Today’s Investigative Special Report – January 17, 2013 “Dealing With Todays Law Enforcement Specialized Investigations” “Would Retired Law Enforcement Be The Answer To Protect Children?”

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

Forensic Expert – Senior Author

 Of the 100,000 school districts in the United States there are 10,000 school districts which have hired over the years retired and off-duty law enforcement officers and security to protect students in a school environment. The major question is “How is this working for everyone across America?” This sounds harsh but is simply a reality. It isn’t working nor will it continue to work as long as the politicians and law makers focus on what type of a gun an individual owns. This ideology is antiquated and all studies have demonstrated that gun restrictions do not have anything to with when and where they are used, and on whom.
It seems every day now another shooting is occurring if not at a school, but a business environment. Basically, the mentally violent deranged animals are out of their cages and people have become their targets making them the shooting victims.
Parents and others want their children protected when in a school environment. However, this is the ‘band aid’ effect, where placing the ‘band aid’ on the problem will never stop the problem. Politicians want Americans to believe that if they restrict the type of guns which individuals have the right to own under the Second Amendment, there will be a change in people’s behavior.
Restrictions on what types of guns can own may be a method to stop the madness. Unfortunately, this does not address the major issues which are as follows:
1.      How does the government stop individuals who have criminal records from obtaining a gun?
2.      How does the government stop individuals who have no criminal records from obtaining a gun and shooting people?
3.      How does the government monitor and control the mentally violent deranged individuals who are become obsessed with their guns and accessories and want to and do murder people?
4.      How does the government say no to individuals who may be mentally violent deranged individuals who are legally capable of obtaining a gun, but the seller believes the sell is a bad idea?
5.      How does the government make people who are in possession of illegal guns to register such guns?
The above questions are just the beginning of asking those who are gun owner’s questions which the government somehow in their wisdom may be capable of obtaining the information and then having all of those who have the illegal guns register them. The fear that the government wants everything they have from property to guns to money is something which continues to spew out of the white house which is alarming and a different subject matter.
The government wants people who sell guns to be psychologists. They are not trained to be psychologists nor do they want to be the gun police. If they don’t want to abide by all of the laws then there is a problem. The seller does not have the education, training, or experience to make a decision about who should own a gun or who should not.
The policies which are in place restrict those who have been convicted of specific crimes
President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 from purchasing and owning a gun. The seller can have an individual fill out a form and then fax or email the form to those who perform background checks and they either deny or confirm the purchase.
President Obama and Vice-President Biden want the gun laws to be about the protection of children. If this ideology is the road President Obama wants to travel it will become immediately obvious that no matter how many gun laws are passed, people will find the guns they want to own. The mentally violent deranged individual who has a monomania problem will kill whomever he has targeted and then he will turn the gun on himself.
There is no way to stop these types of individuals in doing what they have planned and set-out to accomplish. Trying to understand who these individuals is a simple process as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a Behavior Unit which profiles and has profiled these individuals. So what does the FBI profile say about these people; who are they and how can they be stopped? Great question, but no one including the FBI has any way of predicting behavior of a specific individual unless the individual comes under their radar. This is the catch, how does law enforcement identify and apprehend the mentally violent deranged individual before he enters a school and murders innocent children.
The preventive aspect of the awareness of who these murderers are needs to be posted on every telephone from the west coast to the east coast.
Under the new gun laws which are being introduced to restrict the types of guns people may own, therapists now have to report individuals who they are concerned pose a threat. This bill doesn’t go far enough. What the law needs to include is this mentally violent deranged individuals family, relatives, friends, peers, and basically anyone who identifies that something is not right with this individual, especially someone who in a short period of time is obtaining numerous guns, the types of guns, and ammunition which a person could fight a war with, needs to be reported immediately to law enforcement.
The utopia of what President Obama wants to change to, simply will not work. It isn’t the criminals killing students it is law abiding citizens who are killing students. These individuals are the individuals who have the right to purchase any guns and accessories and as many as they want. In fact, the person killing people have a psychology of personalities. These multiple personalities make it difficult for law enforcement to identify them, apprehend them, and etc.
In the movie “The Minority Report” the actor Tom Cruise plays a law enforcement officer and during this futuristic movie law enforcement has created a criminal justice system which identifies a future criminal act. This allows law enforcement to stop the crime from occurring. Everything goes well until Cruise is identified as someone who will commit a crime in the future.
English: The Seal of the United States Federal...
English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, vease aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, “The Minority Report System” does not exist and to date no one has created such a similar system which would stop people from committing a crime. Therefore, America has to deal with the current system in which there are no fortune tellers of future criminal behavior. Our only asset is the FBI and other professionals in the law enforcement community can profile people, when others are not yelling about being discriminated against or having their rights violated. However, it is reasonable and logical that if a life can be saved then law enforcement must do whatever makes common sensical and doesn’t violate the Constitution.  
Restricting gun control by passing laws which outline which gun an individual can own will not stop the mentally violent disturbed from killing any one. What is needed is education and training to make people aware that the professionals, the experts, and those who understand violence need to begin educating the public in the type of atmosphere which promotes accountability and responsibility of the protection of themselves, children, and others.
No one can protect the future and President Obama’s actions are admirable, but in the end will not be sufficient. If he is going to expend time and money on how to curtail or prevent future shootings, he needs to create a Gun Czar who will begin a nationwide education program which is “effective.” He can establish State Agencies who have individuals who have the authority to establish and hold city meetings where people can come to hear how to protect themselves and their children. Further, a prevention videotape needs to be created to be posted all across the Internet especially YouTube and Google, which does the following:
1.      Establishes just who these mentally violent deranged individuals are. Taking the FBI or any other professional violent expert’s profile which educates people about the psychology of personalities of who they are. Simply, people need to open their eyes, know who the people are who play a role in their lives, and report any odd and illicit behavior. The title of being a “snitch” should be something the community supports and advocates.
2.      Establishes specific training for current or former law enforcement officers or security guards on how to handle one of these mentally violently deranged individuals. This program needs to be put into effect right now. The assumption that because the retired or off-duty law enforcement officer knows how to deal with school violence is a mistake Americans can’t and shouldn’t make. In small towns in America law enforcement agencies do not have the ability or finances to properly, completely, and thoroughly train their officers. The Federal Government which finds itself financially underwater because of the over spending of the past and current administration need to find the money to support these law enforcement and security education and training programs.
3.      Establishes media coverage of who these mentally violent deranged people are. This is not naming names, but teaching Americans what the signs are to look for. Further, that if it is determined at a later time that they knew this individual was demonstrating “concerning” behavior, e.g. collecting guns and ammunition, acting odd or violent then they will be prosecuted to the fullest if they don’t take the necessary steps to contact law enforcement about what they have observed. It is time to make people understand the need to call law enforcement when things just don’t seem right.
4.      Establishes programs which eliminate politicians from using children to attempt to influence others that people possessing specific guns is the problem and the reason there are shootings at schools. The problem is not this simple to understand and to stop. It will take a community of all to change things. It will take all Americans to step forward and do their part. It will take law enforcement much time to educate and train themselves and others that mentally deranged individuals generally behave in a specific way.
5.      Establishes programs which teach individuals how to dial 911 when an individual is beginning to concern them. This does not mean to call law enforcement because someone put garbage in the wrong bin. This exactly means when the actions of others are concerning they need to call the police. Professionals in the community can educate and train people how and when law enforcement needs to be called. The information can become a trickle-down effect where everyone is learning and reporting. Always remember the past mentally violent deranged murderers were known in their community as being “special” something being different or wrong with their family member, a friend, a co-worker, and etc. Someone knew something again was not right with this individual, but nobody reported their behavior to law enforcement.
President Obama should take the time to communicate with Congress that he needs their assistance in building an education, training, media campaign in “Prevention, Recognition, and Reporting Program” of how to identify these mentally violent deranged individuals and how Americans can report their behavior to law enforcement.
This “Prevention, Recognition, and Reporting Program” will allow educated and trained retired and current law enforcement officers in how to investigate any complaint of a possible mentally violent deranged individual acting odd, different, or unusual.
Tomorrow when President Obama’s signs all the Executive Orders reference gun control and restrictions, it will only be a matter of time to demonstrate that this avenue of gun restrictions was the wrong road to take. I pray and hope that he is right and I am wrong. To date too many ch
DC Gun Law Outlawed by Appellate Court
DC Gun Law Outlawed by Appellate Court (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)
ildren lives have been taken away. There can be no reason or excuse for the taking of an innocent life no matter what their age is.
The answer isn’t politics, the us against them mentality i.e. Democrats versus Republicans. However, it is about protecting everyone, and it all begins with law enforcement being responsible to protect and serve their community by establishing a strong “Prevention, Recognition, and Reporting Program.” It is time to educate and train law enforcement officers in how to recognize mentally violent deranged individuals, how to handle them, how to avert a deadly situation, and how to resolve conflict without the loss of life. The community must partner with their local, county, state, and federal law enforcement officials in finding anyway to communicate that someone they know just might be a danger to himself and others. 

Lawrence W. Daly
Kent, WA

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