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Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy resulting in the removal of fetus, and has been legalized in all the fifty states by the Supreme Court of America in 1973, for medical or social reasons (Roe v. Wade, 1973 and Doe v. Bolton, 1973). This was a landmark ruling in America and the decision was issued for an ongoing Roe versus Wade case which is one of the most significant cases of America concerning the rights of a woman to abort her fetus. The court granted selective rights to pregnant woman to undergo abortion for whatever reason and abortion was legalized in the United States with the historic decision of the Supreme Court until the fetus is about 24 to 28 weeks old.

This case sparked a debate in America concerning the ethical and moral issues surrounding the issue and a divide was created between proponents and opponents of abortion. Ever since, a national controversy has been initiated which continues even today as opponents a nd proponents discuss and debate the religious, moral, ethical issues revolving around the debate. The debate has created two rival camps, the proponents of abortion known as the pro-choice camp and the opponents of abortion popularly known as the pro-life camp. Whether morally accepted or not, abortion today is a large part of society and provides an alternative and a choice to women whether they want to have a baby or not.
Proponents of pro-life state that abortion is immoral and unethical since the fetus is a living entity; as such aborting it is like taking a human life.

On the other hand, the pro-choice faction asserts that the choice whether or not to deliver a baby should be given solely to the pregnant woman who will be responsible for looking after it. The pro-choice group asserts that the child should not be unwanted and the mother should be in a position to take care of all its emotional, social and financial once she gives birth to it, which is why it is important that the mother have the power to decide whether or not to give birth to the child.

Presenting a more recent and fresh perspective on the abortion debate, is president Obama as trying to blunt the edge on the highly divisive issue of abortion by avoiding any particular position on the sensitive issue(Stein, 2009).

What do you think of this ongoing debate? Do you support pro-choice or pro-life?

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