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What questions should I ask the lawyer who is handling my trust fund?
I was willed money in a trust fund when I was 17 but cannot get it till i'm 25. i'm 21 now. There's also a house in my trust- the trustee and my lawyer both tell me the moneys running out. Wheres it going? I have.

What rights do a spouse of a child receiving an inheritance have?
Usually none. There are exceptions. For example, there is a list of things that could happen that could trigger rights, like co-mingling funds, in some cases. You should seek the advice of a lawyer in your area. - Depends on the law in the place you.

What to do ford credit is sueing me?I can't afford lawyer and can't get assistants,need advice.?
I made mthly payments for years.few times had problem and they let me pay interest and even skip payment.called for payoff to trade in.after that this f credit lady keep calling wanting private info r.she was hate full I would not give it to.

What to do?
My sister-in-law just recieved a settlement. Her lawyer is in control of her money. She wants to buy a manufactured home and have ner furniture shipped to her from another state. The lawyer will not give her all the money she needs to get her furniture and he told her no he is not giving her.

What type of lawyer do I need for dirty (scenarios) (suit)?
case scenario: I happened to be falsely detained or imprisoned relating to a non emergency call in a sober clean state, soon there after transferred/stretched by paramedics to a medical facility/ hospital where I had been medically malpractice under several 'causes of action' etc. after refusing by giving.

What type of lawyer do I need for the state to reconsider the denial of my California real estate license?
I was denied my California real estate license due to my crimi nal background. Whay type of lawyer should I seek in order to help me put together a case for the state to reconsider my license application? Few lawyers.

What type of lawyer do I need?
I have been hiding from my ex-husband (stalker) for 13 years, when I took my son to the dentist a few months back someone who works there recognized the name (i guess??) and gave him my phone number, told him what kind of car I drive, and told him that I am.

What type of lawyer is needed for a lawsuit?
I had someone break into my house. They were working for a major home builder and doing warranty work at the time of the break in. My home was scheduled for warranty work but he was not authorized to be in my house at the time. I noticed a few.

What type of lawyer should I seek if I want to dispute charges from my previous landlord?
My previous landlord is trying to collect on 'property damages ' that are exceedingly outrageous. What type of attorney should I seek in order to challenge these charges? Dear Friend, I can understand your problem. I will suggest you to take help from.

What will happen to me if i break a gag order i signed with insurance company regarding details of the case?
i recieved a settlement in mediation,it was due to a load of lies and no support or help,from my lawyer, i settled fearing if i go further i may not be able to fight all the corporate lies..

What would you do if you came back from vacation to find your house was demolished by mistake?
.say the neighboring house was supposed to be torn down. I would sift through the rubble to find my shotglass collection and then sue! - Get a lawyer and sue sue sue - I would be getting me a brand new.
Whats a bigger crime.rape or murder?
im studying to be a lawyer.so i know that murder is a crime of much higher degree.but when you look at it from the victim's point of view..is rape more traumatic or is it muder..? i go for rape.cause the victim has to continue suffering the sh!t that happened to her even after.

Whats involved to become a lawyer?
Just wondering about possible future careers and would like to know what you need to do to become a lawyer, how many years at university and what you do when you become one? You must take a first degree, then apply to law school. It doesn't matter what you major in for your.

What's the difference between assert privilege versus waive privilege in a legal case?
If a lawyer represented a client.and the lawyer now has to answer to a court. The notion of privilege is complex. Privilege usually pertains to certain documents, knowledge, infor mation, communications, etc. between a lawyer and his client that are sought during the discovery phase of a.

What's the difference in filing a claim with EEOC or filing a lawsuit with an attorney?
I've already filed a claim through EEOC. Should I hire a lawyer too? The EEOC has sent a letter to me talking about mediation which I will probably do, however, should I have a lawyer present for that? Any info. on this will.

When a police officer violate your rights .where can i report to ?
I studied this. Go to internal affairs and complain to them. Then the whole precinct will go under investigation. - A lawyer. Can't goto the police now can ya? - police station lol - Your attorney. - how did a police officer violate your rights?.

When declaring bankruptcy can I get a public lawyer to represent me for free?
it ain't criminal! you may be able to not pay anybody else, but you c an be sure you will have to pay your attorney (and a good one will earn his/her$) - Only if you are a defendant. Bankruptcy court charges a fee however..

When is that hypocritical, disbarred lawyer, fake reverend, Al Sharpton scheduling his apology?
To the four Duke boys, when he went down there and said all the nasty racist things about the 'white boys'.. Also, why is it that he hasn't been able to get the 'masses' to go down and help build houses for victims of Katrina or.

Where can I find if there is going to be a retrial?
Where can I find the documents to see if there is going to be another trial? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local.lawyer If you don't have a lawyer contact the prosecutor. I'm assuming that you are discussing a criminal trial. - Ask your lawyer. He might know.

Where can I find out about parents being responsible for crimes their children commit?
I f there is a serious issue of law here, you would be best served consulting a lawyer who is a member of the bar in the state you reside. However, on a general level, criminal liability of parents for their children's action is known.

Where can I find the best lawyer? I was in a car accident?
I was riding my motorcyle nicely and some idiot old person slams right into me, I feel like I am going to die can't breath ect. I went to the hospital ect. broken ribs, chipped spinal cord.. I am just looking for an attorney now. I.

Where could i look to find a lawyer that is not from DE but can practice law in the hip pa privacy act?
i have a case in DE but i feel all the lawyers in DE work with the hospitals already and i dont think they will get me what i really deserve. If the case is in.

Where do I find a lawyer who specializes in employee benefits/labor issues in CA?
I need a lawye r to look into my rights to work benefits (like health insurance and vacation pay) in the state of California. I would highly recommend you doing a search on targetlaw.com. It is an all lawyer search engine. Put the following term in.

Where do I get free legal advice in Singapore?
It is regarding a letter of agreement sign between two persons, ownership of a vehicle Dear Friend Hiring a lawyer for minor legal problems can be expensive, but there are websites like LawGuru, FindLaw and other places where you can get free legal advice. I found this website useful -.

Where i can get information about advocates in kuala lumpur?
If you're looking for a directory listing of advocates / lawyers in Kuala Lumpur, I'd suggest trying the Malaysian Bar Council's (MBC) Legal Directory: http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/legal_dir.lawyer Here are some shortcuts to the MBC directory which may be useful for you: Find a lawyer: http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/find_a_lawyer.html

Where in the Washington DC areacan I find a Civil Lawyer that is not afraid to go against the federal Gov.?
My wife has already filed the motion but has a lawyer who she is not confident with. He seems a little inexperienced.This case involves my wife and my baby girl against The Park Police we have took a.

Where is a free place to research Real Estate Closing Law for SC?
I am a new lawyer, and don't have many pay service research tools at my disposal. I need law that is specific to South Carolina. You can look up anything at findlaw.com I use it all the time and it is free. http://www.findlaw.com/11stategov/.lawyer .

Where to file for divorce in Wichita, KS?
I mean which court should I attend, and if possible address of that court or at least a name or telephone, or should I first contact a lawyer? This is the first time I d o it, I don't know. Thank you so much! check this out: http://www.dc18.org/lawyer I.

Who has to provide a lawyer in a school harassment case?
I am a student at San Ramon High School, CA. One of the teachers is harassing me. She singles me out from all of my friends. When we are eating lunch in a student common area, she yells at me to leave. I have tried to ask her.

Why are lawyers so hated?
There are so many mean horrid jokes about them. Just go on comedycentral and you'll see the only profession with a whole category of jokes is lawyers. Everyone seems to make some mean joke whenever you mention a lawyer you know. Some roll their eyes and say that they hate them with every fibre.

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