Our Opinion on the Behind the Yellow Tape Steubenville Case and Anonymous w/guest Sheriff Fred Abdalla

Jefferson County Courthouse (Ohio)
Jefferson County Courthouse (Ohio) (Photo credit: fusionpanda)
By Elizabeth Hall
Below is the show done by +Joey Ortega tonight in its entirety including the show trailer and recording on the Steubenville rape Case. Two of us at Criminology & Justice were the moderators for the chat room, and all I can say is that the rhetoric going on in this case, and the three ring circus that #KnightSec, #Anonymous in Kentucky, and the people believing all of the hype are hurting this case, the towns involved, and the victim more than they can fathom.  Sheriff Abdallah was spot on with his analysis and what he had to say about the case.  Because of the negative national attention that this case is receiving, I highly recommend listening to this show in it's entirety because facts are being lost with the hype and spread around like wildfire, only inciting more negativity for the case, the towns, and most importantly the victim.  Joey does a great job in cutting out the hype and discussing the facts with Amy Burch and Sheriff Abdallah. Inciting emotion does nothing in the interests of the 
“High school football rape case unfolds online...
“High school football rape case unfolds online and
divides Steubenville, Ohio” / SML.20121225.SC.PublicMedia.NYT.20121217.Sports.HighSchoolRapeCase.
UnfoldsOnline.and.Divides.SteubenvilleOhio.US (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)
pursuit of justice, and  by sharing the information around and inciting this hype KyAnonymous and KnightSec are inciting a travesty of justice.  Two wrongs never make a right, and the legal process is being trampled on as people spread these falsehoods around.

Steubenville Case and Anonymous w/guest Sheriff Fred Abdalla

by Joey Ortega

in Legal

In an effort to continue to run down leads, verify information and avoid simply offering rumors and filler as many shows do, BTYT had to take a step back and regroup. We also wanted to leave room for the Goddard civil suit to reach resolution without a comment on the show making her fight harder. That's over now. BTYT has made new format improvements and added a new cast member. Investigator Amy Burch.
We return with the first priority of addressing Anonymous' self insertion into the Steubenville case and discuss who this group is and whether they are helping or hurting. A major target of their campaign is Fred Abdalla. They also introduce new "evidence" and allegations against him and others as well as release a video that alleges to recount the August rape in graphic detail. 
Sheriff Abdalla will be on to give his reaction and answer some recent emerging questions. 
Proudly serving Jefferson County for over 23 years, Sheriff Abdalla has worked with adjoining law enforcement to reduce the crime within the Ohio Valley. Sheriff Abdalla has numerous hours of training and schooling within law enforcement. The Sheriff , his Deputy sheriffs and staff are dedicated to the citizens of Jefferson County.

Amy Lynn Burch is a registered Private Investigator within the Commonwealth of Virginia with a considerable experience in surveillance, counter terrorism, workplace violence and threat assessment, sexual predator behavior and motivations, and interview/interrogation.  Additionally, Amy is a passionate sexual assault/stalking victim advocate with training as a PTSD and Trauma counselor. Amy’s passion for justice as well as her relentless pursuit of the truth in relation to criminal casework makes her a force with which to be reckoned

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