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Got a dollar, donate it.  Goal is 1500 to secure a retainer fee for Elizabeth Hall

A couple of days ago, our team released this article:


It is an article of both Educational and Purposeful value, not to just those who have read it and understand it's words, it is valuable to the founder of this outlet, one Elizabeth Hall.  I ask you to take a look into the eyes of the picture presented and read in understanding the article "Statutes and the laws that apply, who will help?" Then, help us out.  The core of this case, 12-CI-05365, is based on the premise of laws that apply and why this situation needs help from the court system.  We need donations to make this a reality, our resources are depleted and that means this humble blog is in deep trouble as we are a not for profit company, resources are up to those who help us to help you.  There are Paypal links as well as other avenues to donate to this VERY worthy cause and we will insure that all donations are tax deductible to the best of our own ability. Those avenues reside here on this outlet and on our http://cjnewsandmedia.spruz.com site. What we seek is justice at it's core value, the right to live, work and be free here in the USA without persons such as Scott Joseph Wallace or corporations such as Tiger Monkey, causing undue harm to anyone, including the public. Take a look at the picture presented, this is Elizabeth, the person affected.  I and this team stand behind her quest for justice, what we need is 1 dollar from 1500 people who also care about justice for Elizabeth.  Let's join together, in resource and hope and make this happen, we believe it can and 1 dollar from 1500 of our 300,000 base is all we ask. Our undying gratitude and appreciation for those who have offered volunteer work, words of encouragement and courage will never be forgotten, never fade away and will always reflect the collective of our readers, Justice for all through Education, Research, Scientific Purpose and Outreach.
To email Elizabeth direct, go to projectmanagercjmag@gmail.com, she will answer all emails to the best of her ability. A single dollars worth of help will go so very far.

Warmest Wishes and Hopes in Seeking Justice for Elizabeth
C&J Staff

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