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Domestic violence in Spain 1998-2007
Domestic violence in Spain 1998-2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
      Our Globe, our Earth, our Planet is in danger, but not from natural disasters nor from oil spills or even the looming threat of wars yet to be fought, it is in danger from the very people who have inherited the regions and places we all live.  In today’s headlines (September 21, 2012) a hostage situation in Pittsburgh where the alleged suspect walked in asking of a specific person and carrying two duffle bags.  Currently, on trial another suspect who killed several in a movie theater, dressed in a tactical outfit.  Across the globe in several remote regions, uproars over a film that was very low budget and released through various outlets about their prophet, Muhammad which brought out attacks that have spanned across several USA embassies, a “protest”.  Senator’s shot, innocent civilians having to scramble for their lives, police forces overwhelmed and military forces having to assist in some cases all loaded in violent outbreaks, tear gases, mace and rubber bullets.  In physics, the action being met with equal and opposite action where many die and few claim victory, when truly there is no victory in violence or violent reactions, so what is going on in our world, is our violence uproar getting worse or are these actions a sign of times to come; this will be a tough challenge for our minds, even with truth glasses upon our brow, so let us move softly through a perilous avenue, world violence.

City of Fresno domestic violence statistics.
City of Fresno domestic violence statistics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
      Rather than our usual path of literal definition, this author will attempt to define in my own point of view what violence is, of course this will be influenced from my own education and understanding, but will include a perspective of what is being seen.  Violence is when people do harm to one another, whether it is physical, emotional, metaphysical or some other path, violence hurts more than the person being inflicted upon (reference the article presented on our platform entitled: Domestic Violence, The Hurting of our fellow citizen).  A person with a “violent” temper may act crazy or “lose it” when angered, a person with violent tendencies could mean that they punch first and ask questions later, or in the case of what is going on in our world, people become offended by a movie, so they hurl fire bombs and rocks at a building blaming the embassy staff for someone half a planet away and in multiple regions, not to mention the people involved now into hiding for fear of their own safety, one never knows when those death threats are serious or just rhetoric.  Some of this anger or outcry, I believe to be “just because we can”, as one reporter observed in a telecast from CNN, “some of the younger persons who are hurling these objects have a sly grin on their faces, as though they are just in this for the rush of the event.”   It wasn’t until I heard that statement that I went searching the news casts to observe the films being presented to the viewing public, including those that happen right here on US soils and in each one, I see certain persons showing genuine concern, some curious and willing to offer input and the ones I observed in each:  Those who are checking to see the camera pan in their direction.

English: Suzanne Perry, Domestic violence vict...
English: Suzanne Perry, Domestic violence victim advocate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       This is particularly dominant in the films from the middle east in that several protestors who were burning effigies’ of presidents or flags only became furious in frenzy when the camera was catching their eyes and they knew they were being filmed, including the signage being held up, nothing was immune.  Let me stop most of you here and say  this, I am not poking fun nor trying to point out the stages of an eruptive event, I am not saying the violence doesn’t exist nor am I saying it isn’t serious or that we should not take note of it, I am saying merely this, surely rather than take innocent lives over a film or hold someone hostage because you are not satisfied with an outcome or event, surely there are more peaceful avenues and maybe we are not seeing the entire picture of what stresses may lie beneath the surface.  In lots of regions, debate fuels anger and then fuels violence and in cohesion to anger comes confusion.  For example, in an article in USA Today, we see three things unfold, the first being the belief that the unrest came from the release of the film, then we hear that it was a terrorist attack from the White House and in the heat of the battle, persons being questioned over the deaths of leaders and staff where two people cannot see eye to eye on what happened not to mention this happened after the national counter terrorism center comes under questioning to a homeland security committee complete with press releases about opinions, debates and centered around the violence, including an apology tour from our own Government rejecting film.  With this level of debate and the media taking excerpts from each side and then reporting on their own breakdown or analysis, it is little wonder the peace hasn’t set in, people are tuned in to a seemingly violent planet, full of finger pointing, mistake checking, fact blundering and plenty of splicing.

       In every unrest situation, there are “refugees” and those who are instantly displaced from their normal lives, keep in mind these are citizens who no doubt pay attention to the things happening around them, but choose not to act violently.  Humanitarian relief efforts would go much smoother, if those persons didn’t have to worry about being killed or attacked as well, as was the case in a headline that caught my eye in the New York Times, here is only a paragraph of what was reported:
9/11: Launching the War of Ideas (September 11...
9/11: Launching the War of Ideas (September 11, 2011 / 12 Elul 5771) ...item 2.. We Are Spartacus –- and act on it every day in small ways (June 21, 2012 / 1 Tammuz 5772) ... (Photo credit: marsmet542)

            “The attackers had lain in wait, silently observing as the rescuers, including eight State Department civilians who had just landed at the airport in Benghazi, arrived in large convoys. This second attack was shorter in duration than the first, but more complex and sophisticated. It was an ambush.

            We are aiding those who suffer this disparage, then while attempting that help, the attackers sit silently observing the area so that they may ambush those who want to help, my mind wonders back to our own US History of when we decided to not stand in a line and fire against the British, as we knew we could not take those who were better trained, so we innovated and as far as is known, we became a country and only finite details of that history are missing, I cannot help but wonder if some of those same tactics were deployed, such as sabotaging aid or crippling the help, food for thought.  All of this leaving behind whispers of “it had to be a well planned item” this suggests our enemies are studying the habits of not just the armies (two former navy seals were killed in this attack) but the relief efforts and the media reporting all of it, which most citizens only see the violent ends and hear the questions and the advanced rhetoric of “unfair advantages” and “arming the rebelling force” in the name of peace, quite the fine line to walk from this author’s view, truth glasses on or off.

NNEDV Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     Whether it’s a Diplomat that is killed, Senators, persons watching a movie or working their jobs, it seems this violent uproar may be gaining a trend with those who are “just fed up” or maybe it is an outcry of citizens who want change and all the normal avenues they seek lead to stagnant policy promises or no action at all.   Violence in our world needs only one thing to start the peace process, the ability to listen to what is being said through the cries of protest and death threats, which in this author’s humble opinion is “we want the violence to stop so we can talk, but if you talk violence, we will not stop.”  Where we go in our world from here has yet to be seen, but what is currently being seen is a world full of questions and when they hear the answers and “reject” those answers or see others seemingly roam free inciting unrest, the answer seems to be, “beat them down” or “kill them” statements that to date have only worked when no other option is seen upon the table of debate.  Peace to our readers, from an author with watchful eyes and hopeful ambition in our world’s quest for the end to all the bloodshed and hate.

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