Today’s Investigative Special Report – December 28, 2012 “Dealing With Today’s Law Enforcement Specialized Investigations” “Can Law Enforcement Utilize Domestic Drones To Investigate Child Sexual Assault Cases And Monitor Pedophiles”

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc
Forensic Expert – Senior Author
In the early 1970s the closest dream of spaceships was on the movie Star Trek. Since then there has been a multitude of scientific television shows, movies, books written, and many other venues. Law enforcement was the furthest thoughts from those who were creative and innovative in how to build airships which would assist them in the resolution of criminal behavior.
The Iraq and Afghanistan war allowed the military to develop airships such as war drones which allowed many covert missions providing surveillance, intelligence, targets, and anything else they could use the airships for.
Moving to 2012 law enforcement agencies began developing plans to use domestic drones to assist them in many situations. Specifically, the drones were utilized to take down drug dealers, perform surveillance on perpetrators who may be conspiring to commit crimes against a politician, government official, or the government.
So the question is how can domestic drones not only assist law enforcement with specific crimes but expand their usefulness in investigations such as child sexual assault cases and monitor the actions and movements of pedophiles? Let us examine and evaluate a domestic drone’s utilization by law enforcement:
1.      A domestic drone houses sophisticated computer software and hardware and specific information can be provided to the computer can be given identities of the names and addresses of convicted pedophiles in specific counties. The drone would then target only pedophiles, not violating anyone’s privacy.
2.      A domestic drone would be provided the physical descriptions, vehicles, family information, who resides in his residence, what his probation, parole, and court restrictions are; where and when he attends sexual deviance treatment; and much more information which provides all of his nuances, subtleties, habits, employment and his hobbies.
3.      A domestic drone would be provided the locations of parks and recreation sites where pedophiles and other sexual locations may cause law enforcement to be concerned of prostitution and under age sex with adults.
4.      A domestic drone would be provided the locations of all men’s entertainment clubs and sex shops.
5.      A domestic drone would be provided the locations of all the schools e.g. elementary, middles, and high schools.
6.      A domestic drone would be provided all of the school bus routes of the elementary schools.
7.      A domestic drone would be provided all of the schools which are in close proximity of playfields, parks, and any type of recreational facilities.
8.      A domestic drone would be provided geographical patterns of unknown perpetrators who are sexually assaulting children and adults. Areas where perpetrators have attempted child abductions, abducted children, and sexually assaulted children.
Implementing and inserting domestic drones to target geographical areas, pedophiles and their activities, and much more would require multiple individuals and organizations becoming a community of their own. Similar to a task force the specific community of law enforcement officials would join together with the FAA and military that would maintain and control the domestic drone actions, activities, targets, missions, and so forth.
Each law enforcement agency would provide a detective to the specific domestic drone division. The assignments of each detective would be no different than any other criminal intelligence division. Detectives would be responsible to provide the drone with geographical profiling of pedophiles and locations of possible criminal activity.
Dr. David Canter at least three decades ago created the theory when profiling a serial rapist’s the law enforcement profilers should consider identifying the geographical area the serial rapists is attacking his victims and then with this information apprehend him by predicting where and when he would attack his next victim.
Using the domestic drone and using Dr. Canter’s theories the drone would be able to cover the targeted areas utilizing the tools of the domestic drone which it has available to it. Law enforcement would have to adjust their plans as using the domestic drone would take some time to learn how to use it. There would have to be major checks and balances in implementing this program.
There are many individuals and organizations who do not want domestic drones seen in the skies in the United States. The ACLU recently made their position very clear on using domestic drones here in the United States. They stated:
We need a system of rules to ensure that we can enjoy the benefits of this technology without bringing us a large step closer to a “surveillance society” in which our every move is monitored, tracked, recorded, and scrutinized by the authorities…we have outlined a set of protections that we believe would protect Americans’ privacy in the coming world of drones.
The message from half of the United States population say they are in favor of law enforcement agencies in using domestic drones to stop criminals from committing crimes. A study by The Associated Press and The National Constitution Center stated only 36 percent said that they “strongly oppose” or “somewhat “oppose” police use of drones, according to the survey. Further, that about 1/3 were only worried about their privacy being eroded by the adoption of drones by law enforcement throughout the country.
Too many children are abducted all over the world. According to The U.S. Department of Justice reports
  • Nearly 800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year, or an average of 2,185 children reported missing each day.
  • More than 200,000 children were abducted by family members.
  • More than 58,000 children were abducted by nonfamily members.
  • 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. These crimes involve someone the child does not know or a slight acquaintance that holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.
Can the use of domestic drones reduce some of these statistics? If one child is saved because a domestic drone is proactively utilized by law enforcement, then the creative and innovative methods and techniques is worth it. When you have 2,185 children missing each day, then law enforcement needs to take any and all technology and attempt to stop those who kidnap children, sexually assault and murder them.
The privatization of the monitoring of pedophiles is something this author developed a step by step module twenty-five years ago, prior to the registration and check in and out system which currently law enforcement utilizes to monitor them. Imagine a monitoring system where the FAA allows law enforcement to select areas in the communities e.g. schools, playgrounds, and parks and monitor any pedophile that may come into those areas. Remember pedophiles target areas where children generally are located. If a chip was devised that all pedophiles would be required to have inserted into their arms and the domestic drone had the ability to monitor each pedophile utilizing these chips, then the 2,185 children missing each day would be reduced significantly.
The time to take advantage of creative and innovative minds and combine these minds with the newest technology such as domestic drones would only be a proactive step in the right direction in protecting children and making pedophiles accountable for the crimes they commit. If the FAA is willing to allow law enforcement to bring a plan to the table, then this aggressive step would put such fear in pedophiles that just the thought of being monitored would immediately have a reduction of abductions, sexually assaults and the murdering of children.
When it comes to crimes against children law enforcement has to pull out all the stops to stop children from being abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered. With each new technology device created, law enforcement needs to evaluate if the technology provides methods and techniques which will benefit their community in stopping any and all crimes involving children and pedophiles.

Lawrence W. Daly
Kent, WA

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