What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction That Should Concern You About Your Child’s Safety? Part XVII

Thomas Hobbes Македонски: Томас Хобс
Thomas Hobbes Македонски: Томас Хобс (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.”
Thomas Hobbes

Just yesterday the news of another sexual offender abducting and molesting a child came on the news. It makes you wonder just how far a sexual offender will go to physically sexually assault a child. These assaults are too common and for the majority of these types of assaults they go unnoticed in the communities in which they happen.

The sexual addict information is similar but in different ways. The addict commits his/her crimes generally inside their heads. It is when the internal becomes an external event where others need to worry.

The preferences which the sexual addict and offender are not that far apart. The obsessive and compulsive mind sets that each addict and offender has comes down to one important aspect to them and that is to find a way to reach the dopamine high which makes it all worth it at the time of the sexual fantasy or sexual assault.

The aftermath of the sexual assaults generally creates a sadness, guilt, embarrassment, and other emotional feelings.  The sexual addict feels the pain of their acting out where for the most part a sexual offender has no conscience. Once the sexual assault has been accomplished they begin looking for their next victim and the process becomes cyclical.

So why do sexual addicts and sexual offenders act out when they know the pain that it will cause? This is a great question and one that has several hypotheses. Research has demonstrated that states of both depression and anxiety have an internal battle rather should they have the sexual fantasy and masturbate or should they sexually assault another person.

Sexual themes are everywhere and for the most part a sexual addict can find a quick sexual dopamine high by just turning on the news. The commercials provide sexual images which make it easy for the sexual addict and offender to begin the process of sexual fantasy to sexual assault.

Just today as I was watching television and there is this commercial on television which displays this young female, probably 14 years of age riding a surf board? Since she is in the water she is wearing a skimpy bathing suit. The view for the addict or offender is here is this sensual teen wearing little clothing riding into the wave and having the time of her life.

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This commercial and so many others just like it are an addicts and offenders dream. They can’t think normally and appreciate the commercial. They immediately focus on the girl and become sexually aroused. It is the small triggers which create the addicts and offenders biggest problems.

The day to day encounters with the opposite sex may or may not create a sexual arousal, but if they are given the opportunity to watch and perceive a situation as sexual the clock begins to tick.

Their world isn’t like the normal person where they get up in the morning, take a shower and get dressed. They wake up to their minds already thinking about how they are going to find sexual gratification. This hypersexuality controls their daily thoughts.

In lust they try to turn away from those who sexually stimulate them. Instead they obsess about their encounter only to find they have little to no control over the situation. The compulsion to find release is the answer to their sexual stimulation. The amount of time they expend concentrating on finding a release, the arousal is out of control.

This is when they go into hiding and find a way to masturbate until they reach a climax. For some sexual addicts and offenders this may occur five to ten times a day. If they were to keep a journal and document each time they had a sexually fantasy, get sexually stimulate and seek a way to find a sexual release, in one day there would be several pages filled in.

Sexual addicts and offenders are no different than any other type of addict. Their cravings are real. They can sense the need to find a way to stop their obsession. The majority of addicts and offenders turn to the Internet for assistance. The dark side of their life becomes a monitor where they are allowed to enter into a private world created by them.

Their hunger is replenished by sexual images, places, positions, viewing the opposite and same sex having sexual intercourse, and the demand and need for more. The Internet has all their needs and for a price these needs can be fulfilled. The Internet and Pornography business ranges from a 20 to 40 billion dollars a year.

If a vendor on the Internet truly understands human behavior they will be able to build a castle of rooms where each room provides an answer to the addicts and offenders needs. The castle provides quick and easy solutions and the instant release they experience makes it all worthwhile.

Tomorrow, continuing to understanding the many similarities and differences between the sexual addict and offender seem to rest on a slim line. This line can only balance their need for sexual gratification until they have to turn to masturbation or the Internet and pornography and then masturbation or commit a sexual assault. The exploration and information I have uncovered over these past weeks should demonstrate the need to continue the research.

Lawrence W. Daly
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