Supreme Court Could Free The People!

Constitutionality is a question for the courts, in our strange triangular system. It doesn't judge morals (or it's not supposed too) and it's not supposed to take a partisan side.

Sadly, since it appears that no one is exactly playing by the rule book, that gives even more drama and even more promise to the majority of citizens who have just realized what this bill really contains.

After several statements from "Mr. O" finally admitting that, well... "the bill isn't perfect"...

Being the understatement of the century, let's go over some of the things going around that people have read and found in the 2000+ pages of the nations scaries legislation yet to come. Worse even then Bush's Patriot Act. I know it's hard to imagine that anything could be worse than illegal "spying" on innocent people, but let's go over some of the pro's and con's and see.


*The Bill will cost us, our kids and grandkids $940 BILLION DOLLARS in taxes

*The bill mandates that every person in America buy a PRODUCT (insurance is a product, not a service)

*It doesn't guarantee that the mandatory insurance comes with mandatory Quality Care (meaning that even though you are required to get insurance, you insurance company or health clinic are not required to give you better quality care or services)

*It cuts Medicare (there are some direct cuts and some indirect cuts because states are already bankrupt and have to cut somewhere)

*It cuts Medicaid (Same as above)

*Those who have pre-existing conditions that badly need to change to more affordable insurance, will have to wait another 4 years until 2014. Including those who don't have 4 years to wait.

*Children with pre-existing conditions also cannot get more affordable insurance until 2014 and even though they are supposedly covered on their parents insurance until the age of 26, there is nothing to stop or limit the insurance companies from raising the price on the parents insurance package or to stop them limiting services to their children.

*The biggest winners in this bill are Politicians, Big Pharma, The Insurance Companies and the Hospitals. The patients, doctors and people pretty much get screwed along the way...

*The president himself also created a small Army for himself through the pages, I know. How could that have slipped in there? Right? What does it have to do with Health Care? Well it did. As one of his directives in the Health Kill Bill, he also created his own personal army on our tax payments.

*The bill also authorizes a minimum of 16,000 new IRS workers to be hired to come hunt you down if you refuse to get health insurance or to pay your tax fine

*If you don't get insurance, you will be fined on your taxes. If you don't pay your taxes, you can and most likely will be arrested. (As it says in the IRS codes, when you don't pay your taxes, you go to jail)

*If you are poor you are automatically inducted into the system...

*The cheapest insurance a person can get now, thanks to the white house, is $500+. Those who had a lofty deal at $100 or so, now can't choose to have that insurance unless they want to have tax payers pay the rest. The tax fine is only around $95, making paying the tax cheaper then getting the cheapest crappiest insurance. This also means less and less people will be getting insurance or health care because they will be in a bracket that is to wealthy to receive help, but isn't wealthy enough to pay an extra $500 a month.

*Those who do not use the Modern Medicine system are also indocturined into the system, whether they want it or not.

*In the bills many pages, they have also signified the start of the "chipping", in which they will use RFID chips or "Verichips" and start getting the elderly and poor to start using them as "medical storage" in their own bodies.

*Some preexisting conditions are not included on the ban on preexisting conditions. Probably the condition YOU have...

*The extra taxes that must be paid mean that people will have to choose between the newer higher taxes in their states going to education, roads, community centers, parks and other important societal ingredients, and the new health care mandate.

*The bill goes against the House of Reps budget procedures.

*There aren't enough doctors or nurse practitioners to cover all the mandated citizens and it isn't likely we'll see an increase with 30% of the health care biz's most important workers (the doctors and nurses) are getting ready to quit or go on strike. On top of that, more people will be seeking primary care then ever, putting double the demand on those who get insurance and double the load on the ER for those who can only afford the IRS fine every year but not the insurance.

*Most primary health care doctors won't be able to afford to see medicaid patients

*The bill forms a group of regulators ranging from Big Pharma Executives, to FDA reps, Stock Market officals and others whom would be the last people you would want to have telling your doctor how they are allowed to care for you...

*The bill doesn't do enough to downsize on health fraud and in fact makes some forms of fraud legal

*Many illegal immigrants will be allowed free health care, even if they don't pay into the system at all

*They cheated it through with "reconnciliation", instead of going with the "no vote" from the senate. They didn't have enough votes and still crammed it through.

*The legislation only thinks about the minority of citizens (30%) and completely ignores the majority of American's a say (70%)

*The bill goes against the 4th amendment, 9th amendment and 10th amendment at best. It undermines the sovereignty of all American's and their freedom. Either way you look at it, this IS NOT the way to get health care for 30 million uninsured American's, of which only around 10 million actually NEED the help of modern medicine.

*Most of those who voted for the health kill bill, admit that they have NO IDEA where the constitution grants them the authority to regulate health care, but they don't care... Nor do they care about that OATH they took to uphold the people and the constitution.


*Everybody get's health care!When they get around to it... (even if you don't want or need it)

*Big Pharma gets more money (Yay for them!Crap for us!)

*They will be limiting and regulating services, some will cut down on waste and fraud, the rest will just take away quality options for patients who already get quality care on a budget they can afford

*The poor, homeless and seniors will be chipped like family pets, so you don't have to worry about their doctor forgetting who they are or whats wrong with them (since there aren't enough to make it possible for a doctor to actually have a meanful and helpful impact on the patients they see.)

*Rate hikes on going to the ER will make people more "proactive" about their health care.. (which will shove everyone in to get a primary care doctor and it's likely they will only get nurse practitioners who are already over workered)

*Pharmaceutical and insurance companies will be required to charge their patients less on medications to close that "donute hole" (though the pharmaceutical companies and insurance industry will be making 3 times as much as they will have to pay for. No Biggie for them!)

*It's likely that if America makes it to the november elections, that not a single politician in office now, will still be there after november...

*No one will be denied coverage after 2014... (except for the individuals with preexisting conditions that aren't coveredin the bill...)

I know, there aren't a lot of "pro's" in this bill. Being that I also do not like the bill, nor it's lying or false promises. Yet, does that make my information any less factual? I emplore you to seek out your own information. Keep up with the headlines, research into more than just the mainstream media as they lie in beds with dogs... (not to be to harsh on our furry friends). Read the consitution, MANY times over. Look into history and then think about the future. Is this Health Bill really the solution through federal laws?

So now that the bill has been forced through with illegal treasonous beaurocratic measure, the country waits in angst to hear what is becoming of the Attorney Generals suit against the federal government. Already once they have been denied a hearing in a smaller court, so now they go through the process of getting the suit into the Supreme Court, now lead by Cheif Justice John G Roberts and his co-hart Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

The two of them together make an interesting match and throws the Health Care drama into a whole new twist. Roberts and Scalia are both Conservatives, which already lends their hearts to the republican side of the fence and on top of that, President Obama has continued a constant assult of insults against Justice Roberts for his landmark ruling on whether or not corporations could spend limitless amounts of money on political campaigns as individuals can. Whether the ruling was wrong or right, there is one thing you learn in law very quickly, which is NEVER to tell a judge they were WRONG. Especially not to make fun on them in a room full of people and to continue on to say no apology was merited.

Justice Scalia is a toss up in my mind. On one hand, he claims to be an "originalist" in his mind set of how the constitution should be interpretted, which would be a very very good thing.... If he actually ruled that way on cases "most" of the time. Though on some of his cases I can understand why he went against his initial ideologies. Justice Scalia has also voted back and forth between more government powers and restriction of government powers and over reach. He is a fiery cannon ball in the Supreme Court, well respect and well hated by many.

Judge Roberts has also had plenty of rulings that seemed to go right into the bag of the politicians in office at the time, but he has also gained quite a reputation for making his conservative rulings based on the original constitution, whether or not the outcomes are "morally" acceptable. He is one of the most well known judges for both his judicial "activism" and his mix of traditional approach to precendents and rulings.

So that freedom of the people and the power of the government are in suspension now as many wonder whether the constitutionality of forcing people to buy insurance or pay a tax. Either outcome is both scary and provacative to think about.

If they overrule the government and declare the mandatory insurance and the taxing for refusing, then the States get back some of their sovereignty which will lead to other challenges of governmental over reach, such as in the drug war and other areas. It will not destroy health care in the sense of taking away insurance to those whom don't have it, but it will require that the government finds a way to fund it without taxing people who want nothing to do with it. This might lead to the down fall of their acclaimed "victory", but only because of their disregard for the constitution and the few traditions that protect us. If the people want health care, they need to go through the states. Even if the people wanted it to become a constitutional amendment, it would require a vote from the majority of people, not the majority of senators and representatives. Which they did not get either of.

Should they decide that the government does have the right and authority to mandate that the states buy insurance, or anything else they can squeeze into the commerce clause or the necessary and proper clause. Even if they have little to do with commerce or anything that is actually "necessary" or "proper".

This will effectively give the federal government to continue doing whatever they please, without regard to state or individual sovereignity. Which while it might seem "noble" for those who need health care, is not so noble when it could mean literal slavery and insanity as time goes by. We can see from previous amendments and over reach on the government with beginning "good intentions" can easily be turned into evil malicious intentions later on when someone else interprets it the way they want to.

May are hoping this will not happen as the consequences could very well be disasterous. With many politicians in all forms of office from city officials, to state governors all the way up to senators and the president himself, receiving threats, recall notices, property damages and other strange and alarming notifications.

Some take these as idle threats and nothing more than a few sore loosers, while others are not so trusting in that idea. Who is to say what would happen if the supreme court ruled the government had the authority to mandate American's to buy a product? We are already in a revolution, that is clear, what isn't clear is whether or not this will continue to be a peaceful, though sometimes dramatic, revolution...

It's amazing to think that all lies in the most influential Justices in our Supreme Court. Justice Roberts and Justice Scalia are to two tough cookies who rule as they see fit and it is anyone's guess as to whether they rule for or against the mandatory insurance. We can only hope they will stick with their originalism and intelligence and protect our freedoms above and beyond anything else.

I wish them luck and if they so happen to read this article I certainly hope they know that I by no means envy their position, to either take scorn from the the legislative branch for another 4 possible years, or to hand over the lives and freedom of billions of Americans to the federal government, in order to help and protect a possible minority of our population through illegal and unconstitutional methods.

Let's hope that this political show down renders our sovereignty and our freedom the ultimate law of the land... In justice we trust... for it's our last hope.. Don't let the people down Supreme Court! We can fix health care without federal legislation!

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