Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions. Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part XVI

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

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It should be a big deal to know where your children are heading in their lives. If it is such a big deal how is it that children at an earlier age are being exposed to techno gadgets which allow access to the Internet where pornographic websites are around the corner and potentially other dangerous situations?

Does the problem stem from a lack of supervision by parents? Is it someone else’s responsibility to monitor the behavior of the child who their parents have given them the right to be communicating across the universe with the ever increasing sales of techno gadgets?

There are applications available which stop people from accessing pornographic websites. Is your child’s computer and smartphone “porno-proof” or do they have free reign to go wherever they want, talk to whoever they want, go to any website they want, belong to social networks which promote sexual themes, allow for swapping of nude photographs of themselves and their friends, and ways to avoid the adults who want the child to be accountable and responsible to themselves and their parents.

Instead of complaining about the obvious steps needed to take to assure children are protected from the predators who prey on children for sexual reasons; those in the human trafficking business who abduct children for sexual reasons and make them sex slaves, selling them to predators; and those in the pornographic business, let us look at some ways to prevent harm from coming to children.

What are the obvious steps that parents need to take to prevent their children from being a victim of predators, traffickers, pornographers, and peers who want to cause them physical and mental harm? These steps for parents are as follows:

1.      When purchasing a techno gadget for your child, know what you are buying them. Do not allow your chi
ld to convince you to purchase the item because everyone else has one.
2.      When purchasing a techno gadget for your child, perform several searches on Google and YouTube looking for techno gadget product information.
3.      Search the Internet for software which can be placed on the child’s techno gadget which will prevent pornographers from sending and placing information on their gadget. Further, from them accessing inappropriate sexual websites.
4.      Talk to other parents and ascertain what steps they have taken to prevent their children from purchasing a techno gadget which could bring their child harm.
5.      Find ways to educate and teach your child how to properly use the techno gadget from falling victim to predators, traffickers, or pornographers.
6.      Monitor your child’s behavior by setting up times during the day that the techno gadget has to be examined to guarantee that the child isn’t visiting the wrong websites; sexting their peers; downloading pornography; and so forth.
English: childEnglish: child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)7.      Know your child’s user identification names and passwords. This way you can check into their websites they are active in and ascertain what the topics of discussion are and is it appropriate for your child’s age.
8.      Talk to your child about the reasons for such intense safeguards. Although most of these suggestions are educational and safeguards against potential dangerous situations, the child must build trust between he and his parents.
9.      Some of the safeguards you put in place on the child’s techno gadget have to begin from the moment the parent decides they will purchase the gadget for their child.
10.  Planning for future use of the techno gadget should be a priority and have consequences for the miss use of it. Some parents have structured positive punishments as a manner to receive compliance and conformity.
11.  Children do not see the dangers which lie ahead of them, therefore, the parent needs to instill the wisdom and knowledge they have to the child.

The lessons that children and parents learn when it comes to dealing with the newest and best techno gadgets can be learned with the mentality that you will learn as you go or the other option i.e. being proactive. The simple and innocent exposure to inappropriate sex may trigger a negative response by the child. This type of reaction by the child may cause mental and psychological behaviors which may lead to depression, being bullied, being preyed upon, and other potential dangers.

The decisions by parents of when their child is the right age to have a specific techno gadget should be based on a multitude of reasons. These reasons should be based on the child’s biological age, mental age, maturity, education, trust between child and parent and so many other factors.

Techno gadgets have many values in today’s society especially in the educational realm. The problem is the innocence of children is violated when it comes to two industries the human trafficking and pornography industries. These people are out to prey upon the young and vulnerable and as parents they need to protect their children to the fullest of their capabilities.

Sometimes the excitement of possessing something new, innovative, and creative outweighs the intelligence of the necessary and needed questions should be. Just like a new car, as a parent if you purchase a race car for your child, then most likely the child will find ways to race it.

It is about using common sense and judgment. A child who is given a stick of dynamite does not understand the danger and harm that could come to them if the dynamite was to ignite. Some people would take the position that techno gadgets are the thing of the future and everyone should calm down and enjoy them. The purpose of educating and protecting your child is because they don’t know what they need to be protected from.

Tomorrow, as I delve into the many problematic situations where technological and sexual addictions each day are growing in numbers I will continue to address the current research and ideology.  It is difficult to educate and inform individuals when they believe a Smartphone or iPad is harmless.  If children and parents understand the “potential dangers” then these techno gadgets can prevent a major disaster from occurring.
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