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a case is dropped, should a defendant have to pay attorney fees and court cost?
even if it never went to court AND the defendent didnt hire the opposing attorney?shouldnt be right if you have to as there was no judgement passed in favor of either side. DID YOU PAY THE ATTORNEY IN ADVANCE? DID YOU SIGN A CONTRACT?.

a four year old bill i got sick couldn't pay last year was granted ssi for a disability. Court papers not in
name, but they keep serving me, once i pay an attorney and take him with me, the courts will change the name on the papers to my name right? My guestion is once they see i've only.

A lawyer overcharged me. What can I do? I live in Texas.?
This attorney knew that we were going to drop him and he overcharged us with a big bill at the end. Attorneys seem to have all of the leverage. I live in Texas. What did he overcharge you for? Usually a lawyer tells you before taking y our.

A question on ethics?
If I were an attorney at a firm that was to represent a plaintiff in a civil suit and I found that one of my partners owned 500 shares in the buisness of the defendant and another partner represented the co defendant in a child custody battle 10 years ago, would either of these create.

About jail.?
My boss has been in jail for a week. He said that his attorney didnt show up to court last friday so the judge held him in contempt. Is that possible? Someone is being untruthful. If your boss showed up in court for a proceeding where he was the defendant, he could not be jailed for his.

adoption procedures ?
I am going to be adopting a baby and the birth mother wants us to take it home from the hospital. Does anyone know what procedures need to be done to insure it is done legally? We do not have an agency involved in the process. You must either have an a ttorney or an agency to.

Do I have the ability to bring legal action against my attorney?
Our (chapter 13 bankruptcy) attorney failed to subimit documents to the court. He directly lied to us and told us that he did. We're in the last year of bankruptcy and in need of purchasing a car. He told us almost 3 weeks ago that he submitted.

Do I hire this 1K attorney or file this divorce myself with a kit after 11 yrs and 3 kids & no assets?
The History: Married 11 years ago, he started drinking heavily by the 2nd year of marriage. The drinking turned into long days/nights gone.I was at home w/ the kids carless, no phone at times. He finally.

Making out a will?
My husband of 12 years is part owner of family farm 3 brothers 1 sister, And he has an inheritance coming are question is this, he has no will, Can we make one or do we need an attorney? If something happened to him I would be booted out faster than you could say bye,.

Maryland Divorce Lawyer?
I am getting a divorce in Maryland and need to know of a good place to locate an attorney. I don't want to ask for a referral from any of my work folks because I'm still a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. I tried the bar association but no one ever called me back. Can.

Michael R. Green, attorney,Tulsa, is not listed on Martindale-Hubbell. What does that mean? Nothing significant. He may have been in practice less than 5 years. You don't get rated until you have 5+ years. He may have chosen not to pay the outrageous price Martindale-Hubbell charges. The best way to find an attorney is to ask everyone you.

My child in Florida wants me to file for custody of her, she is over 14. Where can I get free legal forms?
I already know its her choice and etc, and that a judge will privately ask her etc. so, I cannot afford an attorney, and need the forms, i know you can get them online free, but.

My girlfriend was in a car wreck and pregnant her friend was driving and its her fault what will her claim be?
Claim against the girl friends insurance company. Medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of employment and any thing else that your attorney can dream up. This could pay for the wedding. - Not enough information to.

My husband just recieved a writ of execut ion.what can they take? Can they take what I purchased before marriag
you better get an attorney fast, in most states whats yours is his and if you put his name on it as an owner then yes they can. - They cannot take what you received before marriage, or anything.

My mother and stepfather died with no will?
my mother died on 11/19/06 because of that it was my responsiblity to look after my step-father due to health issues. He gave me power attorney to take care of things on his behalf.he has no children just me, he changed me to sole beneficary on his life insurance in place.

My mother is on ssi/ medicaid in nm. does anyone know the 'spend-down' policy if she receives an inheritance
Dana, I'm a N.M. attorney and was appointed to represent an 87 year old woman in a nursing home. There a ton of nuances to what allowable assets she can have, but the cash amount is about $5,000. She.

My only sibling has signed power of attorney ,over to an accaintance and he is now in jail for 6yrs?
he owns a business in fl, and has personal assets, that i dont want the poa holder to get ,they havent known each other long, and has been running business since recent incarceration any suggestions? i live in mi..

NEED A LAWYER for Laparoscopic hernia repair and 3 bowel perforations?
If there any attorneys or anyone know of an attorney please, I would appreciate your help. I had a laparoscopic hernia repair along with gall bladder removal, and my small intestine was nicked 3 times. I developed sepsis and peritonitis and was hospitalized for one mth. I have.

Need an attorney to handle privacy act violation in or near springfield ky?
need to know if have a possible case for someone in the medical field giving out personal and confidential medical information without consent or knowledge If you n eed an attorney that handles privacy act violations try doing a search from the site below. I would put.

Need help getting a affordable attorney?
I live in dallas, texas and i need to find a attorney that i can afford to pay. I'm a mother who is trying to get her kids back (having a custody issue) and having trouble because its hard enough maintaining my house and trying to save for an attorney. Can someone help.

Needing some information about my power of attorney..?
i have a general POA for my husband who is deployed. i am trying to sign an application for free complimentary $2,000 ADD coverage through our credit union. the CU is saying that they can't accept a POA. i have the legal aid office checking on this, but i won't get.

On o.j. not being able to eat in restaraunt question?
o.j. simpsons attorney is upset over this and says he is gonna sue the restaraunt owner.who will win in court?.the owner?..does he have the right to serve who he pleases.Or.o.j..is that discrimination and racist. Maybe the owner decided his presence was causing a disturbance and the safety of the.

Once a bankruptcy is discharged - can it be reversed?
I was discharged from bankruptcy almost 2 years ago and now the Trustee is asking for alot of detailed information that I had already given my attorney in 2005. The 'Original' attorney I hired left the law firm and the 'New' attorney couldn't locate most of my file. If.

Opening Statement as a defense attorney?
How would I be able to make an opening statement that lasts about 3-4 minutes out of this paragraph said by the defendant: 'How in the world would I ever know that there might be a shell in the can of oysters I sold this lady, and how did she rely on my.

Other than being an attorney, what other carrer opportunities are available for l aw degrees?
or anything having to do with attorneys or judges There are many with law degrees that have ventured into mass media--particularly TV. Many of the analysist on the news programs have law degrees. There are even a few are announcers for automobile races. Also they.

Overseas Pennsylvania Power of attorney U.S. Consulate?
Need an online form I can fax to Vietnam. Need to mortgage the house, it's in my brothers name, but he's overseas and won't be returning, Thus I need a power of attorney. The online forms I see are for in state notaries. What form is adequate for Pennsylvania that would be.

Paul Begala, former Clinton White house figure defined Bill Clintons 'excellence' in the U.K. telegraph?
(quoting)Paul Begala, another key Clinton White House figure, said: 'President Clinton excelled as attorney general and governor of Arkansas, he excelled as president and he's been a model of the modern Senate spouse.' is this what he meant? - The only president ever impeached.

Please Answer Only If You Are A Lawyer or Judge: What exactly is the job of a public defender?
As was answered earlier, a public defender is an attorney appointed to represent an indigent person accused of a criminal offense. Indigent persons have had a right to counsel in all 50 states and at the federal level since.

PLEASE HELP this is very important seriously..?
someone close to me rec'vd an email from a man saying that he is a attorney of a man that passed away with the same last name as my friend and that my friend can get the money from the deasced man. i guess the attorney was left money but he cant.

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