Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions. Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part XV

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

As a parent it is your choice in deciding the significance of monitoring your child’s behavior when it comes to technology and sex. Where the computer is placed in your home, where the cell phones are to be placed when your child is at home; what they can view sexually on the Internet, and so forth.

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With decisions come consequences in everything you do. If you follow others without doing your own research you have just made the biggest mistake of you or your child’s life. Locate three resources which are reliable and credible and make a decision of what is the right thing to do. If you don’t take the time to pursue information and obtain knowledge you will have to live with the lack of information which was available for you to peruse.

Making family decisions is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes you as a parent want the best for your child, but you don’t want them to be socially inept. It comes down to safety versus exposing your child to potential dangerous situations. Some parents have the belief system they don’t want to be nor will they be a part of their child’s life 24/7.

So where does the child receive the proper education about the techno gadgets which can make a major difference negatively or positively in their life? Most of the information the child will receive are from their peers or family members who are similar in age. Then they will take this information minimize the dangers and maximize the benefits about how the techno gadget will work for them.

The resources which are available about the techno gadgets do not promulgate the potential dangers. Manufacturers are not going to document that in using their techno gadget is potentially a risk to your health. Can you imagine a manufacturer addressing the possibility that their techno gadget may be the cause of technologically and sexual addiction?

The safer route for all involved except the consumer is to allow the potential buyer to seek any and all information about the techno gadget. There are more You-Tube videos on product reviews then you can imagine. This neurotic behavior if it wasn’t serious would be funny.

These You-Tube videos are created by non-professional, professionals, manufacture competitors, and anyone else who is innovative and creative. The need for these types of opinions definitely benefits the potential consumer who is considering purchasing the techno gadget.

The Internet applications and services which offer the route to the “pleasure zones” where sexual chat rooms, images, videos, pictorials, and the answer to sexual fantasies, can be found by simply clicking or selecting an image which intentionally is sent out by the pornography industry are available for the right price.

As a parent you need to surf your child’s Facebook account. With each page there are doors which are ready to be open dealing with sexual enticements. These enticements can prove that Facebook is no better than the pornographers who rely upon venues like Facebook to sell their goods and services.

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It is all in how you view the manner in which advertisers are allowed to place their enticing advertisements on those websites which look innocent, but lead directly to the “pleasure zones.” Maybe the one time route and access to a pornographic website will be something exciting for the child, but scary enough where the child learns what he/she should not click on and who to avoid.

Parents need to educate their child in what warning signs they should look for. A female stating, “Find Your Next Hot Date. Join Zoosk©. Chat, Browse Pictures, Meet Single Women Near You!” is not advertising a potential friendship opportunity with the opposite sex.

This type of enticing advertisement is legal, but should be required to have a “warning sign” that no one under the age of 18 is allowed into this doorway. It is apparent that in the pornography industry they have found that misleading the young is financially a major benefit to them and they are grooming the young to be future adult clientele.

So what do the resources and media tell us about how the pornography industry is grooming children on the Internet? Child grooming is a behavior which is intentionally constructed to at some 
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future time engage in any kind of sexual contact. Further, that the child is showered with compliments, gifts, and other enticements to eliminate any barriers or doubts about his/her intentions.

On line the child is sometimes hood-winked into believing that the individual they are chatting with are a child themselves. This immediately establishes a commonality between the two, which lowers the walls and desensitizes the child from questioning the validity and credibility of the individual they are establishing a relationship with.

The techno gadgets and sexual themes which the predator uses are the best. The camouflage of who they truly are must be accomplished from the beginning therefore, the predator has to utilize the best hardware and software available to accomplish their goals.

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Happy Children Playing Kids (Photo credit: epSos.de)
The child generally uses a computer or smartphone which were purchased for the purposes of doing their homework or communicating with their siblings, friends, or parents. Unfortunately, parents do not take the necessary time to educate their children that there are individuals in society who prey, stalk, molest, rape, and/or murder children.

The analogy to use parents is would you give the keys to your child to fly the airplane you are going to be a passenger on. Is it possible you would want your child to first, be old enough for such a responsibility; two, be intelligent and competent to fly the airplane; three, be capable of knowing the dangers of flying the airplane; four, read the manual of knowing everything about what external dangers there are.

There aren’t enough safeguards for children who are given the responsibility to possess a smartphone, operate a computer, and access the Internet where so many dangers exist. The law enforcement community can only do so much; the education system can only do so much; your child can only do so much before you as a parent has to take the responsibility and accountability in protecting your child. Put the safeguards in place today and make sure your child will be safe and protected from becoming technologically and sexually addicted.

Tomorrow, it seems every day there is a news report about a child who was abducted because he/she had engaged in a relationship with a man/woman who faked their true identity. It is my professional opinion that taking the time today to educate your child about the ins and outs of utilizing the techno gadgets you purchase for them and the positive and negative features of the Internet will be much less painful than paying for your child’s addiction. You get to choose, what say you, mom, and dad.

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