Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

Crime in Sydney traces its roots back to the earliest days of the city as a prison colony. The citys progress into a major sea port, combined with gold rushes and increasing wealth enlivened the growth of criminal elements. This somehow led to the increase in lawyers who specialized in the field of criminal law. A criminal lawyer is a professional who has expertise in handling criminal cases with implications such as assault, arson, robbery, fraud, murder, drug matters, drink driving, bail applications, mental health applications, extradition proceedings, coronial inquests, licence appeals, severity and conviction appeals, representation in sporting authorities and professional regulatory tribunals.

There are certain instances in life when you have to decide whether to hire a lawyer. In case you've been charged with any of the aforementioned criminal offenses, then hiring a criminal lawyer is mandatory. You need to make sure that your legal rights are recognized and protected through the course of the judicial process. But where do you start looking for a qualified criminal lawyer in Sydney? A good start is to consult family and friends who may know or who may have hired a criminal lawyer before. If you cant obtain a personal referral then you can visit the local bar association or go online to conduct your search. The Internet provides a great deal of information about individual lawyers in terms of their biography, level of expertise, and if he has a good standing with the bar association.

Once youve selected a prospective lawyer, you have to contact his office. If the lawyer cannot meet with you on short notice, don't count him out yet. Remember that lawyers, particularly the really good ones are quite busy, so if the lawyer is a bit short on time, it may actually be a good sign. Note how your call is handled by the lawyer's staff, they should be courteous and willing to answer all of your queries.

Most criminal lawyer s in Sydney charge by the hour but there are others who may charge a flat fee up front. From the get go you must determine the expenses that you will incur and since legal fees do vary, it may be wise for you to engage in some comparison shopping. However, you should also take into account that first-rate lawyers tend to charge more for their services. But considering that fact that it is your freedom and reputation that hang in the balance, you might as well invest in the best lawyer you can afford.

Before hiring a criminal lawyer, be sure to ask for references. You need to be aware how previous clients view the lawyer's expertise. A good criminal lawyer will have clients who are willing to vouch for him and his reputation for success will most likely precede him. You also want to hire a criminal lawyer with dozens of cases under his belt. Finally, you'll want to have a lawyer that you're comfortable with, one who really understands your case and can best represent y ou in a court of law.


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  1. In last few months, there are couple of people whose name are recorded for drinking & driving cases. Even i have personally saw so many people/driver who drunk a lot and drove their cars/automobile roughly. But police ever keep their eyes open for such criminals and caught them as well. Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney

  2. Why hire a criminal lawyer :
    1 Your criminal defense attorney cares about you
    2 You are hiring an expert to defend you
    3 You may be facing heavy penalties
    4 Long term financial benefits
    5 Atmost sucess rate
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