Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction Which Make It Difficult For Those Who Love The Sexual Addict? Part XV

 Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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The wave of those who have become sexually addicted to the Internet has had a significant impact on the number of people visiting pornographic websites. With each individual’s interests in paying for the sexual images, sexual intercourse and sexual chat rooms, the pornography industry continues to financially benefit.

There have been some methods and techniques which have proven to reduce some of those individuals from being addicted to Internet pornography. Internet pornography degrades men and women who become involved in their daily visits to these websites. It is like a drug which gains ground on those who believe they have to be a part of it.

Pornography opens the door to other types of sexual casualties such as sexual fantasies about other women; sexual promiscuity; finding new fetishes which open other doors to sexual corruption and disappointments.

The issues surrounding those who seek Internet pornography should view their sexual habits as a deterioration of their morals and individual values. Men will get to the position where they substitute pornography for their spouse or partner. One client would put a magazine pornography cut-out next to his wives head while he had sex with her. This speaks to the level some men will go to when seeking sexual pleasures.

The production of movies, books, websites, chat rooms, subscriptions to men’s clubs etc… guarantee that as one individual leads the pornography world another will enter the pornography zone. Sex sells, and as long as people buy it, the pornography industry will continue to be a monster when it comes to making money.

Wealthy people who make money in the pornography industry know that when they invest their money in this industry they will receive a positive return. So those in the financial world know it is a positive and constructive investment and this allows the perpetuation of keeping the doors open everywhere a sexual addict turns.
Many sexual addicts spend their money designated to pay the family’s monthly billings on pornography. The spouse or partner can have the organization which their spouse or partner is employed by have a direct deposit to the non-sexual addicts banking account. This should prevent the sexual addict from accessing the money.

In the United States, the pornography industry is approximately at the 20 billion dollar mark. Worldwide figures have ranged anywhere from 40 to 80 billion dollars. This is simply a market which isn’t going away for many, many years. In the State of Florida the residents rank number one in who view Internet pornography.

So in the meantime, what can the professionals in the sexual addiction industry do to curtail or stop individuals from surfing and paying for these pornographic websites? Let us look at some ideas (wiki How, How To Stop Watching Porn On Your Computer, 2012):
1.      Stop feeding any incoming thoughts/stimuli that increases your lust. The more you feed the lust, the more difficult/impossible it is to defeat temptations. Block any porn websites. Have a friend block all the porn websites and ask them to lock away any pornographic materials e.g. magazines, DVDs etc somewhere where you can't get to them (possibly the cupboard). This way, you won't be able to watch any porn on the Internet.
2.      If you find yourself in an awkward position (a grown full erection), do not jump to your computer right away. Instead consider this option. If it is nice weather and quiet outside, only if you manage to find privacy, place yourself in a lotus position and start meditating. If feel the sudden urge to occupy your hands, you may do this as well. Cusp a pair of Zen balls, and slowly work them in between your fingers. The relaxation should kick almost right away, killing the erection within a few minutes. Loud environment may also be a problem; a solution is simply listening to a peaceful track of nature on high fidelity headphones.
3.      Know yourself; know your triggers, etc... if you're used to watching porn right after class, or when lying in bed with your laptop, know those are your risk areas; avoid them
4.      Use the substitution principal, You should consider other ways to spend your time, do anything with will focus 100% of mind, like sports, your family or anything that is not related to sex. Go to a movie, walk in the park, and play with your friends. There has to be something you can do. Setup a hobby, especially involving physical exercise or a passion.
5.      Stay in touch with your religion, if you are a proponent of a certain faith. This can help you fill the gap with activity that you find meaningful and enlightening.
6.      Search the Internet for assistance; there are a lot of people suffering from this addiction; get educated, read/participate the forums. There are links in the sources section to help you get started.
7.      Go to a clinic or 12-step program. Uncontrollable actions are addictions, and believe it or not, addiction can be cured. But it takes time.
8.      Keep the door open when searching the Internet, that way you won't want to watch those videos with others watching.
9.      Try to awaken your soul by telling to yourself that "I am a self made person and I am the master of my actions" this will surely make your oath stronger in stopping watching porn
10.  You must always have plans while you turn your computer or laptop on. The free searches in Internet also give birth to watching useless things.
11.  Organize yourself, finish the incomplete. Train your mind to forget perverted thoughts. Think about things that you enjoy other than sex.
12.  Make a list of the things you want to change in your life.
13.  When alone in your bed, relax; think about your mistakes so you can find a way to fix them as fast as possible.
14.  Do not focus on one major problem. Everything should go in balance and it must be fixed step by step.
15.  Think about tomorrow to find things to do other than watching pornography.

The above information doesn’t have all the answers, but it is a beginning and does offer some excellent ideas. Pornography is addictive and men and women who get entangled into this world need to find assistance from their spouses, partners, families, friends, pastors, counselors, and so forth.

Tomorrow, the many vices a sexual addict faces each day makes the world of sexual addiction an open door to fix their sexual urges, desires, fantasies, and so forth. As this series comes to a conclusion this week, it is remarkable that there is so much to write about when it comes to sexual addiction and the positive and successful steps men and women can take to find health.

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