What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction That Should Concern You About Your Child’s Safety? Part XIX

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

 “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.”
John Steinbeck

Are there circumstances that you think about when you hear that a child has gone missing in your community? The possibility that it may have been your children should send your mind spinning. There is no way you can imagine the pain that a family has to go through once their child has been abducted, sexually assaulted and/or possibly murdered.

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A photograph of convicted murderer taken by , California, USA, where he is on death row. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The resolution to any situation is to know as much about the subject matter as possible. Too many parents don’t know enough about parenting to keep the sexual offenders away. There are many sexual offenders who are living with or married that sexually assault children.

Some of the research indicates that some sexual offenders were married at the time they committed the sexual assault on the child. Let us look at these statistics which should convey to you the information you need to know to properly protect your children. In one study it stated the following:
•  Between 1980 and 2006, the number of prison admissions due to sex offenses increased by 343% (from about 218 to about 965). Admissions for child sex offenses grew by 916% (from about 69 to about 701).
•  Child molestation and aggravated child molestation offenses account for 50% of convicted sex offense cases among active inmates, probationers, and parolees.
•  Aggravated child molestation offenders receive longer sentences than other child sex offenders, as required by statute.
•  Due to changes in  the sexual assault laws, child sex offenders now serve about 90% to 100% of their sentence.
•  Child sex offenders, particularly child molestation and aggravated child molestation offenders are more likely to be male, white, and in their thirties.

In the State of Georgia they have done a very good job of monitoring the behavior and characteristics about sexual offenders. They state the following:
There is also a noticeable difference in marital status among child sex offenders.  Approximately 6 in 10 offenders incarcerated for statutory rape have never been married.  However, fewer than 4 in 10 child molesters and about 3 in 10 offenders convicted of other child sex offenses reported being single.  Around 55% of child molesters and 66% of other offenders reported being married, separated, or divorced.

There are hundreds of organizations which monitor sexual offenders sometimes for an organization, state departments and/or federal departments. One of the common themes which these organizations have published about sexual offenders is that, “They are likely to be single or live with their parents or have a dysfunctional marriage. Most molest many children before they are caught. Treatment is rarely effective.”

In the State of Ohio (2006) sixty-five percent of adult victim sex offenders were identified as never being married, whereas 52 percent of the child victim sex offenders had been either married or divorced at the time of the offense.

Another interesting fact in these studies is that sexual offenders on the average sexually assault children from the ages of 0 to 12. These offenders tend to be white; married or divorced; have more than a high school education; and have had stable employment.

In a study performed by Dr. Jennifer P. Schneider and Burton H. Schneider states:

Of the 76 addicts, 64 (84%) were male; of the 74 co-addicts, most (66, or 89%) were female. Sixty-seven percent were in their first marriage, including 59% of the 54 couples whose members both completed the survey; 24% were in their second marriage, and 6% in their third or fourth marriage. They had an average of 2.1 children. This was a highly educated group: 42% of the men and 23% of the women held a graduate degree, 31% of men and 36% of women had completed four years of college, 16% of men and 33% of women had attended college or trade school for some time, and only 9% of the group had only a high school education.

These studies are relevant in that they demonstrate that if the sexual addict or sexual offender were married or single it doesn’t seem to be an important factor if they will act out or when they acted out on a child.

The make-up of the addict and offender appears to be a mixed bag of characteristics, nuances and subtleties. When trying to identify who your children will be safe with is like rolling the dice. Just because the addict or offender appears to be a normal human being, there are no guarantees that your child will be safe. However, you as a parent, knowing the information which is in this article you can make a difference. There are steps you can take to at least minimize anyone who wants to sexually or physically harm your child.

The website (Knol) A Unit of Knowledge in their article “How to Protect your Children From Sexual Predators” states there are six steps you can use to protect your children. They are:

1.      Don’t make your children kiss or hug an adult.
2.      If you even suspect someone is a predator do not allow your child to have any dealings with this individual.
3.      Signs of sexual abuse.
4.      If you have proof that someone has molested your child contact the police.
5.      If sexual abuse runs in your family, take steps to severe ties with these individuals.
6.      If you are a sexual survivor you know what needs to be done to protect your children.

Tomorrow, as we move towards the end of this series, there is still much work to research and review when it comes to the sexual addict and offender. Examining these two types of individuals is important to those who maybe dating someone who is a sexual addict or offender and/or have children, need to conduct a thorough background on these individuals. Only you know if you are safe or your children will be safe if exposed to these individuals. Make the right choice.

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