A Colorado Security Guard Can Be An Asset Or Ruin Your Day

"A Colorado security guard can be an asset to your business or ruin your day and expose you and your property to unnecessary liability," warns security expert Brian Blackwell. "Ensure that you do your homework to find the best available."

DENVER, Colo. -- Colorado security guards can be an asset to your business or ruin your day and expose you and your property to unnecessary liability. If you make a bad choice, it could cost you more than just a few thousand dollars. Make sure you hire a dependable Colorado guard company to provide your security needs.

In recent years, many clients have been sued due to the negligence of security guards, the guards lack of training and sometimes lack of common sense.

"This is a disturbing trend in the security industry as many clients are taking the lowest bid for guard services in Colorado and not checking a prospective security guard company's references and training for guards," says Brian Blackwell, director and founder of QI Security & Investigation, which provides professional security guards for businesses and construction sites in the Metro-Denver area and Colorado Front Range ( qiinvestigations.com ).

Brian Blackwell, an industry professional with over twenty years executive experience in the security industry and a former law enforcement officer is "surprised that there are so many security companies with felons working as guards - some even in management or a supervisory capacity."

Security consumers should look for a proven record of the security guard company providing services to similar clients and to the scale of the project being bid upon. Check on the standards of the guards who actually prov ide the services at your location and make sure there is a good fit with your customer service.

All guards should be well trained and pass a national FBI background check not just a state criminal background check and should also look presentable. If the guard carries any weapons or handcuffs, he or she should also receive professional training to carry any weapons or handcuffs.

QI Security & Investigation operates a full service law enforcement-style security officer and investigations training program in-house and trains all of its own guards. It also provides training for several other security companies in the Metro-Denver area.

"The best advice I can offer to security consumers is to do your homework, check references and trust your instincts. Don't save a few hundred dollars only to expose yourself to many thousands of dollars in liability for sub-standard service," Brian Blackwell says.

QI Security and Investigation is a service of parent-company Brian Blackwell QI Services, Inc., a Denver, Colorado and veteran owned corporation, providing nationwide professional investigations and Colorado private security guard services ( BrianBlackwell.com ).

QI provides professional security officer and professional private investigations throughout the Denver Metro area and Colorado Front Range. QI security guards are carefully screened prior to hiring and licensed with appropriate governing agencies.

Once hired, QI officers regularly receive training in accepted industry standards of professionalism, report writing, observation skills, defensive tactics and weapons training taught by licensed, seasoned training officers.

QI officers are Colorado licensed and certified with appropriate governing Colorado agencies before given an assignment.


Brian Blackwell, QI Security & Investigation http://www.qiinvestigations.com

Brian Blackwell is a former California law enforcement officer working as a private investigator in Denver, Colorado -- Founder/Director of QI Security and Investigation qiinvestigations.com

Brian Blackwell is creator and editor of 'The Blackwell Brief' -- a daily Blog covering crime, the law, and criminal justice -- Brian-Blackwell.com

Debra Loomis, evidencenet.com

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