Replacing the corporate like polity by revolutionary people in India is a historic need of hour to control three economies of Indian society

Replacing the corporate like polity by revolutionary people in India is a historic need of hour to control three economies of Indian society for the poor and depressed classes of India.

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To analyze any society for its nature, it is necessary to see how it has its economy, political structure and the living standers of the people for a period of last five years in a common way, without many expectations from the side of the state and its foreign trading. The role of the state in the economy of society in India and its analysis as a source for all is desirable or undesirable as a subject in the equation of the economy of the society is possible solution to understand the very nature of the society. The government of India and the states beside other railway budget, the economic role of the state has ended in the economic system of the whole Indian society. It is the system of the state in the economy of the Indian society, in which the state also constitute a part as it is continuing since thousands of years, if I say exactly from the time of emergence of the state in India in its any one of its forms in India. Every one has a budget for his family to run sm oothly. Bo body would celebrate with the loans and credits for the luxuries in the family but the states are in that way in providing such progress and development in the society especially in developing countries including India.

The word development" is common word, but its parameters are different from one to another in calculating the economy of the country. Of them one is the direct economy of its own by the people who sets themselves in the structure of society by offering their services and gets the same from the society by paying to one another either through produces or through the services in their relevancy, without any other intervention. Another one is the state through its influence of the powers in the society by offering its services to the people for which it used to collect like a trader in the Indian society. While discussing about the economy, the principal sources of the society could be identified upon which the entire society is based and depended. Every organic life, if want to exist, it need food and continues its life on its best available options one can use for his own body as well as the other bodies of the members in every society. Other wise the life would never run wi th starvations for more than a week time for anybody to live life.

So it is all about to see how it is mixed with each other and become one before the people through the state in the form of state, and federal budget, in a broad way, by leaving out the foreign trading of the Indian capitalist sections. For the broad based economy of the self sustainability of the people in India in which mostly depended upon the agriculture field, beside their professional customary supporting income during the seasons because, a living human life would never sleep empty stomach for more than one to days even for an argument in favor of the poor and under privileged sections in India, a seasonal migration in search of work is different because it is part of broader economic base of the country wherever he goes for his earning for himself or for other members of the family. The question of non-resident Indian is different as they are in support of the economy of the society and keeps sending their money to their nearest is different. Here the entire econom ic issue is related only to the people of the rural areas, where they are working on the agriculture sector which is the largest part of the economic sectors of the country in which the majority lives are based and the people are continuing their lives. That is the self sufficient economy of the people in India as it is continuing since the invention of the agriculture and domestication of the animals. It is also very safest economy in the world, because the people can live with rice and wheat besides a spicy power with self produced oils in the customary way, unlike the people of United States depending upon the Chinese foods and fast foods, at the credit cards. This is one of the reasons of debt trap of the ancient Greeks to become the slaves of the rich class in their ancient society. The great depression and its effect did not affect the real rural lives of the people though they are poor and under privileged but always self sufficient and reliant with each other in coop erating in the hard hours of the droughts and other natural calamities. Starvation deaths may be high in some vidhrba; telangana like areas in India but all these deaths does not constitute any relativity to the social economy of the country. It is very clear that the people who are only in the central place and their lives are only basic contributions and requirements in the society as a primary unit in the broader platforms of the entire economy of the country.

The human nature, the head of the family and the members of the family whose requirements and their contributions are the fundamental and basic unit around which some other factors such as aid or assistance from the government of India or from state government adds as additions to their lives upon which they never depend in their entire lives because the human nature was and is in India laborious and hard working and could never see a man or woman of above sixty sitting idle in the rural areas. So the basic and primary unit of the society is a family which works and continues their lives in tight adjustments and some times free according to the minds and moods of the people including occasions of the festivals, for which they never like to borrow any thing from others, because they are living still in identifying the values worth and shame in the eyes of the society. Of course the drinking arrack is an isolated activity of income source for him and he sees that the family be run in smooth way. So no such activity could be seen as regular and continuous in any family as a general practice of the individuals. Because small isolated acts does not constitute the main feature of the activities of the families in the rural India.

The priority of the issues for the family is all most all are in general in which the common and needed one is the health for which everybody use the money as a basic need of the members of the family. Deaths due to non-availability of the medicines are not a part of the state, because it is not dependable and not even trusted friend of the family of the rural India, but it is not trusted one. Even a money lender give some token cash to the known villagers in the midnight hours on the knock of the needful, though he may charge additional interest, but he is still a trusted friend in the rural families in India and since last sixty years the nationalized banks could not succeed to replacing the money lender's role in the rural areas. Even in the Soviet Union, the people could never like to depend on the free public distribution system and started looking at the out side of the social system of the socialist pattern because of the delay in delivery, negligent attitude, and a rrogant behavior of the machinery of state which could not be habituated the system of socialist model of the administration at that time.

This is also one of many reasons in collapse of the socialist system of the state in Soviet Union. Waiving off the loans of the village farmers by the government of India lead by the present Prime Minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, is seen smiling on the faces of many rural people in India, though it is a dynamic decision on the part of congress party government in serving the rural people in this way, but it is also a regretful to say that they could not replace the "lending conditions" from the lives of the rural people. The amount was more than seventy thousand lakh crores. The previous so called national governments, found not time to think about lives of the rural India, except, empty slogans with encouraging of the lumpen sections with half knowledge against its own people on the name of the religion in the country for the entire rule in the country. Though the act of the state in waiving of the debt of the rural farmers is something like a saving of the lives from the d ebt-traps which is the primary and fundamental form of the slavery of the people even though we may live in the capitalist form state of society, but it is proved the state' even in its changing natures from time to time on issue to issue, while dealing with the people has not lost its welfare nature in this issue. In the centre of all issues in the society the family and its regular activity in its own without relying on the other additional sources for living as a basic element which would never be replaced until and unless the people start feeling hard in attending their own domestic needs in side the house without going out in search of work, Indian economy would never loose its grip in self reliance.

The system of capitalism, widens the scope of opportunities for earning all maximum members of the society in different fields and on the other side too it dismantles the structure of the unity of the family, and drag all the members out to the road with the naked and half naked bodies in the midnight as a search of additional sources to the lives of the people. During the period of the great depression, in United States a common, practice was that a peace of bread was costlier than the sex with a babe. But in the Soviet Union the situation was never happened there and the people were well aware about the happenings in the social economy, and at that time when the capitalist system was passing through the hard times of the worst economic conditions globally. However, the economy was recovered globally in later times. since last three years, the obama government is working hard on some parts of economic dead locks in united states, caused many hopes to the global analysts i ncluding communist circles on the recession but it is immediately appeared that it is in the way of recovering from its crisis. But it is a pain killer like relief only.The people can keeptheir economic foundations strong as the first step by working hard in their own fields of production despite ready made imports.

While continuing about the issue of rural Indian economy, which is based on the individual labor and a simple available source for the way of getting their lively hood besides, the rural professions, irrespective of the classification of the classes in the rural villages. Percentage of the dependence of the people on the agriculture and its related fields in rural areas are more than seventy percent in some loose account. The land ownership issues but the landless labor, below 2 acres, more than five acres and more than ten acres, does not constitute any idea about to classify the strength and nature of the village unit because it depends on the fertility in its produce with its location for irrigation facilities from one region to another region. One acre land in any village of Krishna district is more valuable than the barren land of ten acres in mahbubnager, and Warangal districts. The daily wager, small farmer, middle class former, rich farmer and the feudal lord, all these groups live together in every village in the country. The lands data is given below for classification of the people in rural India. Including these classification, of the rural people as a unit in the agro based income groups, there are another groups also constituted which works only on the trade and commerce of the other articles, as they constitute a nominal part. The metallic based communities also resides ion the rural areas. Rural metal based artisan section and other service related which has engaged in the service sector either through the state or through the private and self employed sections in the society. Still the village community trade is widely seen every where in India once in a week. The agro based rural economy for the livelihood of the poor is still strong in the rural areas, and could survive few weeks during the strikes, agitations, and in curfew like situations but the urban people would never prepare themselves to meet such unforeseen situatio ns for three days and come out from the houses frequently seen demanding the relaxation of curfew hours if it is exceeds more than forty eight hours. The basic difference between rural and urban areas is completely based on the living habits and thinking styles of the people of both in rural and urban regions.

The recent developments in the corporate sector, that the opening of the reliance's barber shops, in capital cities is evident that the corporate bodies and their greed is showing that how does they want to utilize the opportunity of the weakness and laziness of the of the urban area where the reliance' fresh vegetable out lets, are offering, the vegetables on more than double of the costs to the people of the urban areas, whose changing trend in the way of thinking about these outlets of the corporate bodies and of course they would pay its high price in their future. These trends are different from the lifestyles of the rural people, and they never surrender easily to pay the excess costs to the traders as a matter of customary thoughts and practices they are still believes in their lives.

This kind of tendency in the minds of the people definitely represent on the economic system of the family and it further influence immediately on the village or the hamlet village economy of the country, because a taxi driver changes to and from district head quarter to any surrounding village of hundred and one fifty kilometers range because he never get any single passenger from the village back to the head quarter. If it of the habit of the people, the state transport authorities arranges one extra trip to that villages. It is not I mean that the rural people have not been able to locate in the changing and creative spaces of the corporate markets and in the habits in living such a way of what they represent in a different way in their lives. In their list of priorities after, the essential commodities with their earned money, they spends in entertainment, and cosmetics, it is not a matter to those who are living below poverty line but it's the next class of people in the economic structural hierarchy in the rural India. That is why the next in the list of ration of any family it is occupies in the next of all prerequisites of the family including the medicine.

The field of entertainment which could be in its form what the people like in their areas, mini theaters, tape recorders, soaps, oils, and sometimes a desirable food on festival accessions usually and viewing the cinemas at their nearby theatres, the people prefer to spend their lives. This king of life is seen everywhere in India. Other issues of the village is different from the lives of the people because if it is the electricity if available, It is their part and they will pay to the government company or any private company it is different from the lives of the people. The previous government was opened a direct a department of disinvestment of selling out all the government run companies on the name of sick industries including the profit earning public sector companies to the private corporate capitalist companies on only due to distancing itself from the maintenance risks. It was their government within their level they have done in the country. the lives of the pe ople in most of the parts of the country except in few exceptional cases of the priorities list of the day to day lives is all most all the same with some little difference and the bicycle is still a male transport in the most of the villages in India, kerosene, petrol, and the agricultural sickle etc are the essential parts of the rural people. In recent times ministers at both central and state governments openly admits on the price rise on the essential commodities that they have nothing to do in controlling the prices of the essential commodities to the people. It is correct their speaking is correct in fixing the prices in the economy.

A prime minister, or a district collector, or superintendent of police do not able to fix the rates of any commodity in the market, because they are the third part and do not have any role to play with the costs and expenditure of the commodity in bringing out to the market. The original cost and value of Even a milk and salt packet would never be decided by these political people in the affairs of the economy of the country, except, declaring subsidies on some commodities like agricultural equipments, seeds, pesticides and supporting costs in support of the farmers in some states only, they can arrange crop loans, something like out side support and adding supporting price to the purchasing companies like food corporation of India in a small level in a one or two commodities in seasons only. These steps never make any out side agency, though it may be state, represented by the prime minister, or chief minister to get complete control over the entire process of the product ion level of the commodity to its selling level from the side of the farmers.

So it is confirmed that the economy and its affairs in the country is not in the hands of the state, and the state has no role to play in fixing the prices of the essential commodities in the Indian economy. It is also many times proved while in discussions on the issues of the taxi, and auto meter's minimum rates fixations with their leaders at that time. Because the state, had represented on behalf of the city passengers and they were on their own and finally they used to arrive on consideration of proposals of the state representatives with the owners of the taxies and autos in India.

The budget in 2010-2011, presented by the finance minister, government of India in its statements showed that its total receipts in this year are rupees in crores, 1108749 and it has the same in its total expenditure with primary deficit of rupees in crores is, 132744 only. And the payment of the interest from its receipts is rupees in 248664 only. How much does this amount consist in the whole national economy of the country? Shall it stand in any percentage of the people's economy in country? How far the state has legitimate authority on the economy of the people. by simply contributing a coin from the taxes of the corporate bodies and from the income tax payers of the country. The defense service expenditure is 87344 in crores. The police expenditure is 22154 in crores The Andhra pradesh's budget had crossed the amount of one lakh crores in this year. The loans, advances, principal amounts of debt from global agencies could be more than double or even in triple on the o riginal revenue collections of both governments in India besides all these balances of the every year.

In essence including the railway budget, every one's work in earnings is directly and indirectly contributing to the state, in return the state is giving security to its people, and the people of the rural areas, are well aware about the role of the state which on the name of welfare, it is roads, electricity, communication, and protection from the fellow human beings through the largest establishments of police, defense, courts, arms, and the laws are giving as a customary to its people, For which one constitution, and more than one crore personnel engaged in these activities from the side of state. Though it may give pensions, provision of employment guarantee scheme besides some other welfare activities in the country it is nothing to count in percentage on the basis of accountability of the state to the people in the courts which would identify the real burden on the shoulders of the people on the name of protection. Moreover, thousands of the political deaths in every year for winning a power game in the country. though the state, which is non productive in its nature and it is service related body for the protection of its own people in a such a way which could really satisfy the functioning style of the state through the thousands of laws and acts as documents for following the guidelines in adjudication of the peace and justice to the civilians in the country.

In a protest rally was spontaneously turned as rally after Friday prayer, the police was fired to control the mob which had been suspected to go on vandalism, in which six people was killed and many injured. It is good on the part of police while controlling, the six killed, and the same number of people killed in the bomb blast incident on which in the form of protest, the young guys came out to show their protest. These two incidents constitutes the same kind of mentalities as appeared in the society, because the terrorists are terrorist who wanted to kill the Muslims and the police also acted in the same way of killing equal number of men. But in real investigation of the CBI, it is come to know that work of planting the bombs was the handy work of the Hindu fundamentalist in the city of Hyderabad. The forbs magazine, this year, had issues the list of richest persons in which, six persons from India, have been placed in it. They are, Mukesh Ambani, anil ambani, shashi a nd Ravi Ruia, Savitri Jindal, Kushal Pal Singh, Kumar Birla, Sunil Mittal and whose assets worth is more than the Indian budget. While in the starting the business, dhiru ambani he invested rupees fifteen thousand only in a partnership with champak lal dhamani in early sixtees, now his two sons are in the list of top hundred business magnets in the world.

There are many success stories like these brothers and the essars (SR) in India as individuals who are established their empire in their respective fields without, murder, firing and encounter either real or fake, in their respective fields. But in the political sphere of the state, in which who occupied the highest posts as prime ministers and presidents, chief minister, union ministers, state ministers, supreme court judges, high court judges, cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries, parliament speaker, chief of the army, navy, more than one crore personnel of the state and central governments, railways, more than thousand enforceable acts and laws above all Indian constitution, Indian penal code, criminal procedure code, and hundred of codes in India are just operating and living upon the cost of the tax collections from the individuals, on the name of welfare state, whose cost and worth is more less than the few Indian richest persons in India. Then the question sho uld arise in the minds that these posts and highest designations are even less in the cost of the Indian society of original worth a small district as its cost as per the market values would be more than high of funds of the posts of the government of India in a loose account. The system of operation of the funds under each of the head of the political as well as administrative level through the units in all level from New Delhi to ward member of village gram panchayath by avoiding double account of the single amount from the releasing point to last reaching level could be more than fifteen to twenty thousand. If it is calculated from the level of senior civil service officers level to the last level of executive officer of the gram panchayath in all levels of operating of the funds these amounts are making less value of any chief executive of the global business corporate body. If it is not more than it appears, why all the rich come to the assemblies, parliaments, to contr ol the whole system of the independent economy of the country from the separation of the "state" revenues and receipts in the name of public service.

These posts by coming through the elections on the name of democracy, on nomination of registered political parties in the country have to control the three economies of the country, including under ground economy which is banned economy under the legal tag. These people' whose services, and credibility was identified as desirable one after the independence, because they were actively participated in the struggle and had a zeal to serve the nation and make the nation self sufficient for which they had their vision in their minds without any personal interest, they resumed the highest posts in the country. But since last twenty five, thirty years why the rich people are entering into these posts is a question and why does these people want to uses the mighty force of the security forces against the people who were the legitimately living on the soils since thousands of years.

In the issue of the state, with its members, it could be resolved within itself through its system of administration inside of the executive level mostly up to ninety nine percent and remained one percent cases could be resolved in its tribunals and judiciary of the country. If the problem arises in the society in the issue of wages and on some service matters of the private sector industries, the disputes could be resolved through the negotiations of the leaders of the trade unions and the remained problems if any, could be sorted out through the labor courts. If the problem arises only on the system of democratic form of the government, in which all the rich are being elected on the party tickets, and doing all the beneficial of himself and his or her people within the five years, and leaving the seats on the defeat in the elections next time. In essence the "state" which controls security forces and using these forces against its own people on questioning the wrongs pol icies and asking to do the right work in the interest of the poor since last four to five parliament election. At the same time, for keeping alive the constitutional

The election's policy of the "state" on the name of democracy is completely failed since last five parliamentary elections. Because the constitutional process should be moved in its own circle irrespective of the participation of the people in the election process for electing the government to fill the vacant seats with somebody whoever is not a question as a need for those who are in the remaining parts of the constitutional organs in the democratic set of the country. Everywhere it is fixed to replace the paralyzed part with functional one in its entire system of the written constitution. But it is so sad to see that no super check apparatus is available in the mechanism on the over all observation of checks and balances of constitution out side of the constitution with constitutional validity of the paralyzed organs of the executive portions in the entire constitution. It is proved in the case of Assam assembly elections in February, 1982, where in under the influence of the movement by all Assam students union, and Assam ganaparishad, to bye cot the assembly election. Then the state machinery had forced the people to vote irrespective of the parties, particularly the security forces under their gun point in each assembly segment they were succeeded in securing the voted in just hundreds only an all assembly segments. On the counting system of the votes according to the political parties which were in fray secured below hundred only and who's who were secured in majority of voted, they were declared elected as members of legislative assembly of Assam. At that some could hardly fifty or sixty votes only. Soon after that the chief minister hiteshwar saikia was declared elected as chief minister of Assam which was totally under command and control of the them prime minister, smt indira Gandhi, who could not reveal the great quote of her father pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, while thinking for finding s solution to the constitutional dead lock in A ssam, which is," Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage, that they force us to think". During these elections of Assam, the 3000 poor Indian Muslim (not Bangladeshi) people in the Nelly under nagaon district were brutally massacred in day light. Till this day no body is thought about the reason of massacre. Let the thousands and even lakhs may die, but do not keep the seat vacant to keep constitution alive from its brake down is the principle of the democracy which is common in all states in the world, the heart of the Indian constitution is the set of political parties, how does the nature they contain while discharging the duties from the highest posts in power in not a question but it is an obligation whether he or she is in the seat or not without leaving the vacant because all the organs are following in the similar way of British practice, the king is dead long live the king. A quotation of the great leader v.i. Lenin is in mind to remind abo ut the people and politics here which says "Politics begin where the masses are, not where there are thousands, but where there are millions that is where serious politics begin".

Though the name "democracy" is only a presumption in the minds of the people by following the process of elections through those are present in the posts and designations which holds elections from time to time by the different people. The covers many contain the posts of Prime minister, president, chief justice if India, chief election commissioner, army chief, etc, etc. when the personal failure through the posts does not confirm the failure of the posts itself from its period of entire existence, if it goes with complete failure in the similar way for more than thirty, thirty five years without proper check, it constitutes that the failure of the entire system. So that entire system is likely to fail because the political system and its structure is completely based and depended upon the social system of economy of the state. If it is checked the manifestoes of all registered parties since their registration, with the comparative study with their implementation of the p olicies promised to the people through the party manifestoes every rime before the parliament and assembly elections, no election commissioner or any court have issued memo to the presidents and general secretaries of the political parties at least after completion of term of five years in the history of the Indian constitution since last sixty years.

The election commission of India has to register any political party in India as a national party or as a regional party is depended up on it application of the party with a draft copy of the election manifesto, upon which the election commission has to register the party as a party in India irrespective of its aims and objects of the manifesto of the party concerned. Election commission does not have any obligation on the draft of the political party as a party either national party or regional party irrespective of its aims and objects of the party concerned. Those parties does not file its application as a political party is no way concerned with the election commission, because it has not such obligation in its internal matter of the aims and objects of the political party in its draft manifesto. The issue of contest of the elections and not to contest in the election is purely internal matter of the political party which clearly submits in its draft manifesto as to wh ether contest in the election or not to contest in the election along with the reasons behind these questions as well as the aims and objects of the party in its manifesto of the draft, explaining these issues as an internal matter of the political party for which it asks the people to stand and support for it

Because the draft of the manifesto of the political party is the internal matter of the political party for which the election commission does not have the power to insist for participation in the election. Till now the election commission is following the procedure in cognizing the party as a party according to the draft of the political party as it is not way concerned with the election commission of India. The election commission of India in its site clarifies as "Only an association or body of individual citizens of India calling itself a political party and intending to avail itself of the provisions of Part-IV-A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, (relating to registration of political parties) is required to get itself registered with the Election Commission of India" .the election commission of India is a body authorized to register a political party as an association or as apolitical party, on the considering the copy of memorandum or rules of the polit ical party as it is clarified in the section 5 of sub-section (1) of the part 4 (a), of the representation of the people act 1951which says as follows.

"(5) The application under sub-section (1) shall be accompanied by a copy of the memorandum or rules and regulations of the association or body, by whatever name called, and such memorandum or rules and regulations shall contain a specific provision that the association or body shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India". In the content it is further clarified that the election commission is the final authority in considering the application for registration of the party under this section of the Representation of the People Act 1951. The criterion of registering any political party as a political party is based on the polling of the votes besides previous back ground of the activities of the political party in the participation in the elections only. The election commission of India has limited powers onl y in the case of verification of the political parties manifesto as to whether they are following their own memorandum after coming to the power in the centre or in the state is not a matter of the election commission of India. Even less if I speak about is implementation of the rules and regulations of any political party in India, would be good, because, it is constitution that provides the prime minister ship and chief minister ship in India who could demolish the religious structures and who could kill more than five thousand people, with its force. In the very first stage the election commission of India has failed completely in many respects, in its immediate duties of cancellation of the recognition of such political parties which directly declares their faith in killing the innocents on the name of religion for so many times as a their memorandum itself speaks about their philosophy of killing the others religious people in the name of religious "majority" faith, whi ch they publicly frequently claim as their faith "does not come into the limits of the courts" in India. On the other hand, the congress party also did not have a clean in anti-Sikh riots in Delhi. The list of registered national parties is the Indian national congress, bharatiya janata party, bahujan samaj party, samajvadi party, Samata party, communist party of India, communist party of India (Marxist), as national parties, besides other regional parties in India. The performance of these parties, before coming to power and during and before conducting the next lok sabha is not checked through any constitutional machinery and the entire constitutional machinery has fixed the people as they are only responsible for voting to power to rule the nation by awarding another chance in next elections to dethrone these parties from the government.

The constitution of India in other words is a lifeless skeletal set up of the bones only and would come into a complete shape with the muscles only for which the process of it starts only from the date of issue of the election commission after the consultation of the political leaders of the registered parties.

Once these parties come into the power the election commission become a hand kerchief of the people in the names of the government which runs by the political ideologies and their philosophies of the two individuals only since the first elections in India under the British government to the present day. The two ideologies have two different claims on their political manifestoes since last seventy-Eighty years; the two individuals are none other than Gandhi mahatma and Nathuram Godse. These two ideologies are still in the field, before them many came and many went but, they have stood against each, and the remained political parties, of which, the nominal role the both communists are playing besides the regional equations of the rise and decline of the south Indian and shiv sena in maharashtra and shriromani akali dal Punjab. It is a good comment on the word mahatma to Gandhi, made by renowned poet, thabu Mbeki, the former president of South Africa " he came to us as Gandhi , but we made him mahatma," while referring to the days of residing in south Africa. And the other one is godse, whose confession is in the court on "why I killed Gandhi" and the case is well known to the world. In exact sense, the claim of these two parties is on the thoughts of Gandhi mahatma and his assassin godse for the power in the centre and states. The history of shiv sena for its notorious activities in maharahashtra is well known.

At the same time, the international situation after the 9/11 attacks, United States' reaction in Afghanistan and hangiging of saddam Hussein, have added fuel to Islamic terrorists to include Indian soils in their listed targets for bombings in cities. These developments have given additional opportunity to the right wings' politically inspired Hindu cultural organizations to plant bombs in Muslims masjids and shrines, of malegaon, ajmer, and Hyderabad for gaining ground and control of the whole nation. But their expectations could not yield their desired level of results in damaging the image of India in the international decision making centers. Sooner or later, the law and its investigative agencies found that the Hindu terrorists are behind the bomb blasting in India since last fifteen years and all these cases should be reinvestigated again from this angle in the interest of the nation. These destructions and thousands of the killings in the blame game of the power pol itics in India is only to control three economies of the Indian society, as they are already listed as the power seeking political leaders through their parties, where as the other similar violence oriented left wing extremism has become unbearable ideological burden on the part for magic numbers in the parliament and assembly seats. The very aspect of the bye-cot of the elections though a tactic whatever they propagate from their ideological frame work, the past experiences in Andhra Pradesh is seen as evidence when the new political party was initiated by the NTR, in 1982, he became chief minister and started the implementation of the encounter killings of the left wing leaders and every day statements were seen in news papers, that these anti-social elements would be wiped out, within two years, three years, after. Before coming to power he declared that "the naxalites are the real patriots of the nation" which was already slogan of that party, after five years, his party was defeated by congress party and the marri. Chenna reddy had become chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1989 assembly elections. In the assembly elections the left wing cadre very seriously worked against the NTR's Telugu desam party, NTR (Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao) had been defeated by the congress party.

The new chief minister has given freeness to hold the public meetings and rallies openly. That much biggest public meeting, I saw for second time in my life, was organized in Warangal district. I saw the first meeting, which was mobilized by both communist parties in Vijayawada in 1981 where the gathering of the people, I never forget the history of the both Indian communist parties in India in organizing a huge gathering. After coming to power dr. marry chenna reddy, had given such chance to utilize the legal space for the publicity of the (revolutionary) voice in the people for less than year. But the security forces in the state specially active forces began sensing that they would never get the non-vegetarian food for their greed in proving the heroes in the eyes of the society without carrying a revolver in the hand moving in the public showing like the heroes in killing the anti-social elements in their view as they were come from the back ground of the anti-revoluti onary forces on the name of akhil baratiya vidhyarthi parishad banners in their colleges as well as from the feudal families against whom they (revolutionaries) were struggling for the hike of the wages and freeness from the bondage.

The (revolutionary) struggle was primarily aimed to occupy the land of the land lords on the basis of land to the tiller. All the feudal and upper caste children were started working against them by informing about their movements and some were secured the new uniform of the police in retaliatory way, and the killings were started under the blessings of the government of the congress in the state. The period of the congress government was ended and elections were declared for the assembly, the cadre and the people were again worked hard against the congress government due to the encounter killings be giving full liberty to the security forces for the benefit of the congress party as well as the individual police officers. Resultantly the congress government was defeated by these people in the entire state. The next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was sworn in as chief minister again. After one or two years, the revolt in his own party raked up by his own nephew against hi m, and in the game of success the new chief minister from his own party, nara Chandra babu naidu was come to power. He continued the same policy of encounter killings of the revolutionary party in the state. Consequently, hundreds and thousands were killed and many police officers were also killed in retaliatory actions of the revolutionary party in the state. it was continued for nine years under the chief minister ship of nara Chandra babu naidu, against whom the all the members of the revolutionary party workers worked, but that was not worked out congress party did not come to the power for which these revolutionary party worked, by calling all the time to boycott the elections in every assembly elections which was continued for more than 25 years. At last the thousands were killed and the revolutionary party was wiped out from the Andhra Pradesh since thirty years. The policy of the boycotting election each time was used two parties directly in every five years because, when the congress party was in power, these people have worked against the government, like an opposition party in the people wherever they have strong hold which was once in more than fifteen districts as of the state. Consequently the Telugu desam party comes to power. Keeping in view of the role of these people in his mind, sri. Nara Chandra babu naidu, who was come to power by mobilizing a revolt against his uncle NTR to become chief minister, who was planned out a strategy of killing these people for his own benefit by using the entire police force and central forces against these people. In his first, five years of term he was succeeded in eliminating the influence of these revolutionary people in the voting system against the government which is dominated by the political party in the state.

In such type of repressive way he used to keep by spending hundreds of crores of the rupees through the state police by directly sanctioning the unaccounted operating funds to the district and state police officials in the task. Routine encounters news made the people to read the news daily in those days, because these revolutionary people policy of boycotting the elections resulted back firing to them. Because the rural people want a political support for which they want to connect themselves with any political party as a precautionary measure to get help from the political leader in any critical time of the need. The thinking style of the rural people always differs from the urban people, and they are more realistic than the urbanized minds on each and every issue. They give priority first to their work which get something beneficial directly or indirectly for their daily life.

They never think the politics is the whole time ands whole activity as profession. Because either reactionary, or revolutionary, these all are the part of politics and politics is the play of the rich and who only can afford the cost of the politics. The politics is a play of power what they really understand about it. Though the revolutionary politics may differ from the ruling politics, but these could never get bread for a day to the family what really thinks about the politics. Even on the polling day too they return from their daily labor work at last hour only, and could think to avoid their daily labor. If I ask them to pay the cost of the day of the polling date, they replies intelligently, that u give to day, on who will give us tomorrow, if I reply I give for tomorrow, then they reply again who will give after one week or one month, because they want the assurance from the sources for future needs, due to this reason the parents and family members of the whole ti me workers of the revolutionary party, would never support the revolutionary son, brother, or sister, though he may serve the people or not is not a question but a question is such the politics never helpful to the poor whether it is revolutionary or ruling, they never like to listen to the explanation. In a particular cases, where the entire village to gather becomes under the command of the revolutionary party due to the reason of guarantee and trust of each other because the village elders, youth, women, traders, rural artisans, rural professions of all castes in unity as a moral force for some rear activities of the meetings and on important decisions of the occupation of the lads of the land lords, and at the time of voting and elections. the people on the whole understands the revolutionaries really and like very much at the same time uses the revolutionaries especially in the local and domestic disputes at that time. they really helpful in the needy hour of arranging the food to them in the most secret way, really only can speak a lot about the revolutionary experiences in their lives by those who are still alive and living in the forests by handing over the poor people to the beasts and wild animals in the hard hours of the present day of the crisis and dead locks on the issues of the building of mass movements even in the way of peaceful protests and demonstrations in Andhra Pradesh which is now the turned suicides' telangana.

The telangana has seen three phases of the telangana since last seventy years. Of them one was the people was waged armed struggle against the princely state of the nizam dynasty, feudal lords, on the demand of land to the tiller, under the leadership of the undivided communist parties till the annexation of the state by the then union home minister vallabh Patel, which was known as "operation polo." More than five thousand people were died during the telangana armed struggle which is very historical in the history of the undivided communist party of India. Next, on the demand of the separate telangana state at the end of the sixties, three hundred and sixty nine students were killing in police firing. Some crores of assets were burnt down by the telangfana students. Those leaders were in leading in this agitatation, forgot the issue after coming to power in Andhra Pradesh.

Since last November to the preset days' suicide death of ishant reddy, there are more than four hundred suicide deaths are taken place as the direct result of the contradictory role of the political leaders on the talangana issue that could never be studied by these young students because they have seen the hundreds of the deaths of political revolutionaries in the hands of the police. The violence of the revolutionaries and encounter killings their could not prepared themselves to meet the future challenges as the power politics only thought them to away from the violence only and did not educate them politically with the courage and self respect for bravely living life .The suicidal aspect in the minds of the students is the direct sign of the failure of the power politics. There is one question in the minds of leaders of the two political parties, about how to get political mileage from the telangana issue.

The first culprit is sri. Nara Chandra babu Naidu, who turned out against his own promise made during the floor leader's meeting under the chair of sri.K roshaiah, in passing resolution in the state assembly in favor of telangana state. On placing his party below the independent candidates in the polling results by the voters, he has no courage to show his blotted face to telangana people. So that he did not visit to any district of telangana in these bye elections. It is so regretful, to say that the national president of the congress party, smt. Sonia Gandhi, who till now did not talk to the people on the suicides of the telangana people, the people can live without it too but how would she live without seeking support of telangana votes in making her son next prime minister would be understood in appropriate time of next elections. In bye elections her party could not get deposits in telenagana. Now it is the issue of the nation, it will be decided after the submission of the report of Sri Krishna commission. ishant reddy, native of medak district, engineering student, who has immolated himself, and he wrote a suicide note showing some reasons of the extreme decision"Ishant, who hailed from Medak district, also wanted that Congress and TDP leaders like D. Srinivas, Jana Reddy, Damodar Reddy, Sridhar Babu, K. Venkat Reddy, Kadiam Srihari, E. Dayakar Rao and N. Janardhan Reddy be declared "traitors" of Telangana and hanged publicly". Further he asked to "hang" them publicly. He left out by leaving many questions to the people and the leaders of all political parties of two ideologies again about the violent way and non violent in getting solved the minimum and democratic problems in the state. The suicide tendency in the minds of the young students is the direct result of the "helpless" ness of the young student's just demand of the telangana state. But the residence of ten Jan path would never become Indian Buckingham palace, even though th e Gandhi linage continues for next five hundred years. And at least she did not find any necessity in sending condolence message to the relatives of the decease in telangana state. When The India had seen many great legendaries, who are now lying in the graves in Delhi streets, how much value makes her condolence message to the relatives of departed souls in telangana.in essence would be understood. The politics is an activity of the non productive elements of the society and its play in the name of political parties for the power in centre and in the state on the issue of separation of the territorial state which is in real sense an empty bowl to collect the forced money from the people with the help of the police force of the state. In that politics it consist a small part in the total political games. It is seen in further games it is nothing but the blaming game against each other for further money making into thousands of crores. They are on the name of money making mac hines only besides playing with the needs and aspirations of the poor people. it is also completely dependable games on the minds of the leaderships of the political parties in the country. it is worrying point to think about the future of the youth how are sees much confident of getting jobs, resources, and every thing after getting the telangana state. It is then too that needs to develop and accommodate limited members only like any other state as a territorial state. On the realization of this fact how many would commit suicides in future of a matter of worry for all telanganites. So the talangana issue, as seen in the two ideologies of the difference, in its first two cases, the armed struggle for the land was raised and ended after the operation of polo in Hyderabad. The next phase of the telangana agitation of the students at end of sixties was also based on the violence. Now the third phase which is passing is completely against its true nature of the past two agitat ions besides the revolutionary movements from the period of 1969 to 2005 in telangana. In the present movement of telangana which is purely non-violent and peaceful in nature. In many reasons behind its formulation of the nature with non-violence and peace is first initiated by the k. Chandra shaker rao, who was the seasoned leader from the ruling Telugu desam party and naturally he wanted to emerge a leader in the state for the sole aim and purpose of the separate telangana state. What should do when the justified demand is not getting successful from the rulers? What the ways are available in the hands of the people to solve the minimum problems either from the government side or from the masters by the workers and the people in the present form of the arrogant capitalist democratic set up of the state and the government.

The breaking point in the sole agitations was taken place only when KCR was arrested and admitted into khammam hospital, he hurriedly declared that he was withdrawing his protest fast unto death in last November month. The people in talangana mostly the students could not digest the decision of the KCR and the students of Osmania university have declared their name of their organization as JAC, for leading the agitation of the telangana irrespective of political affiliations. Since then the serious activities are going on in the state. The issue itself could be resolved without appointing Sri Krishna commission on the separate state, if the TDP chief, stood on his promise at time. The human mind, which changes from time to time as its nature, because it is not machine to stick to its promise, he had taken out a tour to divert the attention of the telangana people to the babli, project site in maharashtra state. In essence, the problems, and its solutions could never be app lied any more in the purpose of serving the people as a sole but it always contains the individual interest for the political benefits to reach to the set of the power whether it is about the telangana or about solving the national issues of the people in deferent parts of the country. At least hundreds of the problems are pending since several decades only due to the negligence and arrogance of the leaders who occupies highest positions in all national decision making centers and finding no time to resolve it peacefully. Moreover more dependence on the security force is a mark of intellectual bankruptcy of the leaders who does not have sacrificial nature to serve the people from the side of the state. The state has a limited source and finance, and always pushing it into economic crisis is not desirable for the people, even though it may control three economies in Indian society like any another state in the world.. All these spaces in the polity should be first filled by t hose who have really humanist orientation while dealing with the people with the true spirit of the article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says particularly to those who are in power and in power centers, as "Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it is independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty". At the same time, one good definition on the state is given by George Washington, is very interesting to note the real nature of the state as he said that "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangero us servant and a fearful master.

Ayub Mohammed (to be continued in 10 of 19)

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