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Open Invite from Author Scott Hall (docplocky@gmail.com)

Ladies and Gentlemen:  I wish to formally remind our audience of this group known as Anonymous and that now along with all the other unrest going on within their grasps, these individuals have decided to stick out the long noses of their masks into a hot bed case in Ohio.  A case where a young woman was humiliated, two young men were arrested and are now being brought to trial, a heated environment where confusion and corruption may or may not go hand in hand all while forgetting a very important issue:  The Victims.  This case will reveal plenty of truths, something this author finds it hard to believe that a group such as Anonymous would be involved in directly, that being the truth.  I am formally offering the chance for any member officially recognized by their faction to come and set the record straight for our audience.  We can use Skype, Google Hangouts or even set up a live feed right here or anywhere so that all our viewers can listen and decide for themselves, are your interests genuine or are they another attempt to cause civil unrest and add confusion to an already delicate and intricate case.  So, with this being said, as you review one of our earliest video's in regards to your faction, I open the door formally to your group to come and chat with myself and the many facets of Criminal Justice, including the many professionals who would also enjoy a chance to hear your direct opinions and plans of action other than a mask and hiding in a poorly lit apartment room or "secret" spot.  Why do I in particular take an interest in what these persons think, I have learned much in course here at C&J and being in my own back yard (so to speak) is a great way to get to know you, so come on out, don't be shy, come talk to the Leaders of the Industry in Digital Media and Truth Reporting.  I and we are up to the challenge, are you?

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