How to identify an anonymous blogger

Cyber bullies and stalkers function in anonymity and harass their victims by posting ill-fated facts in blogs and websites. This has been happening for quite some time now and is getting bolder with the passage of time. Anonymous blogger formats such as WordPress.com or blogger.com will be used by them as a mode of their Internet terrorism.

How the bully operates:

In order to attack someone online, they may even develop a website by using an anonymous domain proxy service. The main objective in creating these anonymous or proxy services is to hide their original identities from their victims. However, the main question that arises in everyone`s mind is whether they really cannot be located or identified just because they employ an anonymous proxy domain registration service or an anonymous blog service.

Private investigator:

The answer for this doubt is quite simple: No. The truth is that any anonymous person on the web can be locat ed by proper investigation, with the help of sufficient time and money. But, this cannot be achieved by a single person. A person with adequate training and experience will have to be roped in for the investigation. However, such a private investigator cannot be found in the yellow pages. For this purpose, a private investigator who has knowledge and experience in Internet investigation and computer crimes will be preferred. The investigator will take the email ID and trace it back to the owner. The web owner will be contacted and the required information will be acquired beyond the proxy registration. Anonymous blog sites will also be contacted and the bloggers will be identified.
How the bullies get caught:

Cyber bullies generally tend to think that they`re very clever in covering their tracks but, end up being caught due to their over-smartness. However, the cyber bullies get caught when a trained experienced investigator sinks into the bully`s obsessive personality and use it against them. The investigators will lure these bullies laying traps. Eventually, their identities get revealed.

Legal action:

The private investigator will begin documenting his findings in a report once the cyber bully has been identified. The police will then step in and take relevant action based on the documents presented by the investigator. An arrest will be made in case it is proven the bully has broken the laws. A cease and desist letter will be sent by the lawyer to the bully`s home in case the police identify it as a civil matter. However, such steps will bring back the stalker back to terms with reality when they realize that t heir identity and address has bee exposed. Despite all these actions, if it is found that they are ineffective, a petition for a restraining order can be sought at the court against the bully. By doing so, they will be restricted to establish any contact over the Internet. In case it is proven that they have violated the order, the police will step in to arrest them. Thus, the troubles caused by the cyber bully will be brought to a complete end.

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