexual relationships with their relatives were not uncommon.

In 1896 the word ““p(a)edophilia” was used by Dr. Richard von Kafft-Ebing. Kafft-Ebing was a German psychiatrist. His principal work was written in his book titled Psychopathia Sexualis i.e. Sexual Psychopathy. His last (12th) edition had a total of 238 case histories of human sexual behavior.

Kafft-Ebing focused on four areas in his first edition of the book Psychopathia Sexualis. These four areas were as follows:

§  paradoxia — sexual desire at the wrong time of life
§  anesthesia — insufficient sexual desire
§  hyperesthesia — excessive sexual desire
§  paraesthesia — misdirected sexual desire (e.g., homosexuality, sexual fetishism, sadism, masochism, and pedophilia)

The word “p(a)edophilia” was again used in English in 1906, by Havelock Ellis. Dr. Ellis was a British physician and psychologists, writer, and social reformer who studied human sexuality.

The two areas of sexual interests by psychiatrists and physician appear to surround the obsession and compulsion of masturbating and other sexual behavior. Based on the research of centuries past and the current research the sexual out of control behavior appears to be broad and focused on self-gratification of the sexual addict and offenders preferences.

There has been much research on homosexuality and ephebophilia which means that men are attracted to boys in their teens, who are considered adults in many if not all cultures. Similar problems are encountered with the expression “Greek love” or “Man/boy love.”

The education of the world of sex is interesting as society is naïve and ignorant about what the make-up is of sexual addicts and offenders. Their characteristics aren’t simple and to clearly understand the addicts and offenders sexual drives, needs, outcomes and so forth, the basics as described above have to be considered.

The sexual fantasies which sexual addicts and offenders possess deal with different genders, ages, body types, and color of hair, eyes and so many other physical attributes. One of the sexual addict’s sexual arousals could be the glasses a young woman wears, or the way a young child laughs. These attributes which the rest of society enjoy in the normal sense, are perverted by those who sexually stimulate and motivate their way through each and every day.

It is difficult for law enforcement and the community to understand why individuals commit sex crimes. Further, it is the deference which the addict and offender don’t receive from those who they sexually fantasize about, which may cause them to pursue another level of sexual gratification i.e. rape and murder.

The lack of boundaries in the addict and offender are different. The addict rarely commits a crime. However, if the police were to empty the addicts thoughts and ideas there may be a storage of horrendous criminal sexual conspiracies. The mental fantasies are generally not criminal in nature. Sometimes the addict will cross the line, leaving the world of fantasy for the world of reality i.e. sex crimes.

The sexual offender focuses and is fixated on committing serial child sexual assaults which are criminal in nature. Therefore, when an offender begins telling a law enforcement official about his/her fantasies, these fantasies may in fact be his/her reality. Performing a thorough and complete investigation into the background of the offender may prove to be of substance as the search may uncover additional child victims and witnesses.

Tomorrow, the more which is developed in reference to who these sexual addicts and offenders are, the more interesting, puzzling and informative it has become. As the sexual addicts and offenders unravel right in front of us, the more motivated I have become in continuing the hunt, looking for pieces of those puzzles and surprises into the perverted world of sex.

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