Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions. Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part IV

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Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.”
Steve Jobs
Is today any different than any other day? In the technological industry today may be a special day. Today the discovery of a new idea, suggestion, creativeness, or innovation is a common occurrence. However, the hope that a new discovery may mean millions for the creator may be the motive behind the creation. The positive aspect of creation and creator is something new has been developed and soon the consumer will have a techno gadget to abide their time
Texting on a qwerty keypad phoneTexting on a qwerty keypad phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia) with.

On the negative side there are side effects to the newest and greatest tool and information. These negative effects surround the numerous financial, emotional, physical, mental, relationships, and so forth, which affect they may have on people.

If a new techno gadget is created and the product is advertised as something which will create streamlining features, new options, techniques, methods, and software which will make a difference, then everyone will flock to obtain such a techno device.

In the past new techno gadgets were created and meant for business purposes. With the new developments in the hardware and software, the techno gadgets have moved from the business industry to the consumer audiences. Simply, there is money to be made and if someone has the specialized ability to create and be innovative, then just maybe the creator of the techno gadget will be good enough to pass their thoughts, ideas, and products onto someone who can market it and make them an instant millionaire.

The children of today sometimes are referred to as the Millennium Generation and most recently Generation Net live for the new and famous techno gadgets. Their peers are as hungry as they are to get the most exciting and enjoyable new techno gadget. With excitement and enjoyment come the negative side effects of having such devices.

Instead of expending the necessary time each day to be outside and being a part of the exciting and enjoyable trees to climb, bicycles to ride, throwing the football around, playing dolls, and doing the things children use to do, the new generation is sitting in their bedroom lying on their beds texting their friend who lives across the street.

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The possibilities of walking over to their neighbors house and spending time with Timmy and Betsy, well it is just simply easier to text them. Texting turns into ‘sexting’ and soon not only is there a technological addiction in progress; the child becomes a sexual addict.

Then enters the parents and quickly it is established that the dishes which were to have been washed, dried, and put away, the vacuuming that was to be done before Dad got home, the garbage which was to be taken out to the dumpster, the dog which was to be fed and walked, all these things were not accomplished.

The problem, the child was too busy being on his mobile telephone texting, sexting, and talking, and playing Facebook and Twitter on the computer. So what is a parent to do?
Here are some thoughts:
Person using cell phone while driving.Person using cell phone while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)      1.      Take away the mobile telephone until the child turns 16 years old. If you aren’t going to allow your child to date until they are 16 years old then why are parents allowing their children instant access to sexual pleasure sites?
      2 .      If parents are going to allow the child to have the mobile telephone then set rules, such as the telephone is not to be utilized to talk to their friends Harry and Sally, but to check in with their parents, or to be used for emergency purposes.
       3.      Set time limits on how long the child can be on the mobile telephone either talking or texting.
       4.      Set texting numbers on how many times the child can text their friends per day.
       5.      If the child needs the telephone for educational purposes during the day and for a ride home from school, then once the child arrives home, the mobile telephone is turned off and placed into the charger.
      6.   Establish guidelines, rules, policies, and processes where the child understands the consequences for violating the agreed upon usage of the mobile telephone and computer.
      7.      Establish where the child can utilize the mobile telephone and computer. The child should never be allowed to take the computer or telephone into their bedrooms where they have seclusion and exclusion from the adults in the home.
     8.      The parents should check the history of the mobile telephone and computer to ascertain the websites the child was visiting during the time they had access to either one of them.
       9.      The parents need to be allowed to listen to any mobile voice messages, read any emails, read any texts, and so forth, so they may monitor exactly what the child is up to.
     10.  The privilege of using the mobile telephone or computer should been seen not as an entitlement or right, but permission based, based upon trust, honesty, transparency, and prior history.
Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand hel...Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand held mobile phone violating New York State law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The many options available to parents in how they control their child’s access to techno gadgets i.e. mobile telephones; iPads, Kindle Fires, computers, and so forth should be monitored on a daily basis.  Failure to monitor the child’s behavior could allow the numerous addictions to take place such as technologi
cal or sexual addictions. The old saying, “You can play now and pay later or you can pay now and play later” seems appropriate in these circumstances. The lack of being a responsible parent means the child will be as irresponsible as their parents. Are you parenting your child’s behavior or are you allowing the techno gadget to be in control.

Tomorrow, the interesting issues surrounding technological and sexual addiction should make parents shiver when they think about what their children are doing right now on their mobile telephone or computer. If a child is allowed to play, then play they will until something harmful happens and then the parent will ask themselves, “Where was I when he needed me?”


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