All that is Necessary for Evil to Succeed is for Good Men to do Nothing

English: "Guy Fawkes in Ordsall Cave". Google books edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The title of this article, may speak volumes to many, to others, it may not and still others may want to associate this with a member of the group, Anonymous who was featured in CNN’s reports, in their “quest” for revealing truths about a case going on in Steubenville, Ohio where all the correct items that would entice such nonsense, are fully available to those who have been speaking a certain amount of nonsense for some time and with the cause and effect being: Confusion, Anger, Fear, Hurt, Wonderment and Finger Pointing all of which are classic symptoms from a direct result of listening to this group, including the masses of media outlets with power spins,  point out things that are obvious and some of it noteworthy, however, the rest is Rhetoric designed to aggravate, upset and cause more of things not needed in this once very quiet small town and as in any town USA, complete with its own politics of illusions and news cameras, or is it different because of all the new found celebrity lights upon what we should be lead to think.  Our readers will recall seeing a post on our Face Book platform (https://www.facebook.com/CriminologyJustice) where this team has offered this same group several chances to come forth, talk to us and say what it is that we all need to hear that is so important, other than “We put new information out there for the public to see by hacking into the files and re-revealing what needs to be known.”  While this goes on, those who can capture the limelight of the camera make statements like all that is necessary or are we not a group of peers and we are the executioners, anyone who knows about our Truth Glasses approach in this team, knows that those words now have this teams and this author’s attention (for the record, I am not personally against anyone from anonymous, just the preposterous presentations of “might” and “authority” that make me a bit more in tune to why and how’s associated with what we hear and since we have only received silence from this group, other than spinning Negativity, this author is on a quest of his own), let’s see if Histories lessons support the thoughts and how many times these “good persons” have allowed or maybe even caused the Evil (or more correctly ill will) that is falling across our globe.  Truth Glasses ready readers oh and you as well Anonymous, let’s see if the information guru’s are as astute students of justice as they may claim to be, you may begin.

            As younger people on our planet, we have all had the imagination to fulfill being some sort of super hero, fighting on in the name of justice.  This is no different from those who would later become martyr’s for a cause or a figure head in a major speech who’s every word or work changes the way person’s act, respond or carry on their daily lives as the prime motivators are nearly the same: Uphold Justice, Pursuits of Truth or even simply, being Human Rights.  Many citizens all over the world can all relate, including the English who, in Guy Fawkes time were not unused to the strange or opaque specifically, Mr. Fawkes would find fate a bit shorter than most as the world prosecuted him for conspiring to blow up a parliament.  While this plot was obviously not impactful, every November the 5th, citizens still pour out into the streets to burn his effigy in the hopes of remembrance what this person, Mr. Fawkes was and is still capable of even in death. 
A 1606 etching by Claes (Nicolaes) Jansz Vissc...
A 1606 etching by Claes (Nicolaes) Jansz Visscher, depicting Fawkes's execution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
            Born a Protestant in 1570, Fawkes would later enlist in the Spanish Army, somewhere around 1593 not long after converting to Catholicism, Fawkes was ambitious, so he and his henchmen set out to “behead” the Government of items that would expedite ushering in Catholicism, by exploding black powder during a visit from King James The I and his family while they were inside, Fawkes would be assisted by a fellow named Catesby.  As the legend (misty history) goes, the plot was spoiled due to its own path, those who were plotting sought out wider support for this action and in doing so, one of the individuals reached out to his own brother in law, not associated with parliament and after a search of the place, Fawkes was arrested along with the supply of gunpowder.  While being tortured on the Racks of fate, he revealed who his own co-conspirators were and while they were arrested, awaited the finishing of time for his own involvement, some during the arrests were killed, others, such as Fawkes were tried and found guilty of High Treason.  In January of 1606, the final persons involved were tried and convicted and in celebration (or rather as marking a date of it), Parliament Declared that fateful November 5th day as the day of Celebration for the events that took place in total.
Guy Fawkes, from 'Peeps into the Past'
Guy Fawkes, from 'Peeps into the Past' (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            Today, instead of being known for the troubles that one man caused in the earliest attempts of terrorisms, this one man’s “day” is also called, “Bon Fire Night” where thousands maybe even millions of supporters and remembrance makers burn effigies of the once proudly standing man.  Complete with parades and Rhetoric of the martyr of Mr. Fawkes, the legend of his name continues to stir emotions, but actually for the wrong reasons.  Many persons think that in the group “Anonymous” the mask they wear, represents the ability to hide one’s own identity while creating havoc that gives them a sense of uninterrupted power and that it may be associated with Mr. Fawkes himself, the only discrepancy being, in history searches, I have never found a colorful mask on Mr. Fawkes, other than one presented for theatre times in those days and nothing like the materials we use and enjoy today known as Plastic.  We can safely say thus far that the crew of Fawkes and the crew of “Anonymous” both have a thread in common: Terrorizing the public and attempting to use some sort of force of intimidation to accomplish that mission – in searching for ways to influence an idea or expression of “public” thought, with the exception that King James I, is now not around and that black powder still is, in new forms known as the Internet and Privately held information including these other low level persons invading and copying my own email listings, no worries specifically from myself as this author is certain that truth glasses documents and contacts to law enforcement persons are exactly what this “justice” group needs, so let’s hope they use those items for good and not sending out weight loss packets (no, you don’t fool any of us).
English: The Discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, ...
English: The Discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, Laing Art Gallery (Tyne and Wear Museums) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            With the sordid history of this group’s “founder” (not including the V for Vendetta mask that would later be so significant), one cannot help but wonder if in their haste for justice, the group “Anonymous” with factions all across the globe have lost the oversight in the principals of law or if they are truly on our side.  Many times over, in our articles in this platform, we have shown our readers the classic and not so classic definitions of “Terrorism” and it’s associated parameters, so briefly, just for review and to help us see the truth of the situation in this play up in Ohio, is the definition of Terrorism (according to the FBI at FBI.GOV):

            Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85). 
English: Guy Fawkes Cottage
English: Guy Fawkes Cottage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        Taking particular note of this, use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives, we can see that throughout time, including incidents such as “Black March”, Red Roll October and the countless other offerings and Rhetoric from this group, it is almost text book in itself of how terrorist this group is, rather than the martyrs of justice they proclaim, for example, now that their group from Kentucky (a local branch of Anonymous) is putting the nose of the mask in an investigation, they are “threatening” to upload, or already have or will eventually, information that could be used to prosecute, rather than instill fear and uncertainty.  Let’s look at something in general for a moment about this Ohio situation, a very bad crime and series of crimes happened at a young lady’s expense, which, due to some rather immature younger men, ended up a National Spotlight case, where the information that was shared in worldwide platforms such as Twitter and others and humiliated that victim as well as bring disbelief upon a town, is now again up to see, thanks in part to our “friends of justice” in Anonymous and the whole hot mess going on in Ohio, is now fueled again with Rhetoric, including persons not even closely involved in the case itself being out right accused and unjustly tried in to the public’s eyes, long before a judge or a real jury can even make a decision.  This, is the miracle of the internet to those who know how to correctly use the machines that launch information and give our “justice” bringers their own tools to use to obtain and forcefully submit for the public to see (never mind the other sicko’s who were praying for that to happen anyway) once again bringing the lime light of the whole situation in front of not just the town, the boys, the accused and non accused, but right back into the victim’s faces again to be relived, this author wonders has anyone from Anonymous tried to get her the help she needs or are you secretly agreeing with the derogatory statements that many have heard and the victim has felt, let’s be realistic for a moment, how long will you allow your own dirty laundry to air while attempting to regain control and work toward a better tomorrow?.  Their attempts to “bring to light” the “newest lies” have done only one
English: Guy Fawkes River National Park, NSW
English: Guy Fawkes River National Park, NSW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 thing: let the town not get a rest. 

            Everyday as I scan the headlines, I see the end results of the kind of Rhetoric that needs to just stop in our own backyards and especially across the globe, from those persons who believe they are to be doing right.  I have never, nor will I ever really question much when the public is asking the right questions and the laws that apply are carried out FAIRLY.  This includes, using items such as “diligent investigation”, “due diligence” and a host of others that though we can say may not be perfect, they are effective and necessary for our lands.  Law Enforcement has a tried and true method for the truth about things to be handled (see any of our Tools of Law Enforcement articles, many great items in there Anonymous, read up on it, may surprise you), usually, the public awaits some of the more sensitive stuff, but only due to the mass media’s ability to twist and keep us hanging on, feeding us bit and pieces and then you know who shows up and makes all things that they can available to the public.  While this may help to clear up confusion in parties that may be following the cases, it does nothing constructive nor allows for the proper due processes to unfold, or if you are not hip with that, think about trying to solve a jig saw puzzle in a room of kindergarten kids, your puzzle is only 500 pieces, think you can do it right without flying off the handle or begging for the chance to have the concentration power to complete it, this author doubts anyone could regularly.  It is this context that makes this author say to the group, Anonymous, and anyone of them who continues to cause and incite this confusion to simply stop talking, you are doing no one a favor and hurting your own causes while allowing justice to slip by…..while using forceful, intimidation practices, so let’s be clear, you are terrorizing a town, so stop talking “big stuff” and do something constructive, take off your masks and file reports on what you know, Law is never swift, just exacting, much like when this team did a short series on your factions in general, revealing a bit about the technology of overdubbing sounds, video toasting, how to recognize and other platforms known as Digital Forensics, so do our side a favor, sit this one out, we got this just let us do our jobs.


            Now, moving on in our food for thought and in what we have learned thus far, Mr. Fawkes was killed due to treason, which included a plot to blow up the King, in our own world, a few things have blown up in recent decades and the black powder of time and space shows us reminders of it continuously, never forget 9-11, what about that or maybe Pearl Harbor or the Invasion of Normandy, French and Indian War, Spanish American War, Civil Wars and other such things where an idea or thoughts came to a head and produced violence and death, fear, heavy losses and a long term to rebuild hope and while our citizens in Steubenville may not be as oppressed or as in dire straits as those things, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a break and maybe kids will go back to school or maybe when someone answers a door the person wearing the mask won’t be there for potential ill gotten resources or other intimidation practices.  Food for thought again, why not use what you know and give it to the good guys, oh wait, that would mean you would have to reveal yourselves, probably not going to happen anytime soon, but that is okay, we all understand how the martyr system works, send out the henchmen to do the bad stuff, the top dogs rake in the prestige and the world watches in “awe”         
Top: Signature of
Top: Signature of "Guido" on his confession under torture, very faint and shaky. Bottom: Signature of "Guido Fawkes" on a further confession 8 days after being tortured. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
   Before allowing this section of words to close completely, we need to move forward in our truth glasses look at a few other things, the group itself.  When this group first appeared and started gaining a buzz about town, no one really knew what to think of them, were they themselves, 15 year olds with high ambitions, were they grown adults who were sort of coolishly crazy or maybe they were sincere about bring a new view into an “seemingly” glazed over world.  This team and this author decided to go in look of some triumphs of time in this faction’s overview of history and time and once again, see if they compare to the V for Vendetta or F for Fawkes and the principals of truth.  Our first entry into their address book of accomplishments is: WestBoro Baptist Church, many of their fans will recall where this group pretty much took information after the church advised to “bring it” thinking they could possibly outwit the group at electronic games of code, sad fail on the churches part, the group did what they said and that was pretty much the story for that area, Anonymous 1, Public Domain Church Server 0.  Next we have their ambition toward a certain Koch Brothers, if they sound familiar it is because they back the tea party and had an encounter of the close kind with our group of guru’s, this time, the guys showed up and denied service attacks upon a web site the group continues to probe those sites for weaknesses, looking for anything of value, no surprise, the DDOS worked quite well as it should when machines are operated by correctly applied skills through Human contact (hint, might want keep your keyboards wiped down, forensics loves to hunt stuff). 
Guy Fawkes Bonfire
Guy Fawkes Bonfire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            Okay, third up from our friends and to no surprise to most of us, the church of scientology became the focus of this group and this indeed may have been the cascade they needed in their own dirty dish cycle to help clean up a bit, however, let us take a moment to read on.  A video of one Tom Cruise was posted by “Gawker” and the rest unfolds with Anonymous posting one of its own, stating directly “the extent of your malign influence over those who trust you as leaders has been made clear to us, Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed.”  Guess what happened next – another DDOS (Chanology), spam and email campaign and you guessed it, Scientology went by the way side, current score, Anonymous 3, Electronics 0.  Fourth, our attention can be drawn to around 2010, in Operation Payback, where our good guys were a bit upset about privacy issues concerning the internet. Yes, take a moment to breathe here, Privacy and Internet and Anonymous in one breath.  The breakdown, Master Card basically stopped processing payments connected to Wiki Leaks and Anonymous countered with smacking the company’s websites with DDOS attacks, but not just them, Senator Lieberman, Visa, PayPal explaining it away with these words, “this group isn’t affiliated with Wiki Leaks, but fights for the same reasons, we want transparency and we counter censorship. The attempts to silence WL are long strides closer to a world where we cannot say what we think and are unable to express our opinions and ideas.”  Swish! Another DDOS shot and the score is Anonymous 4, Computers 0, maybe it will be a sweep of the series, only our truth glasses will allow us to see it.  Fifth, but not last, this group of masked hero’s of justice, directly caused the resignation of the chief executive of a US security firm that was assisting in tracking down “cyber activists”.  A one Aaron Barr, who headed H B Gary Federal, had kind of bragged to the financial times about revealing the names of some of Anonymous leaders.  The group of course being true to their own, responded with hacking into Gary’s computer system through the public website, accessing 71,000 private emails, and then indexing them in a searchable format for almost anyone to read, what they revealed was an institution that had indeed been employing dirty tricks only to save image, February 28 Barr resigned. Anonymous 5, Computers 0, Bad guys 0, yes a clean sweep where the victors enjoy the spoils of machine manipulation while using that information to force items out, through intimidation and finally only a person alone and the computers lose, the other persons who apparently needed to come to justice, must not have been able to fit in a flash drive sadly, but who knows, someday maybe Anonymous can do that for us as well, virtual court is a happening already, would be cool to see.


            While we sit and ponder the facts before our eyes and try to stay focused on what this article should have been about, that being the victims and un-necessary unrest in Ohio, it went rather array in the hopes that our “friends of justice” aka Anonymous, would read this as well as our normal audience in the hopes of discovering what actually applying due process means when it comes to seeking true justice, remember, it isn’t swift that counts, its exacting so that those who are due their day in court can do so without getting a phone call in the middle of it that they need to come get their kid from school while someone else shoots up the place, I think “shame on you” in truly in order here for this group’s connection to the mid regions of this nation, your own stand on truth has opened up new wounds, provided a clear path for false Rhetoric, given leeway to video’s, statements and other items that sick individuals will use for items other than justice and all while compounding an already complex investigation where several persons WILL come to justice, the difference is, while you want it now in the public’s eyes, which incites violence and confusion, we are willing to pursue it so that when it comes, its swiftly processed and the bad guys go to jail, life goes on.

            Finally, since our requests for you to come talk to us are indeed falling on deaf ears, this author is branching out that offer again, except with a twist.  Instead of allowing your own fears of public presence keep you from answering direct live, how about I offer this up, a short series of questions that I myself and others would like to know, your thoughts are welcome of course, but please, before you begin to answer them, take off the silly V for Vendetta masks, they don’t do a thing for your complexion.  Questions below:
1 – Your group claims in this case (as in others) that you are the Judges, Juries and “Executioners” and do so in the name of Justice, Can you site one other item you have done in the past, aside from forcing a resignation that did not incite unrest or cause confusion?
2 – Your group fascinates the world all around only because you claim to bring the truth to light so that the public can decide, have you ever thought about working direct with Law Enforcement so that they can do the same thing, except using the applied laws and standards to get it done, it is no secret many departments are short on resources, can your group provide those missing links?
3 – Why is this case, any different than the others in that the only real weapon you have is the internet, agencies that use machines and information which is open to public domain items anyway, depending on level of sensitivity, we saw masks in the streets holding up peaceful signs and chanting, how did it feel to stand among the confused and what did your factions learn from it?
4 – Corruption in Police departments is nothing new and no matter how hard we try or desire to change things to make it better, someone will not fit the bill, your group has said many things in regards to the investigation in this case, can you cite how you would investigate it and what would make it any more difficult to prosecute or defend in court, which is where it will end up anyway?

There you have it, four simple questions and no, we don’t mind if you use them someplace else to gain attention for yourselves, just use them correctly and stop talking so much smack, let the Police do their jobs and if you have something totally unique to contribute, remember, lots of phones down there, give them a call and do what any citizen would do, in the name of Justice, call the Police and tell someone.  Truth Glasses down, Good day.

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  1. What exactly is this website? Personally, it seems like a knock off page from Anon.

    Secondly, if you're trying to aggro anonymous, i don't think it would be wise. Given they can obtain anything against you. Including things you cant be ready for.
    Thirdly, Again, if you are trying to aggro anonymous, i don't think they will have any interest what so ever, in someone who has such a mediocre site.

  2. Hello Jerg,
    I am the owner of this website which covers many more topics than anon and you would know that if you had bothered to open your eyes. Secondly I could care less what anon thinks as I am entitled to the same free speech that they are nor do I care what they can obtain. This site is about crime and justice and covers many topics which you would be aware of had you bothered to open your eyes, and you also are entitled to your opinion and freedom of speech. If you think my site is mediocre then don't visit you will not be missed as I have had over 325,000 others that do not share your opinion.
    Criminology and Justice Management

  3. Jerg,
    Greetings from the Author of this article. I appreciate your feedback. My own view of this group is that they do more harm than good, but only due to a lack of critical application of thoughts. Should they , you (if you are part of their faction)wish to answer the call to the questions, I will work diligently to insure they have a fair venue to do so, unlike what is being perceived in many communities in regards to their own actions and while you seem resentful, others appreciate the content of the entire site as well as the many fine articles of Educational, Scientific and Direct Law Applications. I would hope that in haste, you have not overlooked the point of this piece, which is, if they truly wanted to help, truly were "Justice" oriented, they would work hard in helping victims and stopping the ridiculous circus they have actually caused. Again, I am the author and I have an open invitation to any of them to answer the questions as presented. Thank you for your comments, have a great day.

  4. As a mod for /r/anonymous, I invite you to open an account on reddit, and come to /r/anonymous and talk to us.

    I'm not going to tell you what you will find there, just that we are available to talk and have always been available to talk.

    again, reddit.com/r/anonymous

    1. R_G, Greetings from Scott. I must first apologize for my untimely response, life got in the way and I became a bit displaced, but now that I have read your comment, I am intrigued on two levels, minimally. First, the article has been up for over a year and a half, I can understand being busy but why over a year and a half. Second, "some one" shared the article with you, I am curious as to whom. We do a lot of outreach tracking and a sharer would help us to know our geographic reach. The questions within the article are self explanatory, as stated, I personally think with a little more critical thought, your group could do a lot of good rather than just post personal information about persons or disabling a server, i find that redundant and terroristic. So, as I said, in a fair venue where multiple persons may view our conversation and if you are truly a representative of the faction, which branch do you represent? Not a trick question, just want a straight forward answer before we proceed, I must inform you, I have spoken with many since this article was first published, I am savvy on a few things. Peace and thank you for reading and responding.

    2. Just wanted to say thank you to R_G and the group from last nights conversation. I was truly enlightened by the level of polite, respectful and peaceful exchange of ideas. I am impressed. To our readers, out of respect for this group, I will not be following up with any articles and say this, the best thing about truth glasses is that they work on me as well and I learned much as a result of their use. Not all of them are crazy, shut your computer off criminals, many of them have the same concerns as citizens like you and I. Thank you again to that group, it was an experience I will never forget.

  5. Scott,

    I am a moderator on reddit.com/r/anonymous. I invite you to create an account and come talk to us there.

    someone linked us to your article today.


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