Find The Cheapest Car Insurance Quote From Motor Vehicle Insurance Companies

If you are a resident of the USA and looking for auto insurance as well as cheap car insurance quotes, you can check the MDOI website. The DOI website contains a list of all licensed insurance companies. It also includes a chart for comparing auto insurance company quotes and liability coverage plans.

DOI Auto Insurance Company Quotes

The DOI advises customers to check a companys profile before shopping for insurance. Most people are attracted by cheap car insurance quotes. However, do not only look at the cheapest car insurance quote. The DOI chart rates the companys quality of services using such criteria as the complaints ratio, premium rates, licensing, registration with the Lloyds of London Institute, and insurance survey ratings. Customers are urged to give high priority to the complaints ratio, premium rates and licensing. High CR motor vehicle insurance companies or a company with a high complaints ratio has many complaints filed by customers in a given period, and therefore customers should avoid it.

Minimum Cheapest Car Insurance Quote

Some state auto insurance laws require residents to purchase a no-fault insurance policy. This policy is compulsory to every vehicle owner or driver. The policy provides coverage for medical attention, loss of income, rehabilitation and costs of replacing the damaged vehicles in the event of an accident. The coverage has no limits, all the parties involved in the accident are covered irrespective of who is at fault.

The no-fault insurance policy is a minimum requirement that will result in penalties being applied if a person does not possess it. The average fine for not having liability coverage is about $400.If you cannot pay the fine, you will be jailed for a maximum of 12 months. In some cases, your drivers license may be suspended for about 30 days. If you are wise, you can use this period to apply for auto insurance from motor vehicle insurance companies. Find cheap car insurance today and compare the multiple auto insurance company quotes.

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