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When looking for the best cheap car insurance online, you have a wide range of auto insurance companies online, and it should not be impossible to find an automobile insurance policy that meets your needs.

Auto policies are not always cheap, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your auto insurance policy does not include auto coverage that is not really necessary. One of the easiest ways to get a cheap car insurance policy is to choose a number of auto insurers that offer free online quotes, and then to compare their prices. Around 10 -12 insurance companies providing free quotes is a good number.

Your first list should include your personal details such as the usual name and address and so on, but also the date that you passed your drivers test, details of any previous motoring convictions and any insurance claims made. Your age is also relevant: this could affect any youthful operators cover you might be seeking. Be completely truthful here, because although nobody will check up on your details at this stage, they certainly will if you make a claim.

You insurer will check up on your details, even to the extent of checking up on convictions and court records and you will be liable for the full costs of the accident yourself. Your car insurance will be worthless. All because you tried to hide that drink driving conviction 10 years ago. They aren't bothered if your conviction is spent or not: if you tell a lie your insurance is void.

Your second list should include your state minimum liability cover and you should check that to make sure it is sufficient to provide you with enough covered auto insurance to meet at least your expected average expenses. Most state minimum levels are too low so you might want to increase this. Check around and find out what other people are doing.

Included in that list will be any options that you feel necessary. If you are not particularly wealthy it might be worth while taking out some personal injury coverage in case you are injured in an accident that you have caused yourself.

Your next step is to choose the cheapest three or four and then to pick up the telephone and try to get further discounts by negotiating your deductible. The more you can afford to pay, the lower your insurance price will be, but make sure you can genuinely afford it. Do not include the deductible in the initial form, and if you must then make it low. Finally inform each company of the cheapest price you have been quoted and ask them if they can beat it.

Do that and you will get the best cheap car insurance that you could possible get for the details you have provided. It is not difficult so get paper and pen, write your lists and get online for 'cheap auto insurance' even mentioning your state (or country) if appropriate.

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