Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions- Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part VII

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Internet addiction  is a serious problem worldwide and if you are a technophilic then you are technological addicted to any new techno gadget.  No one owns this problem. With the new inventions of techno gadgets it seems like the majo
rity of individuals who want to stay with the ‘Technological Jones’s’ are spending their money on the next techno gadget. The question is a simple one, “Why?”

The answer to the question is very complicated. There are many reasons why individuals need these techno gadgets. Let us identify some of those points:
     1.      The mental stimulus which occurs such as when playing a video game assist the individual in being sharp for a while. After a while the brain begins to react to all the stimuli and the brain goes into a fatigue mode creating a reversal affect.
     2.      Technological addicts (technophilics) find the ability to turn on their techno gadget as a rush and a sense of excitement.
   3.      There is the sense by the technological addict that they need more and more of technology such as buying the newest computer which has the fastest processor so they can access websites on the Internet quickly. Patience is something they do not have.
     4.      Each techno gadget serves a social purpose which allows them to communicate to their family, friends, strangers, groups, and so forth. To them speed and bouncing around from social networks to emails is the key to being high.
     5.      Each techno gadget has new features which makes purchasing the techno gadget worth buying it.
     6.      Although purchasing a new techno gadget after new techno gadget may allow them to be the talk of their group or community. This gives them the bragging rights that they purchased the new iPod and it has any and all features an individual would want; and then some.  
     7.      In purchasing a new techno gadget it provides the individual with a feeling of euphoria that they can only experience when they spend all of their savings on the new techno gadget.

In purchasing a new techno gadget, it makes the person feel good about themselves.  When everything in life seems to get them down, they reach for their new techno gadget and begin exploring all the new features.
    9.     In purchasing a new techno gadget for the individual it begins a journey which is emotional stimulating. When life brings about stress, challenges, responsibilities, and so forth the individual can find homage in using and playing with their new techno gadget.
    10.  When all else fails, when family and friends have let the individual down, they find support and comfort in having the newest and brightest techno gadget.

As seen there are many reasons why a technophilic needs to run out and purchase a device which will bring them some type of satisfaction. Further, it will bring about a new social status that they may have never had before obtaining the new techno gadget.

Purchasing the new techno gadget is an exciting and enjoyable process. The individual listens, reads, talks to others, and anxiously awaits the release of the new techno gadget. The technophilic surrounds all of their waiting time for the release date of the techno gadget. They will be at the Apple store two days before the release date so they can be the first to have it. To them there is no other reason to live.

So what drives these technophilics to search for new techno gadgets to accomplish the above listed reasons why they need to purchase them? The neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine is the reason for the search, seek, and find mentality. According to About.com dopamine is defined as:

Dopamine is a monoamine neurotransmitter formed in the brain from the amino acid tyrosine. Dopamine is essential for the healthy functioning of the central nervous system; it has effects on emotion, perception, and movement. Parkinson's disease is caused by the degeneration or destruction of nerve cells that produce dopamine. Schizophrenia and the psychotic features of bipolar disorder are associated with imbalances of the activity of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

It appears dopamine may be the reason technophilics strive to find new techno gadgets which provides them a feeling of superiority; a reason for living, when prior to having the new techno gadget life seemed boring and lacking in a purpose.

The technophilic is an individual who is addicted to technology of all types, shapes, sizes, and costs. They will go to extremes to find a new techno gadget for a multitude of purposes, reasons, and desires. It isn’t just the dopamine, or the bragging rights that brings the technophilic to the forefront of new technology. It is the obsessive compulsive disorder which lies behind the need to have, want, and get it, which motivates them.

It is difficult being a technophilic as their lives no longer surround a one on one physical social life. Their life extends only to the techno gadget and the many social networking websites which allows them to continue their journey to the fairyland of happiness and opportunities.

They need and need and need and they seemingly can’t get enough. As soon as they purchase the new techno gadget and learning all its features they become bored and begin the “searching and seeking, mentality” for the next new techno gadget.

Tomorrow, understanding the convolution which occurs in the technophilic and sexual addict is interesting. The discovery of why they cross pathways is something which at first appears to be complicated. However, the techno gadget which the technophilic must have provides them the opportunities and access to the websites where they can purchase and fulfill their sexual fantasies. This intertwining is the research I will focus on over the course of this series.

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