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Psychology is the study to receive, understand and decipher mental, cognitive and social behavior in individuals or groups. Psychology is a very broad discipline and so it is important to understand that psychological research can be segmented into many wide areas that have multiple theories, applications and uses in the real world.

As an author on psychology, this can become tricky as you need to clearly identify and draw the line on what category to write on. One of the hardest parts of this term paper is coming up with psychology term paper ideas. Psychology essays term papers test a student's ability to research, understand and interpret the topic or one of its many aspects. The portion below lists some interesting psychology term paper ideas.

Social psychology

For starters, you can look into Social Psychology as a psychology essays term papers idea. This area is the study and critique of the relationships among people and groups of people. Patterns of mingling, interaction and communication are observed and noted.

Child psychology

Also known as Developmental Psychology, Child psychology is the study and analysis of the mental development that takes place in humans starting from when they are born and through various stages in life. You can write on this area's increasing practical use.

Applied psychology

Among other psychology term paper ideas is Applied Psychology. Here scientists use different psychological principles and works to identify and solve problems in various areas such as education, physical health, mental health, society and the industrial zone.

Academic psychology

Another psychology term paper idea is Academic Psychology, which is that area where the research and theories proposed by various psychologists are used in academic institutions as a teaching ground and portal for budding students. You can mention how psychology is part of most academic curriculums and how it provides direction to students interested in the field.


You can also provide an elaborate account of famous psychologists such as Wilhelm Wundt, Hermann Ebbinghaus and Sigmund Freud. List their achievements, theories and their contribution to the field which has made them famous all over the world.


Yet another psychology term paper idea is to write about the various theories offered. You can choose one and attempt to support it or find loopholes. Popular theories and areas include Behaviorism, Existentialism, Humanism, and Psychoanalysis.

As with any psychology or related term paper, remember to proof read and cite your work by providing references and a comprehensive bibliography. This reflects well on your work ethic and keeps you free from plagiarism suspicion.

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