Understanding Sexual and Technological Addictions. Are You Or Your Children Already Addicted? Part XVIII

“Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”
Ronald Reagan

If you
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 scream loud enough and you stomp your feet sometimes the big organizations use common sense and begin protecting their clients. Facebook today launched a ‘status update’ telling and educating their users on how to safeguard your privacy on their service.

It isn’t that the ‘status update’ was anything new, in fact, according to Yahoo News:

The gist of this chain message is unless you post a disclaimer specifying that you forbid organizations and other people from using your Facebook updates, pictures and comments for -- well, for whatever -- you'll lose rights to your own data. This is supposedly a consequence of the fact that Facebook is now a public company.

The need for these ‘status updates’ need to be an everyday occurrence with a different look. The need may provide some protection for children, just maybe if one child is to read it, understand it and abide by it, the result one child isn’t harmed, hurt, molested or murdered. What if Facebook utilized a safety campaign to go along with their new push to have parents join them in signing up children ages 0-13?

What if these social networking sites came together and began expending some of their money on protecting their users. There are police agencies who work with Facebook, but this isn’t enough. If the dangers exists then let them be proactive and begin caring, or demonstrating they care.

So let us look at what Facebook does to try and protect their users. The U.S. Army has Nine Critical Steps: Protecting Yourself on Facebook. They are:

#1: Friends Only
#2: Less Sharing
#3: Personal Protection
#4: App Remover
#5: Limited Access
#6: Don’t Take it Personal
#8: Good Networking
#9: Don’t Become a Target

They further state, “Using social media platforms like Facebook should be a balance between communicating with friends and family and protecting your privacy and online safety.” The Nine Critical Steps and this caveat make sense. So how do you get the public to educate children to listening to and adhering to these suggestions?
In this pamphlet by the Army they not only lay out the Nine Critical Steps, but they take each step, illustrate, and explain it. Simply impressive. For further review on this subject check out this pamphlet at http://www.140wg.ang.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120404-049.pdf.

Covenant Eyes an Internet Accountability and Filtering company suggest there are six steps to protect your account. These six steps are as follows:

  1. Report suspicious links on Facebook, even on friends’ pages. If a deal sounds too good to be true, take for granted that it is and don’t click that link.
  2. Never cut and paste unknown code into a browser address bar.
  3. Make sure your browser is up to date.
  4. Change your password on your Facebook and other online accounts, especially if your account was hacked.
  5. Remove unwanted Facebook apps. You have to take responsibility for the apps you load to your Facebook profile. Only keep apps you use often, and recognize that an individual app can be hacked.
  6. Use virus protection software, run a virus scan immediately, and keep your virus protection updated. AVG offers a free version of its virus protection software, and a paid version with additional features is also available.

Like the Army, the Covenant Eyes organization has their act together. They are a Christian organization who provide software for those men and women who want accountability for individuals struggling with sexual issues and need monitoring assistance. Their insight into the Facebook issues is appreciated by not only this author but most parents I have spoken to about the virus attack that occurred in November, 2011.

No website can be fully protected from those who care to be evil and think they are funny. Just today six million passwords were stolen from the Linked-in website. If someone can invade the Iranian Cyber System, than there are individuals and organizations in existence that are intelligent and competent and can violate your children’s rights.

Yet, there seems to be a lackadaisical attitude in the social networking organizations that all they want to receive is the user’s information and once they have it the user is on their own. What other ways can consumers, users, clients, and most importantly children be protected from these predators that prey upon the vulnerable and the weak?

There are many suggestions, but who has the ultimate responsibility to ‘stand-up’ and practice what they preach. In the hacking that occurred to Facebook in November of 2011, this should send a resounding message to children and parents that they are not untouchable. With this in mind let’s everyone get smart and use common sense. Don’t post personal information on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Just today I visited my daughter’s website and two posts told me everything I needed to go over and walk into their house and take all their possession. Seriously!!!

Tomorrow, the message is loud and clear, there are millions who surf to and through the Internet looking for “pleasure zones” and victims to prey upon. As this series begins to come to a close next week, let us turn to the law enforcement arena to see exactly what they are doing to help those who have technological and sexual addiction issues. In exploring these questions you may be surprised just how great of a job they are doing.

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