What Role Does Sexual Addiction Have To Do With Sex Crimes?

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How Can This Information Assist Law Enforcement 
In Their Investigation To Determine If A Crime Did Or Didn’t Occur?
Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed unless we change our thinking.”                                               Albert Einstein

The sexual addict has reached the pinnacle of his sexual needs. No longer is he viewing pornography as much as he used to, it isn’t the same anymore. The sexual fantasies are increasing and the desensitization has reached an all-time high. The sexual addict has nowhere else to turn and so he begins the planning stages of how to commit a sex crime which he believes will bring him much sexual gratification.

He has been in this state of mind so many times before, but he has never crossed over to the criminal side. This time he has become serious and will finally follow-through with it. According to his thinking he has no alternative. This is something he will do alone as others wouldn’t understand the pain he is going through.

The committing of a crime is something which has been on the sexual addicts mind, again and again. So why the cross over to another world where most likely he will lose everything he has worked for if he is apprehended for committing the crime? A family, job, friends, cohorts and peers who he has great respect for will be lost in the shuffle for the need of sexual gratification.

This is seen in drug addicts, the need to find drugs, the lack of finances, the need to turn elsewhere to find what is needed to take care of his cravings. Just like the drug addict the sexual addict is looking for something to take care of his cravings. The need is so great that he will do anything to find the sexual release.

In the meantime law enforcement is searching for a man who raped a woman in a middle class neighborhood. The perpetrator came to the woman’s door and told the woman he was from UPS and that he had a package for her. In his hand he had a box. Once she opened the door he forced his way into the residence where he raped her.
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These types of rapes are not that uncommon. The amount of rapes which occur nationally is simply too high. Law enforcement is in the reactive stage instead of the proactive stage. There is little law enforcement can do prior to the rape occurring but if law enforcement is competent they can make a difference.

The crime scene investigation will make a difference in the apprehension of the perpetrator. If trace, biological or physical evidence is located, identified, collected, analyzed and identifies the perpetrator than law enforcement has performed their job to its fullest.

The problem is the inconsistency which occurs with each law enforcement agency. The crime of rape is minimized to the point that the resources which are needed to identify the perpetrator are not used because of the law enforcement agencies attitude and lack of designated resources. If the crime is a murder everyone stands in attention and the resources the law enforcement agencies have is put into use.

So how does the community get their law enforcement agency to make rape, child sexual assaults, human trafficking, juvenile prostitution and so forth a priority? If law enforcement is confronted with national statistics and other concrete information about sex crimes than maybe the response from the law enforcement agencies will change.

The idea that law enforcement doesn’t care is not the purpose of this article. The purpose is to identify which resources are provided when it comes to all types of sex crimes. In this article let us look at some studies which detail just how serious rapes in your community are occurring.

According to the National Women’s Study, 683,000 forcible rapes occur every year; which equals 56,916 per month; 1,871 per day; 78 per hour; and 1.3 per minute. These statistics are taken from the National Crime Victimization Survey; Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, 2000. These statistics should demonstrate to each law enforcement agency that the need to approach rapes with an aggressive and intelligent view point is a positive and legitimate necessity.

The problem with most law enforcement agency is since they expend little time on sex crimes, the lack of education, training and experience in dealing with these crimes is diminished. This is a problem as sex crimes needs to be a priority and in dealing with these crimes the need to focus and place the necessary priority on the sex crimes has to be important not only by the law enforcement agency but by 
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the community.

So why is there such a difference between the manners in which a law enforcement agency approaches death investigations versus sex crimes investigations? Most law enforcement agencies deal with less than 1000 death investigations per year. This number is only attached to major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and so forth. The small departments deal with 10 to 20 death investigations, but they deal with more sex crime investigations. Still the sex crime is devalued compared to the death investigation and the majority of the resources will be found in the homicide division.

Several reasons for the prioritization and sex crimes being piqued at the lower levels of importance in given the proper resources is the attitude by most law enforcement agencies. The outcry of rapes does not receive attention unless there is a serial rapists performing havoc in the community. This is when law enforcement decides to place the proper resources into the investigation.

If the proper resources would have been provided at the beginning of the rape which occurred, then the need to add additional resources would not have to be upgraded. Law enforcement needs to listen to the criminal analysis division and move forward with the proper attitude and provide the necessary resources for its Special Assault Units.

Tomorrow, this new series will isolate the cross over which occurs when the sexual addict steps over from the non-criminal to the criminal out of control sexual behavior. It isn’t enough for law enforcement to be reactive in their communities when it comes to sex crimes. There is a need for law enforcement to prioritize sex crimes therefore protecting the community from these types of perpetrators, identifying them, apprehending them and incarcerating them for life.

Remember April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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