Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions. Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part III

Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first c...Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc
“The things that make me very angry are injustice and bullying. If I see someone bullying a woman or child in the street, or kicking a dog, I go completely mad.”
Susannah York

In the creativity and innovative world in which everyone lives in, the new technology has provided new avenues for people to reach each other. The new gadgets which have a multiple platforms where people can talk to one another are amazing and have provided people with a way to reach each other without in most circumstances it financially being a burden.

SWINDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 23:  The National ...SWINDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 23: The National Bullying Helpline on February 23, 2010 in Swindon, England. Founder of the National Bullying Helpline Christine Pratt is coming under increasing pressure after revealing that some Downing Street staff have contacted the helpline. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been accused of bullying tactics in a new book serialised in newspapers last weekend. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)With the good comes the bad and with the bad many people are hurt. The problems created by this new technology deals with many people who draw no boundaries and in their communication they hurt others.

The recent movieBully” brought visual recognition to a problem which has existed since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, most bullying is performed behind the lines where others do not see what harm it is causing to the bullied victim. If it is seen little is done about it because nobody wants to be the next bullied victim.

The social network platforms Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have provided the ability for those who have access to these communication venues to allow anyone from saying anything they want about individuals they may know or don’t know. It doesn’t matter if they have a previous relationship, but what does matter is how they treat the person they are communicating with. Everyone have opinions and comments, but if they hurt or harm someone then they have no business being written and communicated.

History has demonstrated that children are emotionally affected by those who are bullied. Children have responded to the bullying by becoming a recluse, emotionally destroyed, and in some instances commit suicide.

All of these casualties could have been prevented if parents, family, friends, peers, educators, and other individuals would have monitored and responded to outrageous and aggressive behavior, abusive, verbal, and physical assaults, sexual abuse and assaults, and other types of inappropriate and injurious behavior.

Why would it take a suicide or the movie “Bully” to draw attention to this serious problem? It is like society responds to the problem when it is present and then they go back to the lull and complacency. The general attitude by people is that was yesterday’s news, we don’t have to deal with, it isn’t and is a big deal, they will get over it.

So “Bully” comes out and makes society aware of the serious problem which is occurring in the schools across America. What has changed? Has there been a change in policy and procedures in every school or just a handful of schools, or are things the same? If they are the same then who is responsible to make the change? Does this make sense to you? It is like who is in charge or as some ask, “Who is on first?”

The purpose of the movie was to not only bring recognition to the problem but to make major change in schools across America. Tonight on the Sean Hannity Show there were two parents from the movie talking about the bullying which occurred to their child. Their eleven year old boy took his own life after being bullied.
The Sean Hannity ShowThe Sean Hannity Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The parents stated they knew that their son was being bullied. They knew part of what was going on. They obtained the full information about their son’s demise when other students came forward and told them that their son was told that he should go hang himself. Further, that he was slammed into his locker on multiple occasions, called names, physically harassed, and so forth.

The parents w
Some states of the United States have implemen...Some states of the United States have implemented laws to address school bullying. Law prohibits bullying of students based on sexual orientation and gender identity Law prohibits bullying of students based on sexual orientation School regulation or ethical code for teachers that address bullying of students based on sexual orientation Law prohibits bullying in school but lists no categories of protection No statewide law that specifically prohibits bullying in schools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
ant others to know there is a place for everyone to go to where they can talk to someone about their situation. The website “Thebullyproject.com” is a place where people can go and find assistance. There is finally a place to go and ask people to help them said the parents on Hannity’s show.

The parents were not allowed to talk about the school in which their son was victimized, but Mr. Sean Hannity told the audience that their needs to be change. The parent stated that handicapped children are bullied 60% more than normal students.

It doesn’t take a physical contact to make someone suffer emotionally, mentally, or physically. The Internet is a place where children can go and demonstrate their knowledge of tormenting and crucifying another child. Those who have sexual addiction problems can use their sexual knowledge to attack another child inferring that sexually they are inadequate.

Too many people read the Internet posts and do nothing about the harassment which is so obvious to everyone. So why don’t people who are so addicted to the Internet help others when they know a bully situation is occurring? Here are some reasons why people stay quiet and uninvolved:

    1.      The witness is concerned that the bullier(s) will turn their attention from the individual being bullied and they will become the next bullied victim.
      2.      The witness is concerned that the bullier(s) will become violent or verbally abusive towards them.
     3.      The witness believes that the bullier(s) can’t be stopped and the harassment is only going to get worse.
      4.      The witness may believe if they get involved they will be eliminated from accessing the venue e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and so forth.
     5.      The witness believes if they stand up for the individual being bullied others will take the side of the bullier and begin attacking them.

The problem seems to be unfixable because the right people don’t want to become involved. It is difficult to deal with bullies when parents can’t control their technological and sexually addicted child. Maybe monitoring, educating, and taking away these techno gadgets which allow the access to these venues where these bullies can bully others, view pornography, or go to sexual chat rooms; things might change.

Tomorrow, it has become apparent over the years that there are no easy answers when it comes to bullying. Out of control children who live in a technological and sexual addictive world try to find other outlets such as bullying to bide their time. Re-educating everyone maybe the answer, but until significant changes are made, the cyclical effect of these tragedies will continue. Let’s quit pointing the finger at one another and come together to make a difference.

   Lawrence W. Daly
Kent, WA

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