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If you are looking for a Novi Criminal Lawyer, you have a sea of different options. It seems as if the amount of Novi criminal lawyers are increasing exponentally in both Novi and the rest of the Metro Detroit Area. This makes it even more difficult to find a qualified Novi Criminal Lawyer to handle your case. Below are a list of tips that you can use to find a qualifed Novi Criminal Lawyer.
1. Is your Novi Criminal Lawyer too busy to handle your case?
At first you may wonder, how in the world are you able to tell how busy your Novi Criminal Lawyer is. The answer is simple. If your Novi Criminal Lawyer is too busy to call you back right away or does not want to meet with you at all before your case is set for a pre-trial hearing this is a bad sign. Your Novi Criminal Lawyer should call you back within 24 hours
2. Does your Novi Criminal Lawyer do Criminal Law?
You may be thinking, of course he does criminal law, he wants to do my case! This may not be correct. The recession hit lawyers just as hard as everyone else. The result is that many lawyers have had to expand their practice past what they traditionally do. You don't want a Novi Family Law lawyer handling your Novi Criminal case. The easiest way to make sure that your lawyer does do criminal law is simply to ask him what percentage of his cases are criminal.
3. Does your Novi Criminal Lawyer tell you about the fees upfront?
Michigan Legal Ethics require that your Novi Criminal Lawyer be upfront about all costs associated with your representation. Unlike other types of law, it is more common that in Criminal Law there is an upfront fee associated with your case. The only extras outside of this fee should be out of pocket costs associated with your representation (IE copies of the police report, etc.). Your Novi Criminal Lawyer should give you a written Retainer agreement that states in plain english how he will represent you.
Ultimately finding a quality Novi Criminal Lawyer can make a huge difference in your court proceedings. You need to find a Criminal Lawyer you can trust and build a relationship with. If the appropriate answers to these questions are found, you have a much better chance of finding a quality Novi Criminal Lawyer.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this article, I really appreciate the help and advice giving. I am determined to fine the right criminal lawyers Edmonton that will represent me and do the best that they can to help me out! Wish me luck!


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