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Police discover marijuana plants in Murrieta home

During the night of Tuesday, April 20th, police discovered a large amount of marijuana growing in a home in Murrieta after shots were fired in what appeared to be a robbery attempt on the growers, according to authorities.

At around 10:45 p.m. the police were called after someone heard gunshots and witnessed three people fleeing down the street and being chased after by a dog.

The police officers were informed that a group of people who were no longer present when the police arrived on the scene had gone to the home in order to confront the residents: Daniel Goasson, 30, and Jeffrey Anderson, 23. Whilst Anderson was being assaulted by a group of people on his front lawn, somebody shot at Goasson, according to Sgt. Bob Landwehr.

Officers recovered a stolen handgun on the front lawn. Inside the home they found a whopping 79 pot plants, $4,500 cash and over three pounds of marijuana that was ready to be sold. The release said that Jeffrey Anderson and Daniel Goasson were both arrested on suspicion of unlawful marijuana growing and conspiracy.

Website reports Temecula among top cities to live in the U.S.

It appears that RelocateAmerica.com, a website that specializes in helping families to move, named Temecula in their top 100 places to live. This is the second year in a row that Temecula has made the cut.

Temecula was one of four other California cities to receive this honor in RelocateAmerica.coms 2010 list. The other cities who made the list were San Diego, Santa Cruz and Vacaville.

The websites editorial team made its decisions after going over thousands of submissions, concentrating on statistical analysis, feedback from residents and interviews with local leaders.

The top 10 cities overall were: Huntsville, Ala., Washington D.C., Austin, TX., San Diego, CA., San Antonio, TX., Tulsa, OK., Charlotte, N.C., Raleigh, N.C., Boulder, CO., and Minneapolis, MN.

Public being warned by police after arrest of suspected scam artist

A scam artist has been arrested in connection with ticket sales for a nonexistent religious event. Patrons at various downtown businesses were being offered tickets for $50 to a Gospel Extravaganza on June 6th at the Riverside Convention Center, supposedly featuring Grammy award-winning guests.

The tickets were printed with a hologram, a warning: Beware of forgeries and even a barcode.

The man who was selling them, Keith Darnell Hairston, 49, of Bakersfield, is under investigation in this widespread and fairly common scam. He was arrested Sunday, April 18th for parole violation.

The police learned of this scam when they were investigating a man who was passing bad checks. They discovered that a man who was identifying himself as a church bishop was actually contacting business owners and offering them commissions for selling tickets to the event.

The police have recovered over 300 of these tickets, but they are hoping that anyone who has received any of these tickets will contact them.

Over the last 30 days, it is possible that the suspect has sold these tickets as far as Moreno Valley and even other areas aside from downtown.

Anyone who may have information is asked to call Officer David Johansen at (951) 826-8714.


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