What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction Which Make It Difficult For Those Who Love The Sexual Addict? Part XXV

 Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“A country should be defended not by arms, but by ethical behavior.”
Vinoba Bhave

Where the Internet is storedWhere the Internet is stored (Photo credit: debs)Sexual addicts become involved in many types of out of control sexual behavior. Their pursuit of finding sexual outlets has become vast specifically due to the Internet. The numerous sexual images, videos, pictures, live sexual performances, and chat rooms on the Internet make it easy for the sexual addict to find his island of sexual pleasure.

Too often the sexual outlets cost a specific amount of money to access. Some
 Internet contact turns into a meeting situation. The relationship lists on Craig’s List has led many a man and woman to physical meetings which lead to a sexual encounter. Of course these meetings come at a price to the pursuer.

A few months back Craig’s List made a significant change in how it allows escorts and prostitute advertisers to display their services. It came under scrutiny when some of the service providers met with some individuals who wanted more than sex and in the end became victims of murder.

craigslistcraigslist (Photo credit: Chika)Playing on the Internet is one thing, but locating a prostitute or escort provider on Craig’s List is different than picking up some individual on the corner of Pike and 1st Avenue. The dangers are still the same and with the prostitute or escort come their pimp or security guard, therefore guaranteeing that the service(s) are paid for and safety does not become an issue.

Law enforcement is aware of what the new generation of prostitutes and escorts are up to. Simply there are not enough law enforcement officials to curtail the sexual activities of these sexual service providers.
It becomes a system of demand and supply. There is currently a great demand for the prostitutes and escorts and as long as someone is willing to pay for sex there will be those who provide the service. This has been occurring since the beginning of time.

The efforts by those in the professional community are to deal with those who are sexual addicts. If there is a decline in the amount of demands for sexual service providers, the more open the sexual service providers become, leading law enforcement to them, apprehending, prosecuting, and incarcerating them.

Recently, the Secret Service when in Cartagena, Columbia hired a multitude of prostitutes to sexually perform for at least a dozen of Secret Service Agents and some military personnel. Currently six Secret Service Agents have lost their jobs.

The President and his administration seemed surprised by the actions of the Secret Service Agents. If there was a survey performed (if they have ever hired a prostitute or escort for sexual reasons) of all of the Congress members and Senate members, and if they were honest, the findings in this author’s opinion would be a majority of these individuals have utilized the services of prostitutes and escorts.

The White SlaveThe White Slave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This hypothesis has been proven by the arrest of several madams in the New York and Washington area. The Internet has been the demise of a Congressman. Those who were involved with prostitutes and escorts have moved onto other employment.

Some of the members of the House and Senate have become involved with their employees and/or outside relationships which has caused them to lose their jobs. The attitude of those in Washington, D.C. is if you get caught then you have to take your lumps and resign.

It is interesting that those members who have been found out have not been criminally held accountable. It seems the way things are done in Washington, D.C. is that the attitude is the members of Congress and Senate are above the law.

History has demonstrated that even former Presidents have been involved with women in sexual relationships outside their marriages. President John Kennedy and Bill Clinton definitely were the two most famous presidents to be involved with a multitude of women. President Lyndon Johnson was also known as a ladies man.

The Kennedy family’s sexual reputation did not stop at the doorstep of John Kennedy. Robert and Ted Kennedy had a multitude of sexual affairs. In one of Ted Kennedy’s autobiographies he is described as an individual who slept with many women. Currently John Edwards is on trial for the misuse of campaign funds, dealing with his former lover.

The comparison of the Secret Service Agents and those politicians who have been discovered in Washington, D.C. in having sexual affairs seems to have many similarities. The morals of today were not the morals of years ago. In the 1960’s through the 1980’s society was transforming into a sexual revolutionized culture. Today, there is an expectation that the politicians and those who work for them must live by a higher standard.

The Secret Service Agents were wrong if they committed the acts while on duty. If there is a moral clause in the Secret Service Agency rules and regulations then they should be terminated. The moral clause seems relevant to the type of sensitive job they perform. However, if politicians are going to live by a different standard than in the fairness doctrine the Agents should be given the opportunity to resign and move onto greener pastures. Terminating them seems to be a harsher sentence than those who are Congressman or Senators.

Advocating for either the politicians or Secret Service Agents is not something which should be a majority viewpoint or attitude. Sexual addicts come in all types of employment. Individuals who seek prostitutes need to understand that the laws are the same for those who are employed by the United States government if they are performing their jobs here in the United States or in Columbia.

Either politician or Secret Service Agent, the history of the United States has a reputation that men can’t control their sexual urges, desires or needs. Hopefully, as the Secret Service Agency scandal is investigated, there will be a new standard which anyone who works for the United States would make the citizens proud of their agencies and themselves.

This is the end of this series. Over the past three weeks, I have found the research and information I have uncovered to be interesting and enjoyable. There has been much to consider and I hope you have learned from the difficult topics which come with dealing with the characteristics, traits, problems, and recovery possibilities of sexual addiction.

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