What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction That Should Concern You About Your Child’s Safety? Part XX

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Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“I don't believe in killing whatever the reason!”
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There are those child sexual abuse cases which shock the imagination. One of those shocking cases was JonBenet Ramsey. It has been an uphill battle for her father John Ramsey. His life has been an uphill battle since that day in December, 1996. Losing his daughter, when she was murdered on December 25, 1996 and then later his wife, Patsy Ramsey on, June 24, 2006 from ovarian cancer has caused him a roller coaster life which no one should have to live through.

His first book, “Death of Innocence” was written and published on January 9, 2001. His second book, “The Last Day” was written and published on December 30, 2008. Today his newest book, “The Other Side of Suffering” The Father of JonBenet Ramsey Tells the Story of His Journey from Grief to Grace” comes out today.

The significance of these books is to tell others about what it is like to have your six your old daughter murdered in your home, losing your wife and still today there are no leads of who committed the murder. 

On February 2, 2009, the Boulder Police Department took over the murder case stating that they had a better handle on the case and that they would use new forensic methods and techniques to investigate the case.

Still we live in a world where many children are sexually assaulted and murdered and their cases yet go unsolved. The reasons there is such a gap in which case gets solved and which one doesn’t get solved has to do with the competence and intelligence of the law enforcement investigators.

There have been those who have evaluated and examined the law enforcement agencies and investigators who have been involved in the Ramsey case and the results of their efforts. There has been a number of Monday Night Quarterbacks who have ridiculed and brought about bitterness towards those who were and are a part of the investigation. Although everyone had good intentions, negative evaluations if not constructive and are of no value to anyone.

Sexual addicts and offenders could be responsible for JonBenet’s death. I don’t have enough information to point fingers, but a six year old child was raped and murdered. Someone is responsible and most likely it is someone who has sexual problems or is a psychopath who enjoys harming and killing children.

So why do sexual addicts become sexual offenders? There are several features to this question which is answered in an article written by the Sexual Recovery Institute titled, “How is Sex Addiction Related to Sexual Offending”. They state in this article the following:

Sexual addiction often has progressive features. Whereas most sex addicts do not progress beyond self-destructive behavior, such as compulsive masturbation, hustling, cruising, or the compulsive use of pornography or phone and computer sex services, others may escalate to victimizing activities such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, or viewing child porn. Sex addiction can also lead to increased risky, intense, and exploitative acts. The lack of appropriate assessment and treatment of sexual addiction in its early stages may result in failure to prevent more assaultive sexual acts.

The sexual therapists if not thorough and complete during their assessment of the individual will miss the above features and may not stop the sexual addict from moving to the next level in the sexual fantasies, assaults and other sexual acting out.

If the problem becomes serious and the sexual addict can’t control his obsessive and compulsive thoughts, then he should seek mental health assistance as soon as possible. A sexual offender can sometimes be sexually violent and if he isn’t in treatment and his mental health is not a healthy one then the targeted child victim’s life could be at risk.

There isn’t much publicity for the children who are sexually assaulted or murdered unless the death has some twists or notoriety to it, such as was the case in the Ramsey matter. This is unfortunate as there are a multitude of potential witnesses who could assist the police.

The media, if they had a proper relationship with law enforcement could set-up a system which would notify the community when a tragedy occurs like in the JonBenet’s case.

To be creative and innovative in investigating child sexual abuse allegations law enforcement must allow the community to assists them in locating and identifying potential leads, evidence and perpetrators.

It is not enough anymore to perform the basic investigative steps which will bring about the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. The community watches the many CSI shows on television and expect when an arrests is made that there will be biological, physical and trace evidence located and analyzed; identifying the perpetrator.

Too many children are being sexually assaulted today by sexual addicts and offenders. The line between whom and what a sexual addict is or was are still undefined by the mental health community. It appears the deciding factor appears to be is the sexual act a crime.

If the sexual act is a crime, the sexual addict immediately transforms into a sexual offender. The need for law enforcement to delve into the sexual history of a perpetrator has never been so important. The differences in the manner in which child sexual assault allegations use to be handled and now need to be handled are different for so many reasons. These reasons will be discussed in the next series, which will be on how law enforcement deals with sexual addicts.

Tomorrow, it is frightening to hear in your community that children are being sexually assaulted and murdered. It is law enforcement and the Medias responsibility to keep the people in the community informed about the serious crimes which have and are occurring in their community. There are no easy answers, but the need to streamline information to everyone should be a priority.

Lawrence W. Daly
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