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Criminology & Justice Digital Media USA Inc is dedicated to its readers wants when it comes to a site that can do it all and be designed around their particular interest.  We first became intrigued with the Social Media Network over a year ago and began to take notes on what most of our readers wanted, they wanted facts on hot topic issues, they wanted truth in the laws and world events taking place, they wanted experience and thorough looks into problem solving on every day events and they wanted the ability to network with real time interaction, opening the door to insights and experience from around the globe. With our readers in mind, we stepped forward courageously.
Our staff uncovered a common desire: to have a site where all materials or facts could be in one place so that practical discussion along with public input could be effectively managed, we responded by carefully sorting through the many social networks and discovered our platform, resting firmly within the capable persons at SPRUZ and have been delighted with the results.
We invite our audience and new interests to take advantage of the many benefits of joining our site, benefits such as: The ability to create a Blog from within the site, Chat rooms that can be open or by invite, Discussion platforms with white boards to help provide instruction and gain feedback in REAL TIME, File sharing so that no one misses a document, Photo sharing, video chat and much more.  Professionals-Educators, real people sharing information and opening a global world of thought, in real time now that is a benefit no other can claim.
In cohesion with our audience, we are driven to provide a site where profane language or risqué postings are discouraged, where education and critical thinking are encouraged and open platforms for it to take place can be managed by the creators of those items, essentially you, with our oversight of course.  A feed from our news site is linked to this social networking site so no one has to miss the educational, scientific or experienced writings from our staff while creating their own cornerstones.  Registration is free so why not stop in and see why we are the leader in Social ScienceSocial Networking.  Here’s the link http://cjnewsandmedia.spruz.com
We hope to see you there!

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