How To Take Responsibility For DUI Charges and How To Find A Skilled DUI Attorney

It doesn't matter if you were at the bar with your friends or you were at home having a couple beers, at some point you made the decision to get behind the wheel of a car and now you've found yourself arrested and facing serious legal charges. Depending on your area, DUI charges can vary, but in San Diego, DUI charges are very strict, and if you are faced with this kind of charge, you are about to experience a lot of turmoil. The truth is, only a skilled San Diego DUI attorney can help you when you're in this kind of situation. A DUI Attorney San Diego is very familiar with the court system, loop holes in the law, and methods to have evidence and potentially harmful testimony dismissed out of court.

The police officer walks up to your car and asks if you've had anything to drink. He/She may give you a field sobriety test, or a breathalyzer test and/or a blood test. Be aware, you can refuse to take these tests, but more than likely (especially if the police offic er is believes you have been drinking) they will simply keep you in custody until they get a warrant that gives them the right to test you and then arrest you if you are intoxicated.

Of course, this is based on the premise that you did drink before you got behind the wheel. You may be surprised to know that there have been several cases where people were pulled over, tested and arrested for DUI even when they did not have a thing to drink. In those kind of cases, it goes without saying that you will definitely need an experienced DUI attorney to protect your rights.
Now that charges have been formally filed against you for driving under the influence, you have some business to take care of. The first step is to find and consult a San Diego DUI attorney. Be careful though, you don't just want any attorney. It is important you find a skilled attorney that focuses on DUI cases. Don't worry too much about the cost. When you hire someone to protect your freedom, your driving and criminal records, as well as your reputation, you should not attempt to cut costs. Concentrate on finding the most qualified attorney for you situation. When it comes to legal representation, you normally will get what you pay for, so if you want the best attorney to represent you, be ready to pay more.

The best way to find the best attorney is to search online for people who may have had similar experiences in your part of San Diego. See if someone recommends a good attorney. You can go to the yellow pages, or even an attorney directory, but there's no guarantee these attorneys are successful at what they do. If possible, interview a few attorneys and ask to see or hear testimonials from other people they've represented. Ask about their court record. If an attorney has had success in lessening charges or getting cases thrown out completely, that's the attorney you want.

A knowledgeable DUI Attorney will oversee the evidence against you and will create a strategy designed to have your charges decreased or to have your case dismissed completely. It is actually quite common for tests like breathalyzers to output false readings. An experienced attorney may be able to have the test results from a breathalyzer thrown out of court; or they may even use the weather, such as heavy wind or rain, as the reason for you failing the field sobriety test.

You must trust your attorney to have your best interests at heart. If he tells you to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, or say certain things, listen to h im. His job is to win your court case; and attorneys don't like to lose.

Even if the evidence is stacked against you and you think there's no way you're going to get out of this mess, a good San Diego DUI attorney may surprise you by finding a loophole, or an angle you never thought of that just might save you from years of legal trouble, lost money and tarnished reputation. But you must choose the best San Diego DUI attorney if you hope to receive the best results for your hard earned money.


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