Terrorist Attack on Pns Mehran Was Planed by Raw And Executed by Indian Trained Afghani Commando?s.

Terrorist Attack on PNS Mehran was planed by RAW and executed by Indian Trained Afghani Commandos.

Corridors of Islamabad are full of this news in these days, PNS Mehran was planed by RAW and executed by Indian Trained Afghani Commandos. Pakistani Taliban who are getting money, training, arms and support from India to work for them. So they are claiming every bomb blast and attacks on Pakistan Intelligence agencies, Army, Navy, Air Force and innocent people of Pakistan.

Right now CIA and NATO have given free hand to RAW because lack of trust on Pakistan and they think its better to pressurize Pakistan from anywhere or with any activity so they can get their demands fulfill according to their wish.

Pakistani Officials and Law enforcement agencies are playing on back foot because they dont have support from political parties as per their requirement. Even they tried to get some support by presenting themselves in front of elected parliament in close door in camera briefing. But still they did not get what they wanted.

It is first time in the history of Pakistan that Law Enforcement Agencies seeking help from the PPP who is governing Pakistan. But unfortunately they could not have the capacity to solve any internal or external National issue neither it have any credibility in the masses because of corruption cases and their lack of capacity to handle these issues politically. They have one Mr. Malik whom the whole nation is now calling as, Uncle Sirgum (very popular puppet character of a puppet program in Pakistan). Second they have Firdus Ashiq Awan, Information Minister, she even dont have knowledge regarding how to speak and on what to speak but she have enough time to attack on opposition parties Muslim League and new emerging party Tehreek Insaf who is atleast showing commitment for National Issues. Thirdly they have another Bogie man Mr. Baber Awan who has nothing but to lay the entire lies against the other parties especially against Muslim League and Tehreek Insaf. I can just say o nly these words about them, They are a group of thieves and corrupt people.

President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani is the worst ruler of Pakistans entire history. They dont have any Foreign Minister. Their Defense Minister is out of picture since the 2nd May Osamas incident happen and still he is missing maybe he is no more living in Pakistan. Presidents right man Mr. Salman Farooqui father of Sharmila Farooqui, Spokeswomen of Sindh Government is the major broker who is taking care of Zardari commissions in every financial activity which is going on in Pakistan right now.

Elaborating the character of those people from whom law enforcing agencies are seeking help was curtail because I wanted to share ground realities with my readers about the whole scenario which is playing very important role in back foot play of Pakistans law enforcement agencies are playing. When ISI and military demand help to present the truth in front of the world they simply response, Do what you think is right for country but not willing to face the music.

Now Law enforcement agencies of Pakistan are seriously thinking, How to tackle with the mess which surrounded them. This thinking process will not take long duration because they are watching the massive growth in popularity of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and also closely monitoring the movement of Pakistan Muslim League. Both parties have planned to mobilize people of Pakistan to get rid of this incompetence ruling party.

I dont know why but I feel both parties are working for one goal, this one common cause have the power to convert them into political alliance. This dream comes true than no other parties have the ability and power to defeat them in coming midterm elections. Which I think is not far away in current situation.

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