Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions. Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part IX

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc
 “Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” William James

The need to understand why you wake up one morning and you are different than most people can be a shock to your mental and emotional make-up. It isn’t easy being differen
t and it places you in a category which some people call an “addict.”
The Addiction
The Addiction (Photo credit: coreycam)
Thinking it through it is difficult to imagine that being different has become such a struggle. You probably thought that the need to masturbate was a progressive sexual demand that your body required. A process of maturity, a learning process, a place of privacy whe
re you could explore your body and find those “pleasure zones.”
The confusion comes when you begin noticing the opposite sex and life takes another turn which if not educated becomes an eventual nightmare. If parents would have taken the time to educate you about sex at an earlier age then the number of sexual addicts would be reduced.
In the technological arena, society is instilling the use of technological gadgets
English: iPads can be a distraction to learning
English: iPads can be a distraction to learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
as soon as children are capable of holding, processing and using them. The problem is there have not been enough studies to demonstrate if parents are or aren’t performing their duties as responsible parents when it comes to techno gadgets.
The problem is the experts in the professional fields are not addressing these issues and if they don’t by the time children have reached a reasonable age of responsibility the child may be addicted not only to technological gadgets, but to sex.
The crossroads are ever more becoming clearer in how technology and pornography have come together to grow both industries. The manner in which they have complimented each other is positive from the increase in the business aspects in how the
 techno gadgets access the Internet.
The new processor’s for computers has increase at an astronomical rate. Each day there are improvements in how the computers, iPads, and smart phones can access the Internet and begin surfing the Internet for those sexual explicit websites. It is the sexual addict’s haven when they have the newest techno gadget and can get to their “pleasure zones” in a rate of speed second to none.
Every year there is a cost to having the best techno gadget. It comes with a hefty price which most people have to rely on their credit card to purchase. According to Smart Money, “Meanwhile, the average consumer now keeps a smartphone just 18 months, down from 24 two years ago. All that points to growing spending on gadgets: $186.4 billion this year, up nearly 4% from 2010.”
They further state that with additional innovation and add-ons this inspires consumers to trade in and trade up more frequently, and so far marketing and sales receipts have proven this to be an intelligent ideology.
If society continues to loosen the cross strings of what is moral and immoral when it comes to sexual preferences, there is the likelihood that one of the features the technological industry will begin promoting is that the techno gadgets get you to the websites with more specific pornography websites then people can handle.
SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 02:  The new iPad 2 is d...
SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 02: The new iPad 2 is displayed during an Apple Special event to unveil the new iPad 2 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 2, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2 as the successor to its popular tablet, the iPad. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
At the present time this marketing tool hasn’t become a top priority since 70% of the population has visited Internet pornography websites this past year, if not more. So the need to advertise the obvious i.e. sex, isn’t a necessary marketing tool.
So what about the moralistic viewpoint that some individuals have and don’t have? Can the technological industry promote ‘sex’ as a means or method or reason to purchase the faster techno gadgets with the bells and whistles attached? What does morality have to do with selling a techno gadget or what does it have to do with whom or who does not pursue pornographic websites?
The answers aren’t clear and for parents, morality should mean everything. Educating your child about how to properly utilize their techno gadgets is a must. Further, monitoring how the child utilizes it should be something which occurs on an hourly basis if not daily basis. In the new millennium sexual preferences has received recognition and preferences are accepted, stating in the United States, sexual preference is a civil rights issue and they don’t ignore or disregard those who in the past have been shunned by society.
The parent can use checks and balances to keep their children safe from entering a world which has the possibilities of causing them mental and emotional damage. Pornographic websites are “pleasure zones” and an area(s) a 10 year-old should not be visiting.
The peer influence of what techno gadget you should own and how you can access pornographic websites is a major influence. Social networking has taken over how children socialize with one another and the technological industry are trying to find new, innovative and creative methods and techniques to get children to use their techno gadgets and provide their parents the reasons children need to go to Facebook or Twitter and be a part of the current social networking system.
The future of technological and sexual addicts does not look good. The temptations the technological industry are presenting for their consumers, the new audience i.e. children, has created an explosion for everyone to have the best, brightest, and fastest techno gadget. It is like being back in 1950 when people purchased their first television for their home. Then and now every home had to have one, two, three, and now some homes have five. The similarities of the television boom and the technology boom are scary.
Tomorrow, each day the world continues to spin to keep us alive and well. The same is true about technology and sex. It is here to stay and until something else sparks the interest of society, technology and sex will sell and sell to everyone. Unfortunately, for those who have children, safety measures at some point will need to be instituted to stop the nonsense.
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