Today’s Investigative Special Report - September 24, 2012 “Dealing With Today’s Law Enforcement Specialized Investigations” “Will Law Enforcement’s Role Change Due To The Middle East Protests And Violence”

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By Lawrence W. Daly
Forensic Expert Senior Author
Ambassador Chris Stevens probably woke up on September 11, 2012, thinking about the many lives which were lost during the September 11, 2001, terrorists attack. Most Americans who were alive on September 11, 2001 knew that it was the anniversary of a tragedy many Americans will never forget or forgive.
Intelligence obtained from the Israel and Libya intelligence community allegedly warned President Obama’s administration that security should be tightened or increased at all United States embassies and strongholds in the Middle East. Rumors were circulating that there may be an attack.
Unfortunately, the Libya Embassy’s security was not provided extra security and the end result was Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods, were dead. Under 22 USC 4865 – Security requirement for United States diplomatic facilities falls squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State.
Since this day, the rioting and protesting has continued and the theme, which is now in its fourteenth day, is “Death to America”.  With the ever increasing security concerns worldwide and the goal to reduce the military by the current Obama’s administration, will the current law enforcement system here in America still work effectively? What if today a terrorists attack was to occur here in the United States could the government guarantee its citizens that law enforcement officers are trained and equipped to deal with this type of situation?
Currently, law enforcement deals with domestic issues and sometimes has to deal with specific groups who protest for a specific cause. Law enforcement officers are trained to deal with mobs and protestors and have demonstrated over the past four decades that they are capable of handling anything which is placed in front of them.
The violence levels of mobs and protestors has never reached a level where law enforcement has had to utilize on a daily basis an increase in the level of response i.e. using firearms to injure and kill and control them. However, if terrorists attacked their community would law enforcement know what level of force to use and have they been trained to use lethal weapons which generally are not a part of the current law enforcement uniform and accessories?
According to authors Ronald V. Clarke and Graeme R. Newman (2007) of the Oxford Journals, law enforcement has the opportunity to play a major role in preventing terrorism, due to the local intelligence capabilities law enforcement has in their communities. Further, the argument that the national security agencies can work alone is now defunct and both these agencies and local law enforcement must work together to stop terrorism from happening here in the United States.
With the ever continuing violence in the Middle East, the question city, county, state, and federal government need to consider is, “What will be the role of law enforcement if and when terrorists make the decision to violently act out inside the United States?”
The Homeland Security National Terrorism Advisory System indicates that there is no current alert at this time. Really! This alert system which is used to identify the security of the nation may trigger a response by the government specifically does not have what the role of the law enforcement officer will be if terrorists begin invading the United States soil. There are mutual aid agreements between law enforcement agencies across the United States.
After the 9/11 terrorist attacks law enforcement officers in major cities were seen walking the streets carrying semi-automatic rifles and wearing army fatigues type equipment. Multiple agencies expended time sharing the responsibility at the national airports as the airport police couldn’t handle the increase in security.
So what will the new law enforcement officer’s role be and who will take care of the domestic services they provide? Have governments across the United States taken the time to strategize with the federal government to identify what everyone’s role will be?
Terrorist’s experts George Kelling and William J. Bratton (2006) state that terrorism must be dealt with like any other crime law enforcement currently deal with. They argue that “Counter-terrorism has to be woven into the everyday workings of every department.”
Being prepared and having a plan for how to deal with terrorists and domestic services should be dealt with if it has not been. Many experts are asking these questions and like what happened eleven days ago, planning and preparing law enforcement officials is a must.
In a society where people live by the Constitution citizens have the opportunity to walk the streets without fear that someone will grab them and drag them down the street with mad men, women, and children chasing after the injured or killed individual.
To revert to the caveman’s status of dealing with a concern or a dislike does not give anyone the right to injure or kill someone. However, what if it happens here in the United States is law enforcement and the governments prepared to protect the citizens as they do when handling domestic violence?
The thought of losing your freedom to speak, practice your religion, provide for yourself or your family should not be threatened by individuals or groups who believe the citizens of the United States have harmed them in some manner.
The role of law enforcement will change forever if terrorists attack the citizens of the United States in their homes. Many would argue that the National Guard could be called out to take care of any situation law enforcement may not be able to handle. In May of 2011, President Obama sent 1200 National Guard troops to the border, but by December of 2011, he was already planning to trim the number of troops currently guarding 1,969 miles of the border. The concern and the reason for the reduction apparently came down to financial costs to keep the National Guard there. Illegal aliens crossing into the United States has never been more concerning then it is today. Currently there are 18,200 U.S. Border Patrol Agents along the Southwestern border.
Radical individuals and groups could cross the unprotected borders and come into a city and cause mass destruction upon a peaceful country. Although to date the only individuals and organizations which have crossed the borders are gang affiliated, it isn’t until something happens here in the United States, that there is an evaluation of why something occurred.
Have you ever taken the time to stop by your local law enforcement agency and ask them the ‘what if’ questions? Would you be considered different or psychological unhealthy if you were to ask a law enforcement officer on the street, “What would you do if we were invaded by terrorists?”
On September 11, 2001, and 2012 unexpected events in history occurred that the United States was not prepared for. If these ‘unexpected’ events were to occur again, could citizens turn to their law enforcement officials for assistance?
            The future of law enforcement and what their responsibilities will be has been discussed thoroughly through educational think tanks. The conclusion of these think tanks is the responsibilities of law enforcement will be dictated by what society will look like and the demands of the diversified cultures will be. Law enforcement will have to adjust, become educated in crimes which are unimaginable at this time due to the technology which has been and will be developed by 2020. Terrorism is a crime which law enforcement has been preparing for since September 11, 2001.
The question which seems most logical is, “Are law enforcement officer’s trained to deal with the unexpected?” “Can they deal with a war in their community?” So many questions and where would a citizen go to ascertain the answers?
The questions could go on and on, but to date this subject is rarely spoken about. Watching factions of mad men, women, and children burning American flags, screaming obscenities towards Americans, killing their own to prove their point, should provide the local, county, state, and federal governments with the question, “What if?”

Lawrence W. Daly
Kent, WA

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