Four Main Roles of Trial Lawyers

Role of Lawyers to their Clients

In societies, more particularly in Los Angeles, California, where laws are complicated to understand and legal disputes are rampant; there is a huge demand for good trial lawyers.

Not all lawyers are given the privilege to appear in tribunals, judicial or court to represent ones claim. Even if one is given this right, he or she might not have the courage, competence and knowledge of the laws relevant to defend his or her case.

Furthermore, in higher tribunals such as the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, it is highly required that one party be accompanied by a counsel, either of ones choice or one appointed by the court in ones behalf.

This is where Los Angeles trial lawyers come in. Trial lawyers are taught and trained exactly to help people with their legal problems. They are considered ministers of the bar and are recognized by the court as they appear in tribunals.

Yet, the role of trial lawyers is not limited to appearing in court and defending their clients in front of the judge and the jury. They are also required to prepare legal documents for their clients such are demand letters, briefs, replies, wills, and others.

As long as the lawyer-client relationship exists, counsels are duty-bound to protect their clients at all cost legally possible.

Role of Lawyers to the Court

As stated earlier, lawyers are deemed helpers of the Court. By taking the oath of office, they have the responsibility of informing the judiciary of the discrepancies or loop-holes in the law; and even reporting anomalies in the judicial system. They have the duty to notify the Court of certain developments in the society.

Some trial lawyers are even given the opportunity to help judges figure out hard or new questions of law as amicus curiae (Latin phrase for friend of the court).

Role of Lawyers to their Colleagues

No man is an island and two heads are better than one. Thus, lawyers should not consider other members of the Bar as their competitors.

Not all lawyers know all the laws like the palm of their hand. When they are faced with a difficult issue, it is but normal to consult it with their colleagues. This is also one reason why lawyer associations are being established in places such as in Los Angeles, California.

These associations help their members update their knowledge about the law by regularly publishing law journals and recent cases ruled by the Supreme Court. In addition, members have also the duties to report to their respective associations, additional inputs regarding a particular legal topic, and even report to the officials the disobedience being done by other members.

Role of Lawyers to the Society

There is this famous line from William Shakespeares play, Henry VI which goes, The first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers.

There is a misconception behind this line. At first, it would seem that this line suggests that lawyers are menaces to the society and it is better if people would just get rid of them. However, if one person would have the time to watch the play and fully understand its true meaning, he would find that lawyers are actually being considered by the storys villains as barriers that prevent them from carrying out their wicked plans against the society.

In other words, lawyers are the protectors of the people. They play a very important role in maintaining order in one place. In addition, a number of positions in the government are being held by lawyers. Thus, they contribute in providing and regulating peace in the community.

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