Today’s Investigative Special Report – February 5, 2013 “Dealing With Todays Law Enforcement Specialized Investigations” “When Blackmail By Politicians Try To Intimidate Law Enforcement”

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

Forensic Expert – Senior Author

It seems absurd that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel whose cities violence is out of control now wants to blackmail banks who have financial relationships with gun manufacturers.
English: CHICAGO (May 28, 2011) Chicago Mayor ...
English: CHICAGO (May 28, 2011) Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, fourth from right, waves to the crowd as he marches with Commander and Chief of the United States Joint Forces Command Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, center, in the 2011 Memorial Day Parade on North State Street in downtown Chicago. The annual parade honors veterans, active duty military members and those who have given their lives in the service of their country. (U.S. Navy photo by Scott A. Thornbloom/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 He wants banks to stop lending money to gun manufacturers.
In response to his 41 homicides in January, 2013, he sent letters to TD Bank and Bank of America which offer lines of credit to gun makers to stop lending money to the manufacturers and come out for new gun restrictions.
It seems logical and reasonable that Emanuel is using the Obama strategy that one percent of the population should be responsible for those who have less. What Emanuel wants is those who have money to become party-lined and if they don’t he will try to blackmail them into putting the money up for advocation, education, and training about guns. In essence he wants to reach into those he considers who financially have deep pockets and tell them how they will lend and spend their money.
Instead of being the politician who steps-up for his city, enforcing the numerous gun laws which have been passed over the years, locally, state and federal laws he should be campaigning to have his officers out arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating individuals who are in possession of ill
egal firearms.
There is the entire White House out campaigning about finding a solution on how to deal with guns. There are always methods and techniques which can assist politicians in redefining how to deal with individuals who are ruining lifestyles for those who are law abiding Americans. The examples of which guns should be banned, how many bullets an individual may possess, the need for further background checks is like putting a band aid on a baseball size hole in a wall.
The studies and statistics about which type of guns kills the majority of people who fall victim when shot by the perpetrator. The attack on the Constitution once again finds its way to top of the ladder and what should happen with the Second Amendment. The answer has to be they should and cannot do anything, as the Second Amendment has its reasons for being in existence.
Politicians can pass as many laws as they want, but unless they enforce them then they are of no value then it is back to the drawing board they go. Emanuel wants to attack financial institutions when people are dying throughout his city. I have yet to hear of a bank executive out doing any drive by shootings.
The education and training law enforcement should be receiving is exactly what laws exist on the legal scrolls of justice. After learning what these laws are then officers can be taught how to enforce them. No longer should ignorance of these laws be the reason they are not being enforced.
Lawful Concealed Weapons Permitted Sign
Lawful Concealed Weapons Permitted Sign (Photo credits: www.mysecuritysign.com)
One idea is to institute the stop and frisk of individuals who appear to be in the process of committing a crime or are committing a crime. This strategy has been effective in every city which has instituted it and has gained some strength in this controversial policy. However, Emanuel would have to be convinced that there would be no violation of anyone’s individual Constitutional rights. He is a liberal and he will not give up anybody’s rights unless it benefits him as a leader.
Besides educating and training law enforcement officials what else can people and professionals do in reference in how to control guns and the manner in which they are being distributed across cities such as Detroit, New York, and Chicago. Ownership of most guns should be legal as the Second Amendment is clear on what citizens can do to protect themselves. So the politicians should move on from attacking the NRA and those who believe in the Constitution. Basically and simply it is a waste of time. There are effective methods and techniques which should be considered which can be effective now.
So let us examine and evaluate what steps can be taken to minimize the violence which has become an everyday occurrence across the United States:
1.      States such as Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming have adopted laws in recent years that would exempt guns made in the state from federal regulation as long as they remain in the state, according to Jon Griffin of the National Conference of State Legislatures.
2.      The politicians and those who support owning guns of all types need to work together to establish a foundation and balance amongst each other that the public can feel comfortable that something is being done. The problems with this suggestion may cause people to have a false sense of security.
3.      Those who kill people don’t care if politicians and gun supporters find a solution. They have a gun which makes them feel powerful and they intend to use the gun no matter what the consequences are. However, adding additional prison sentences to anyone found with a gun on their possession or in the commission of a crime should be given 10 to twenty years, if not life in prison. If the politicians and law makers made the crime severe anyone with a logical and reasonable mind would consider the punishment they would receive. Unfortunately, those who massacre people intend to take their lives so punishment will not be an issue.
4.      The laws currently on the legal scrolls of justice and are lawfully executable should aggressively be enforced by every law enforcement agent across America. Law enforcement shouldn’t have to wait until laws are changed to begin enforcing new laws which have little to no value when it comes to the enforcing of the violence which is occurring nationwide.
5.      As stated above law enforcement need education and training in reference to what laws are already available to enforce. However, the criminal justice system must support law enforcement and their pursuit to apprehend offenders. Further, as stated above, once the perpetrator is apprehended laws should be changed to maximize the prison time one receives if found to be illegally in possession of a firearm and/or used in the commission of a crime.
6.      Deterrence comes about when law enforcement has the power to enforce the laws which are available to them now, those which are on legal scrolls of justice. The federal government has to support their officers in apprehending, prosecuting, and incarcerating individuals who violate hand gun laws in all situations. It doesn’t matter if the enforcement comes from Border Patrol Agents or the FBI or DHS; the Whitehouse needs to keep their politics out of the job they hired these law enforcement officers to perform.
7.      There are enough committees that have been instituted in Washington DC by President Obama. What needs to occur are committees which have the power to do what is right and wrong, not politically correct? There will be shootings at schools, some which cause there to be minimal loss of life or many to die. The argument will be the same that the gun killed the innocent.
8.      There is no argument that guns caused the damage to the human body, taking many lives. Unfortunately, it is the individual carrying and shooting the firearm who kills human beings. He is the person who carries and shoots the gun. Guns rarely fire on their own. It seems then that it would be reasonable and logical to target potential violent offenders. The FBI has the ability and has in the past profiled these individuals who walk into a school and shot and kill people.
9.      Many people are against profiling, but if society is going to be able to protect themselves from these monsters then profiling needs to be instituted when an individual applies for a the purchase and carrying of any gun. A questionnaire could be used to be a partial screening tool for those who sell guns. This questionnaire would then be forward to the screening background people and examined and evaluated to determine if any of these individuals are or may become a threat. Of course this methodology is subjective and will raise much criticism. This may be subjective but doing something is better than nothing.
The extensive backgrounds on individuals who want to purchase, own, or carry a gun is like the theory of finding a needle in a haystack; that is if someone has mental issues. This is something that will not take effect immediately. It will take years to be perfected but if politicians, courts, and then law enforcement all strive to create a bullet proof background check just maybe lives can be saved. Whatever the resolution and solution turns out to be, there needs to be structure across America to protect the innocent and vulnerable people from those who have serious mental problems.

Lawrence W. Daly
Kent, WA

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