What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction That Should Concern You About Your Child’s Safety? Part XIII

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

"Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way."


Isn’t it interesting that when you go to bed tonight you will have many sexual dreams, depending on who you ask? Some researchers have concluded that an individual may have up to eight to nine dreams per night and it is because the brain begins clearing the day’s events and planning for tomorrow’s schedule.

The dreams occur in the sleep called (REM) rapid eye movement. The dreams can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes. If you want to know what you are dreaming about during the night, set an alarm for ninety minutes and you will have a better chance of remembering the dream. 

In 1992 it was proven through a scientific study that average person dreams on the average thirty-six dreams per night. The same conclusions were reached that most people do not remember their dreams.

In the sexual addicts and sexual offenders world how much do they dream and what about? Research has demonstrated the relationship between sex and dreaming is still in the infancy stages. Little is known about what sexual addicts and offenders sexually dream about if anything.

Sigmund Freud who studied sexual behavior in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s stated that all dreams had sexual related content. Still since Freud did his research there was one study conducted by Dr. C.S. Hall (1954) in two of his articles, “A cognitive theory of dreams” and “The individual and his dreams” stated that dreams are filled with impulse gratification and that this is especially true of dreams with sexual content.

According to King, DeCicco and Humphreys (2009), “Men were observed to report greater daytime sexual fantasizing with more frequent reports of multiple partners, sexual propositions, and sexual thoughts in their dreams. Findings offer partial support for the continuity hypothesis of dreaming (Hall & Nordby, 1972) in relation to human sexuality, at least within the current subsample of young men. It is suggested that many sex dreams may serve as an outlet for sexual fantasies and desires.”

In researching what men and women sexually dream studies have revealed that men do have aspects of sex and wet dreams. A majority of the men did have dreams about having vaginal intercourse with women. Further, men do have sexual fantasies about other sexual acts such as anal intercourse.

The sexual addict and offender who focus on sexual themes during the day may have sexual themes in their dreams. It is common that the addict and offender will dream about having oral and anal sex.  Further, that men dreamed of homosexual and incestuous behaviors.

So what does the above information for an individual who is struggling during the day with sexual fantasies and at night sexual dreams tell us. It seems that research supports that sexual fantasies do continue into the sleep stages in that their dreams deal with a vast amount of sexual desires, pleasures and a variety of sexual themes which may be latent tendencies. These latent tendencies may be hidden in the subconscious during the day when an individual shields themselves from sexually fantasizing about a variety of sexual themes i.e. homosexuality, bi-sexual, bestiality and so forth.

There is no way of knowing if the addict or offender will take these dreams and put them into play after dreaming them. Research has yet to be performed which provides a valid and credible examination into the world of the sexual addict and offender when they are sleeping, when they awake and then implement their dreams and fantasies into reality.

Law enforcement does not expend enough time interviewing sexual addicts and offenders about their sexual fantasies and dreams to try and ascertain if they acted out some fantasy or dream when committing the crime.

Law enforcement is not trained to undertake such a task as they are not trained in these areas and do not understand the relevance of interrogating sexual addicts and offenders into a world they simply can’t and don’t understand. Experience plays an important role for the law enforcement official when interrogating an addict or offender.

The law enforcement official generally do not have the sexual fantasies or dreams that a sexual addict or offender have. It is important the official study these behaviors and understand how this information is relevant to their investigation.

Most law enforcement officials would say they don’t care about a perpetrator’s fantasies and/or dreams. If they committed the crime, the motive isn’t important.

This ignorance demonstrates that the law enforcement official today wants to skip the investigative stages and have the perpetrator admit they committed the crime and then move onto the next crime.

This attitude loses the value of understanding the minds of the sexual addict and offender. The motive behind why these types of personalities commit crimes is relevant in establishing why they committed the crime.

Understanding what sexual fantasies and dreams a sexual addict and offender were having prior to committing the crime will provide a foundation into understanding the reasons into why they committed the crime.

Being able to explain to a judge or jury why the defendant committed the crime will enhance the opportunity of the prosecution to convey to the jury the many reasons the perpetrator committed the crime.

Tomorrow, the continuing saga of sexual fantasies and dreams a sexual addict and offender has seems to be general and broad, but interesting as we move to understanding their internal make-up. There isn’t enough known that when one of these individuals is asleep is this the foundation of the planning of committing a crime or are the sexual dreams just an innocuous biological aspect which all humans process when they are asleep. I will continue to research these questions and ascertain more about just who these sexual addicts and offenders are.

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