Dog Bite Lawyers - "Dog Bites Dog Law"

Thedog bites doglaw was created to allow pet owners whose dogs were attacked by another dog to have some legal recourse. While dogs biting people is a fairly well known occurrence, most people do not think about their dogs being victims of dog bites. Dog bite lawyers can help dog owner's work through the legal process when their dog has been injured by another.

Dogs subject to thedog bites doglaw can be aggressive for a number of reasons. A dog who is not well socialized with other dogs may feel threatened and more prone to be aggressive. A dog that is not spayed or neutered may see another dog as a threat and feel the need to establish dominance. This can be particularly true with un-neutered male dogs. The dog may have been socialized in an aggressive manner either through rough games or possible deliberate training to make it mean. The particulae prone to aggression.

Dog bite lawyers know that many factors can contribute to dog on dog aggression injuries. A dog that is not properly contained in a fence or enclosure can easily attack another dog. Studies show that more than 65% of the time, a fatal dog bite happens when a dog is loose on the owner's property itself. This is also the same for dogs that are not properly restrained when outside a fence or enclosure without a leash. Sometimes even if the animal is on a leash, dog on dog bites can still occur if the leash is too long and the handler cannot effectively control the dog or if the handler is too small or inexperienced to control the dog. A dog that is a fighting breed or likes to fight other animals may require a muzzle to keep from attacking and biting, in addition to a secure leash and experienced handler.

Dog on dog bite injuries can occur similar to dog on human bite injuries and to varying degrees. When attacking another dog, an aggressive dog can inflict abrasions, lacerations, cause bone fractures, create various flesh wounds, and even expose the other dog to serious medical conditions such as rabies. In the most extreme cases death can even result from a particularly brutal attack. Dog owners whose dogs are attacked are left to deal with not only the heartache of seeing their pet injured but also are subject to the vet bills as a result.

Thedog bites doglaws can be particularly confusing especially for those who have never had to deal with the legal system. Experienceddog bite lawyers can help ease the stress on someone whose dog has been attacked by helping establish who is at fault and to what extent.

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