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Yesterday (May 30), the daily economic news reporters from shenzhen transportation committee's website that June day, through December 5, most areas in shenzhen will ban electric bicycle on the road. Shenzhen a paper in place "campaign," raised the national for express distribution "last mile" of a heated discussion.

Express network XuYong, chief analyst at the daily economic news to reporters say electric bicycle is currently express company "last mile" distribution the main transportation, at present there are 60 multiple express brand of shenzhen, once "forbidden in" fits execution, not at the express profession by other accommodation way, will directly cause of shenzhen express cargo to the national express backlog, network will have a significant negative impacts.

Meanwhile, self-built logistics e-commerce enterprise also expressed enormous pressure jingdong mall yesterday in micro chief executive LiuJiangDong blog the truth, jingdong mall therefore had to lease more sites, narrow distribution scope. Because the rent increases, distribution efficiency drops, cost increased 40 percent at.

To this, guangdong postal administration relevant principals from reporters yesterday, is currently pay close attention to this matter. "Last mile" is the most important

On May 26, shenzhen public security bureau and traffic management committee held a joint press conference, a decision from 6 June 2011 date to December 5, daily 0 to 24 when, in shenzhen futian district, shenzhen according to law, yantian district, such area nanshan district, baoan district, banned electric bicycle and other installation of the motor vehicle powered devices on the road. Notice specified area basic including shenzhen all jurisdictions. Of these, 6 June till the end of June for "propaganda guide period".

"If you do not let use electric bicycle, at once I return true have no other better distribution method." Yesterday, just hear shenzhen "forbidden in" a floral SiLiYao zhongtong express general not huanguo to god. In his view, this has not only involves the rising costs, but also directly related to the "last mile" whether can work properly.

"In that 'forbidden in northern issued" still not." In accepting the daily economic news reporter to interview, SiLiYao says he has just two days ago for baotou, shijiazhuang several outlets ordered a batch of electric tricycle, this kind of traffic tool currently has become the national consensus "express industry safety, cheap, flexible, practical" delivery tools, especially suitable for ZouJieChuanHang.

The reporter understands, shenzhen the "forbidden by shenzhen municipal public security bureau in" jointly sponsored and transport committee. In recent years, the main reason is allegedly involving electric bicycle traffic accidents have risen sharply, exists serious traffic accident hidden trouble, and affect the efficiency of shenzhen city traffic.

Shenzhen traffic police bureau revealed, in recent years involving electric bicycle accident have risen sharply. Last year is happening in electricity "a" 268 of the traffic accidents, the total 15.66%, accident, which killed 64 people, the fastest of all deaths of injured people were injured, 233 total number of 12.3%.

"The government of traffic safety and urban planning consideration we understand, but cannot ignore express, logistics to electric bicycle special needs." A senior personage guangdong industry reporters yesterday, at present the Courier services in guangdong province already account for the total national express about 1/4, shenzhen and holds guangdong express service a large chunk of the market. Once the last kilometer problems and could cause widespread delays even paralysis of the national express network, will the influence.

XuYong suggest, for obtain express business licenses express company, in the use of electric bikes, can adopt special visitors passes way. Most electric bicycle super gb?

However, in some industry insiders opinion, because the policy hysteresis, express company use electric tricycle early due to overweight, have no license etc, many listed as "black" crackdown category. But because the actual demand, many companies would rather fines, also want to on the road.

In march, the ministry of public security, industry believe department, administration of industry and commerce, the saqsiq have jointly issued a "about strengthening electric bicycle management regulations" notice, no more than 20 kilometers per hour and vehicle quality (weight) is not more than 40 kilograms "for the electric bicycle reengage incompliance standards, are ChaoBiaoChe, banned production, sale, on the road.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, in fact, is currently in the pin and are using existing most electric bicycle are overweight, this is due to rapid upgrading electric bicycle batteries, "gb" 10 years unchanged. XuYong also said, the current traffic laws are not especially suitable for express service city closes, sent FeiJiDong vehicles in the technical standard, the two meetings "this year, the CPPCC national committee, national EMS post office director MaJunSheng will submit the related proposals.

SiLiYao tells a reporter, electric tricycle in express market vitality very exuberant. The past many express company alteration, now a lot of electric enterprise are in and express company joint design development, from the appearance, function and so on various aspects "custom-made2". "How to express delivery in satisfying the basis of with government regulations, form a good promote each other, we are looking forward to it." SiLiYao said.

Shenzhen traffic police bureau ZhiHuiKe section chief XiaXuKun introduction, as a traffic management measures, shenzhen "limit electricity" will continue to December 5, since then, the traffic police department will according to the first term, positive ways summarize experience and listen to public feedback, adjust to limit line measures perfect.

As for LiuJiangDong said, thus to electricity traders cause 40% of the rising costs, whether can bring jingdong product price or related logistics prices rise, as of yesterday, jingdong mall send for reporters without give a reply.

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